Top Tenerife attractions like Auditorio de Tenerife facts and perceptions include videos.

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Tenerife attractions with the Santa Cruz Auditorio Adán Martin show taste and extravagance, for sure.

By the way there are several Tenerife auditoriums. They are all part of Santa Cruz de Tenerife which is also the name of the island, the capital as well as of the province which includes other islands. However, only one Auditorio is by Calatrava. That's in the capital by the same name. Very, very confusing, indeed.

The Tenerife Santa Cruz auditorium has more than good looks. Superb and often important international concerts within its state of the art building contribute much to Tenerife's culture. The enjoyment gained by tourists and locals is priceless.

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Auditorium Adán Martin facts

  • Height of auditorium: 58 meters;
  • square meters within building: 6741;
  • cost: € 27 040 000;
  • architect and designer: Santiago Calatrava Valls
    who also studied engineering.
  • location: Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Tenerife, Spain
    opposite north west Africa / Morocco;
  • structural engineering: FHECOR
    with contractors Dragados; Nesco; Promotora; Punto Largo and Peri S.A.U.España.

This Santa Cruz temple for the senses was finally opened on September 26, 2003 after a relatively short construction time of 6 years.

A quantum leap for Tenerife culture and nightlife of Santa Cruz.

Crumbling mosaics like those of the Valencia opera house?

So far, the Tenerife holiday home insider hasn't noticed any defects with the tiled facade of Calatrava's landmark at the edge of the Atlantic in Santa Cruz de Tenerife, as yet. So much to Tenerife attractions Auditorio de Tenerife.

The auditorium of Santa Cruz is a striking landmark or 'oceanmark' of the Tenerife capital and one of best, latest concrete and steel structures in the world.

The School of Bauhaus would be surprised if it saw today how its revolutionary ideas for architecture evolved in less than a century.

A Best photo of the Tenerife opera house Auditorio Tenerife which speaks for Santa Cruz.

Tenerife opera house by CalatravaTenerife opera house by Calatrava
Discover why this superb photo of the Tenerife opera house by Calatrava sums up the most important features of the capital of the biggest Canary Island, here. ...

Indeed its surroundings make the Tenerife attractions Auditorio de Tenerife all the more popular.

Auditorio de Tenerife Adan MartinAuditorio de Tenerife Adan Martin

The above photo of the Tenerife concert hall in its capital looks nothing like the Sydney opera house from that perspective. Mind it's so often compared to the Australian auditorium by the sea.

Santiago de Calatrava Spanish architecture in Tenerife

Notice an another feature of this Spanish architecture that almost magnetically draws your attention. And not to forget the lovely landscaping with pond next to it...

It's the enormous white roof of the Auditorio de Tenerife. It lures people to the seaside when they approach on the Carretera del Norte. The roof almost bows deep down and freezes up before it touches ground. However, that's mainly a perception when you stand close by.

  This top of the auditorium virtually covers the whole bottom structures of the building. To me it looks like one giant wide wing which is meant to protect priceless musical gadgets as well as visitors inside.

Notice the arched opening on the right side of the building. There, sit inside or outside in the Auditorium restaurant which by its enormous restaurant with bar.

Enjoy the Atlantic ocean scenery from the auditorium cafe veranda or watch people and the world go by.

The Auditorio became one of top Tenerife attractions, not only, for its beauty but, also for repeated, excellent, international performances and good acoustics.

It's icing sugar white color is set off perfectly against the emerald blue ocean background as well as the normally bright blue sky.

Tenerife auditorium round backside.

Click the Click photo to enlarge it and notice the round backside of the Tenerife auditorium opera house portrayed beside. This is in its rear where it is also fortified by a the widest part of its unusual breakwater. Click photo to enlarge to make out the background architecture of one of Santa Cruz twin tower apartment sky rises on its left as well the striking building of the mall of Corte Ingles of the biggest Canary Island on its right.

The important Auditorio balcony and back yard

This is where countless youth gather to hear the clock strike twelve to announce the new year from high above. Music raves take place afterwards on the large yard. Fireworks are part of it. A package of Tenerife attractions by the Tenerife Auditorio, indeed.

How the architect Calatrava sees his work

Santiago de Calatrava calls his work a composition made up of 'wings', 'nut' and, 'sail' (roof).

He also perceives it as a sculpture that is hollow inside.
In my mind it's also a multi faced sculpture.
The Auditorio strikes us differently, depending from where we gaze at it.

auditorio de tenerife  back by sea shore

Here is almost a frog eye view of one of the innovative Tenerife attractions called Auditorio de Tenerife (Tenerife Auditorium).

