Travel information America to help make the American dream come true.

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Travel information America is not about South America.

My brothers and I always talked about America when we meant the USA. Why?  In fact after the 2nd World War, everybody in German talked about America which is rather known as the USA. Nevertheless, we all knew that there was also South America. 

However, this article is about the Northern part of the continent.

For example?

Traveling to fun places like Winnipesaukee USA and things to do there, such as awesome lake sailing.

By ship to USA

An aunt of ours emigrated by ship to New York during my childhood. It sounded so exciting. Nowadays, travel by sea to America is only possible with luxury cruisers or with a yacht. Times are changing.

Now, I live on Tenerife Island and the only direct flights seem to be to Miami USA. Direct? It could also mean via Madrid.

Mind that Florida USA is on the same latitude like Tenerife. Indeed, there are many similarities with the climate and the subtropical splendor.

However, beaches on the biggest Canary Island are mostly black.

Travel Information for Tenerife South to Miami and back

An example for August 2015 for a flight with return Madrid Orlando is via E Dreams. They seem to offer the cheapest for Euro 923 two ways for one Person on economy class. One can always try different dates to find more economic flights.

Wow this beats all for Tenerife Miami via Iberia. Check it out but, please it's only an example for now in August 2015.

Meantime there are many extreme bargains from Tenerife South to Madrid. This normally involves a night or two in a hotel.

Another good option would be to travel via London as there are always very cheap flights from Tenerife to the UK to many airports.

Frankfurt/Main in Germany is another excellent airport to find cheap airlines to the USA, while Tenerife Frankfurt has frequent charter offers.

Also check weekly flights to America Tenerife Miami with

Just been notified about an Iberia flight two ways to Orlando for only &eur;702. From Madrid for sure. Anyway it's terrific. I love the tracking by cookies. I often get given what i want shortly after a search.

Other American destinations

The Villas Of Clearwater Beach
Beach front and luxury. The villas of Clearwater Beach have everything you need for best Florida vacations.

Travel information America Bellingham, Washington

Visit Bellingham, Washington Visit Bellingham, Washington to satisfy your call of the wild with endless year around activities!

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