Arte Dental the winner by comparison

I heard of Arte Dental in Puerto de la Cruz by Las Arenas a few years ago before 2018 which was too late for me at the time.

Find out why,  just now.

Eventually, utterly impressive, informative and fascinating articles about dentistry, orthodontics and related health issues caught my attention by this clinic in Social Networks. They were written in English and Spanish, while French and German is also spoken at this Tenerife North dental firm.

There even is a board in its reception room that lists all these languages, in case you have any complaints about its health care or other services.

Fine Tenerife art in the mouth

Why no loaded implants by Arte Dental?

Oh, this is what I was dreaming about. This is what I wanted.

This is the non plus ultra, a unique, revolutionary very progressive method that is employed by Dr. Victor Cubillo.

However, you know that our budget situation may change suddenly and we must abandon plans.

But, I needed change.

A new denture had to fit, look and handle better. It had to allow for more efficient chewing in order to improve my health.

Then there was my vanity.  Forgive me that I couldn't let my gray striped teeth ruin my life any more.

Dr. Cubillo knew exactly how to help. He told me how before he even started to go ahead with his job. My old denture that some clinic in Puerto Cruz had made for me was a disaster. (Nope, not  Dr. Britta Wolf's the lady dentist who speaks English too and who did a good job with my lower jaw)

The horrible upper denture that always made my stomach turn whenever I put it into my mouth had to go. The fact that it was too long and too wide caused this.

That however, I only really learned a couple of weeks ago. 

The power of dental art comparison

Note the much bigger denture on the right which gave me so much grief, while the bird eye view doesn't reveal the color.

Why Arte dental with Dr.Cubillo goes the extra mile

Various tests in my own interest had to be done for eventual implants. 
Vitamin D in the body must be at a certain level to make them successful.
Bad cholestrol and not enough good one are other nobrainers in this case.
All negative conditions have to be corrected over several weeks followed by bone regeneration and many other supplementary treatments.

Dr.Victor Cubillo Blasco doesn't allow for shortcuts. His attitude for dentures is just as thorough. He takes his time to go into smallest details. I know, after many years of experience with much dental drama and hardship.

You certainly want to know why Dr.Victor Cubillo and his dental team made their clinic so famous in Europe, while it's also a highly interesting option for dental tourism.

From arte dental back to health care in Spain

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