Attractions Tenerife Costa Adeje for thrilling holidays.

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Attractions Tenerife on Costa Adeje are numerous.

However, its coastal region was not always attractive to tourists, as is now.

The Realejos historian Viera y Clavijo only once noted some minor fishing activity at a hamlet called Adeje by the southern Tenerife Atlantic ocean.

The coastal area Cosata Adeje hadn't been of any particular interest for Tenerife as a whole for a long time until late in the XX century.

The creation or improvement of its beaches from Los Christianos until La Caleta changed all that.

Viera y Clavijo historianViera y Clavijo

Latest news for Costa Adeje tourist attractions

  • What? 2012 open air winter folk dances in traditional gear, again after the 2011 success.
  • Where? Plaza de la Pescadora, Los Christianos
  • When? Every Thursday night by 8.30 p.m.
  • Is that all? No, delicious tapas and wine are also on the agenda in the area.

Tenerife South Music, Drama and more

Also, check for concerts and shows of the Arona Auditoriums of Piramides as well as of Auditorio Infanta Leonor. Unfortunately, I couldn't find a link for their events in English for you.
Costa Adeje promenadeCosta Adeje Promenade

The Costa Adeje promenade

The well built 9 km Costa Adeje paved pedestrian walk is a great drawer for people in wheel chairs and all others who just want to walk by the beach shores.

The young love it for Tenerife skate boarding, roller skating and other smooth pavement sports.

Surprising attractions Tenerife on a pedestrian path

Do a free virtual photo tour whose topic is much more than architecture of Adeje with unusual discoveries, like live music and more by a 5 star holiday resort mall, which encounter halfway along the Costa Adeje beach promenade...

Other attractions Tenerife of county Costa Adeje

Adventure trips

  1. Skypark Banjee jumping
    Adeje is now a car park, as we are
    so sorry to have to report that.
  2. Octopus Aquapark
    also called Costa Adeje Aquapark
    with water castle and big slides at
    Calle Austria
    Open: daily from 10a.n.-5p.m.
  3. Siam Park at San Eugenio too by the TF1 freeway is
    open daily
    tel: 0034 822 070 000
    special fee including Loro Park
    for €50 about
  4. Arona recreation park Parque Arona
    of 42000m2 size
    with more than 40 types of palms and
    indigenous plants is
    open always and without entrance fee
  5. Also free of charge are the
    Via Crucis theater shows of
    Adeje Easter plays in Adeje town.
  6. Barranco del Infierno (gorge of hell)
    adventure trip nature park from Calle Molino San Eugenio Adeje back and forth
    by a 6,5 km hike
  7. trips for diving, sailing deep sea fishing,
    whale watching, island booze boat tours,
    ferries to other islands, Santa cruz and
    mainland Spain
    from Puerto Colon or Los Christianos
  8. Also Masca tours, Teide tours, Loro Park tours
    and shopping tours to the capital and many more
  9. Hire a helicopter trip at Reina Sofia airport
    by calling +34 922 759 151

Discover why holiday shopping by Adeje as well as in the capital is so rewarding...

Ask at Information Center...

Info Center Costa AdejeInfo center Adeje
Sports equipment for beach fun may be hired on Costa Adeje, where you may inquire at a tourist info center, such as depicted beside.

Resources for attractions Tenerife Adeje

Practice water sports, like diving, deep see fishing or fly fishing, carting, skating and roller skating, yachting, paddle boating, canooing, swimming, water skiing, surfing, in fact, all sorts of wind surfing and sailing with schools at Playa del Bobo, para gliding, soccer, tennis,
golfing, trampolin jumping and more.

You can hire a yacht, sailing boat or a fishing trawler at

Sports equipment and shops

Check and inquire at the Fañabe Shopping Center which is by the Costa Adeje beach promenade. Or go to Shop Tienda Aquadeporte for watersports stuff at Local Estocolmo 1, 38650 Los Christianos Playa, Arona, Adeje, Tenerife.

Top Attractions Tenerife come true made easy

Nothing draws us more to the ocean than being near whales, dolphins or cute turtles in Tenerife.

Fill in a form with all your questions for an even better private boat tour off Los Gigantes which also serves Costa Adeje. Everything is virtually all very close in this region, you know...

Surfing Costa AdejeSurfing
More information on the region with carting, surfing and other at Tenerife southern seashores which includes videos, like one on Playa Paraiso beach and resort Calao Salvaje, which almost adjoins the Adeje coast.

So is the Pearl shop Armeñime
Carretera General Sur, 12 - 38670 Adeje
Tel: +0034 922741250

holiday resort costa adeje el duque beachHoliday resort Adeje
Of course, many a holiday resort by the Costa Adeje seashores for the holiday home in Tenerife draws many tourists like a magnet to this southern west coast region. This is what attractions Tenerife below Los Gigantes is most about, namely the people.

Villas Adeje as well as Apartments Adeje are in big supply accordingly.

There is a chill-out gay resort at playaflordotcom in Tenerife with special offers for gay people.

Arona Attractions

Arona attractions have a great offer of steady shows in stock for you, not only at Mare Nostrum. Inquire at Harry's bar at the musical fountain, for example...

Arona culture ventures

Arona's culture department whose news and events find at sometimes organizes international live concerts with famous musicians for as little as € 10 per entrance ticket.
The location for such shows may be the
Auditorium Infanta Leonor
Avda.Juan Carlos I
Los Christianos
Ticket sale: Auditorio Los Cristianos
every day from 8.a.m. to Midnight

Veronica strip and Tramps Las Americas

The Veronica sunset strip at Starco Center, at Playa Las Americas is easy to reach by a cab.

Tramps is said to be the best Tenerife nightlife club at the Adeje Veronica Strip. It was said in a newspaper in 2003 that the Veronica strip would be destroyed and would be replaced by a large banana plantation. It must be a hoax. I don't believe this. Tourists can come to Puerto de la Cruz where banana cultivation abounds.

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