Travel tips for tower computers in a nutshell.

Yes, travel tips concern you as well as your PC indirectly.

Or lets say that they are rather for tower computers.

By the way, many of them do travel, indeed.

You may giggle about the following PC travel tips, but not all of them are entirely funny, such as the photo above by where a donkey carries computers, probably in a Iraqui war zone. It is kind of black humour, though and seems to be a true picture.

Stand-by PC secrets

  1. Care for your computer when you travel.
    while it stays on stand-by behind!
  2. Why?
  3. Because, there is always a time after travel when returning home.

Tower PC travel tips, never minding looks

So often, a not traveling computer stands upright vulnerable on the floor. Not that it doesn't look cool there...

Never mind, rather place it onto a couple of bricks. Place the stones into bowls filled with paraffin without submerging the bricks totally. Put plastic between bricks and PC
This will keep creepy crawlies out of it.
Electric computer contacts don't like cockroach manure, for example.

Computer protection planning for different climates proceeding travel

  1. Dress your tower PC properly in cold
    as well as in warm countries to give it computer protection before you travel abroad.
  2. Use good plastic for it
    and no supermarket bags...
  3. Sturdy transparent plastic
    from a hardware store is a better option
    after measuring your IT machine.
  4. Employ strong, but flexible wrapping,
    in case a frozen up water pipe nearby bursts or the guy above you forgets to turn off
    the bath tub tap!
  5. Also put an additional large sheet
    from the bottom up and seal it well.

Note that clothes pegs are not good enough for closing your PC covers and may not
protect the PC tower against anything which might attack it
from the sides, top as well as bottom while you are away from home.

Let me tell you that the cited computer protection ideas to help prevent some travel stress are not that far fetched.

PC travel advice for islands

Especially computers which are left behind on small isles need extra care.

When an IT machine which is typically full of electric wiring and electronic bits is not used over a longuer period of time, parts of it may corrode fast with humidity or by salty sea air.

It happened to me in a holiday home in Tenerife. I lost Internet connection because of corrosion. within the tower.
My IT technician fixed it and gave me tips for my PC as a bonus for next time when going to far away countries.


Laptops, notebooks and I-Pads are much less vulnerable when you travel. They are better sealed by their own casings. Also, they lend themselves to take along while you leave the house for near or for far. There couldn't be any better IT  tips for the road which may still be expanded and improved.

Computer protection is part of computer maintenance which must be part of travel tips for better peace of mind.

From travel tips back to climate in Tenerife.

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