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Tenerife holiday home alerts, Issue #0016 -Tenerife attractions 2012
October 17, 2012

Tenerife attractions 2012 October,17

The latest Tenerife attractions 2012, as promised.
They cater for different people.
Mark them in your calendar, as not to forget for your next holidays in Tenerife. Also, forward the whole mail to do your friends a favor by giving them those tips.

Attractive October News 2012 for

  • young and old
  • families with kids
  • young or elderly guys in search of romance
  • for naturists
  • techno fans
  • Buddhists
  • walkers and hikers
  • surfers
  • gourmets

Faro Art night club by Playa de las Americas

Tenerife Omnibeach center for family fun activities Playa Jardin of Puerto de la Cruz

Click at the following page about
shopping at Buenavista del Norte of Tenerife to discover sugar free sweets and chocolates...

Find the most amazing Tenerife attractions 2012, such as for a delicious apple apple cake trip for walking or just sightseeing by views as far as Buenavista del Norte.

Encounter all at a paradise by Puerto de la Cruz with a link to a fantastic Buddhist set up on a mountain and more.

This intriguing so called sunset location is definitely for going out at night from 5p.m.onwards. There are also links for the Orotava beaches with an extra page of a related map, beach landscapes of Playa Los Patos and a Bullullo video.

By the way, much has changed in La Longuera where I live and where my little holiday studio is tucked away. I am glad it's in a more secluded spot on the other side of a big holiday resort. Why? The Longuera is being totally revamped. Much dust and noise are the result of it. By the way, our romantic Tenerife studio apartment is up for rent again (long story why, but I am glad) and so are the apartments which belong to friends of mine.

All may also be viewed for buying.

Your Tenerife holiday home insider Guide

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