The picture of the wing or, arching roof was taken from below in the back.

Indeed, the building has a rather curbed shape, when you see it from behind. Above all, from the huge bare stone veranda which opens out to the sea...

There, make out how Santiago Calatrava became displayed together with countless other stone paintings of many celebrities of mainly musical fame at the renown Tenerife concert hall called Auditorio de Santa Cruz Adan Martin. 

There were objections, of course, when the first building plans of the most daring of Tenerife attractions were presented. That was long time before 1997. People in the town hall must have come forward to point out the high danger of ferocious waves from the Atlantic. They are now blocked by hundreds of boulders. It sure was no easy task to find a good spot for the auditorium's precise location.

It's said that the 100 m long roof alone weighs about 350 tons. It had been supported from the bottom up for quite a few years. Every time when a bus took me to the capital, I could make out workers on top. They were climbing up and down like busy ants. At inauguration time the supports were gone.

section of wing auditorio de tenerife

Here is the wing taken from the back where it resembles the elevated head of a cobra that is about to strike something.

It goes almost straight up and disappears beyond the normal photographic lens capacity.

It's said to have been covered with very small enameled fiber glass mosaics for protection purpose against the harsh sun.

The last 3 pictures are by the late Heiner Korsten. He was a German amateur photographer who loved to add Tenerife attractions to his Tenerife travel album.

auditorio de tenerife mirrors outside

This Canary Island opera house has a mirrored facade by the same rear. It is broken up by many vertical running narrow, concrete ribs.

In fact, I could see my own reflection together with the ocean in the glass.

They say that the Auditorio which became world famous in 2003, as one of top attractions on Tenerife has no sharp edges. The winged roof which almost looks free standing has kind of a sharp edge by its end, though. It's only smooth and, round when seen from far away.

Me, santa cruz guide at auditorio de Tenerife

What is fascinating me the Tenerife Santa Cruz guide about this seaside concert house is the groove in its concave roof. It makes you think of the sculptural partly concave shape of a star flower.

Know that Santa Cruz gets occasional, torrential rains during winter. However, they normally don't last long, though.

Much water collects on this roof in its middle groove. Finally it gushes off by the pointy tip towards the Marina. There, it may run off towards the ocean. In opposite direction it will be washed over a very large terrace in the back into the Atlantic, as well.

Hence, it will not disturb nor enter main traffic areas, except perhaps, a parking lot by the concert building. Its storm water will not end up in the nearby port to disrupt trade.

exhibition center Tenerife Recinto Ferial by Calatrava

Encounter Calatava's international exhibition center. It is known as the Santa Cruz Recinto Ferial. This adds the  Tenerife attractions Auditorio Tenerife. In fact, turn right when you get out from the Auditorium bar, venture past the black fort and proceed over the road to immediately see this fair ground.

I once was a little disappointed when entering the opera house. Later on, one is all the more amazed by the method in which 7 m high doors pull back mechanically.

Beyond, the architect Santiago Calatrava could set a nice mood, especially, with a smaller cozier chamber hall which seats 420 persons in comfort. One almost feels like in a Victorian theater at the end of the 19th century. The stage is a retreating semi circle in almost classic style. Everything may be watched and heard from higher up.

The main concert hall which was the main purpose for the ambitious structure is for 2000 spectators. It also houses the Albert Blancafort organ.

Tenerife attractions Auditorio de Tenerife video

This is all about an organ that attracts music instrument experts by its amazing sound.

Discover the latest agenda for Tenerife events of concerts and opera at the Auditorio de Tenerife...

If you were looking at the Auditorio from the direction of Palmetum Park you would be surprised. The park that made history in botanical circles reveals both halls housed under kind of pyramid shaped domes.   The smaller one is of course set towards the side. Domes and roof harmonize as a triangle.

What other Tenerife architecture is near the auditorium?

Find it beside the innovative  Cesar Manrique Parque Maritimo that's in stark contrast to a sturdy, round fortress in the sea. There slaves were once kept and history was made.

Tenerife auditorium parking and Fair grounds Recinto Ferial

Parking by the Tenerife attractions of opera and music?

Much open air parking is a few walking steps from Tenerife's seaside music attractions in front of Park Maritim. This Tenerife auditorium parking space also serves for the Fair grounds Recinto Ferial opposite.

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