A Tenerife City in the making.

Tenerife city may only be called the capital Santa Cruz.

It's the only one of Tenerife settlements that is large and important enough besides La Laguna to merit that title, contrary to just towns.

Inhabitants as per year 2006 amounted to 223148.

That number has declined by the year since the Recession started in 2008. In 2015,  203811 remained.

Metropolitan area population by 2006 was 423.000. Hence that number has shrunk accordingly. This includes also La Laguna, Candelaria, El Rosario and, Tegueste and San Andres.  

Thirty three is the amount of towns and villages of the entire municipality of Santa Cruz of Tenerife Island where even Taganana belongs to. 

The whole island of Tenerife has roughly 1 Million inhabitants.

The coast line measures about 58,33 km. The district area of Santa Cruz is 150,56 km2.

Please, view Santa Cruz special map for city center shopping which gives good idea of size of city, as well.

An expanding Tenerife city


Tenerife's capital seems to win in size because the town La Laguna is only about 7km away.

Also, La Laguna university which was founded in 1792 has 2 locations that serve the island of Tenerife.

One part is in La Laguna, the other is on one side of the freeway next to the island's biggest hospital between La Laguna and the capital.

Residential areas seem to be next to it which stretch towards Santa Cruz.

In the same spot on the opposite site is a large commercial center with IKEA and Alcampo just being one of the superstores.

An industrial area is joining on towards the capital. Hence all those big complexes fill the gap between the capital and la Laguna.

In the south of Santa Cruz large commercial centers are joining on.

The same happens in other directions with more residential areas.

All this gives the impression of one big city.

Travel routes and methods of public Titsa transport had to be adjusted, altered and, expanded to serve a maturing city and, island.

Santa Cruz is getting its city features for infra structure right.

On the trade side is its Puerto Franco  as well as the Congress Center for trade fairs and other events called Recinto Nacional de Ferias that do their part for image of a city.

Culture and tourism of this young Tenerife City are getting a boost by excellent museums and very large parks give credit to it.

Its Palmeturm Palm park is also called a museum for palms. Then there is the lido Parque Marítimo César Manrique as well which is next to the innovative, world recognized auditorium music and opera house.

Big, hotels and countless good restaurants do their rest for the appeal of this urban enclave.

All that is missing is a prestige beach resort at Playa las Teresitas by the city. But on second thought,  the latter might spoil its idyllic landscape.

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