Paradise country with wild beaches, views to kill and apple cake.

Paradise country with the Vista Paraiso paradise view is a spot 10 minutes by car from Puerto de la Cruz Tenerife North.

It doesn't only have sights that are out of this world.

There are no snakes, no dangerous animals and there is no crime.

Unbelievable, but true

The panorama of this paradise is out of this world. You can look for ever.  You can make out the city skyline of Puerto de la Cruz, the Isla Baja and even the lighthouse of Los Silos on the horizon. The latter is only visible with the naked eye. Mount Teide is hiding behind clouds, unfortunately but would otherwise be more than majestic. 

It's incredible to have a view that far.

If I hadn't seen it myself, I would never have believed it.

Furthermore, spot a large part of breath taking valley in this paradise region.

Its beach landscape spreads below the town La Orotava, while the beaches Bollullo (Goyuyo), Pozo and Los Patos and a hidden shore El Arcón invite with their virgin and/or naturist seasides. Why Goyuyo? I have an old map, where the Bollullo is marked as Goyuyo which is not related to any Arabic root of language. A peaceful country is dominant.

Shakira's fabulous finca

There near the cliffs of the Bollullo, find the fantastic country home of the pop star Shakira where some construction was watched by friends of mine. Paragliders in the following video fly over the estate twice.

Green banana plantations mingle with more scattered farms and houses. Tall palms, red, pink and orange bougainvilleas are scarce by the wild beaches, though. Indigenous Tabaiba and Agaves face the deep, blue seas, rather.

An Orotave dragon tree is bent by frequent Northwest Gales, as may be clearly seen.

This plant only hints at the fabled Drago which was said to be many thousands of years old. It perished in 1899, 100 years after Alexander von Humboldt made a sketch of it. Nevertheless, this Draco Dracaena will preserve its cosmetic and medicinal qualities for a long time to come. It is a true bonus of a paradise country.

Then of course, there's the hamlet Vista Paraiso. The latter means paradise views. The sights couldn't be any better from the top of the famous cafe veranda which is a prime balcony above the sea.

Cafe Vista Paraiso is closed to the TF5 or TF 117 km 31, as can be seen in detail on the map for Bollullo .

It shows you several ways of the Bollullo route that leads to the popular cafe.

That's your gateway to enter the North coast of this paradise country. 

Cafe Vista Paraiso

  • History: Family business by Austrian Germans opened in 1969
  • Location: 260m above the sea and
    beach Playa Los Patos
  • Street location: Hamlet Vista Paraiso, C/Vista Paraiso 21,
  • District and Country: Santa Ursula, Tenerife, Spain
  • Opening hours: Tuesday to Sunday from Noon - 11.a.m.-10p.m.summer
  • Tel: 0034 + 922 300612 -
    call to verify for Public holidays
  • Facebook Café Vista Paraiso
  • Serving: Good Coffee, Brunch, snacks, salads as well as delicious home made Cakes and tarts, hence of a category that is more than just that of Tenerife Cafes

Why go to the much loved café?

  • Many an Unbeatable Atlantic sundown over Island La Palma
  • Peace, quiet, and unpolluted air
  • Friendly, fast service
  • A trip to Tenerife beaches of Orotava
    which have only one downside.
  • A day on a naturist shore at Los Patos
  • Walking in Tenerife by an unspoiled coast
  • Getting to know the Banana Route Playa Bollullo
    from La Paz to El Arcón
    or from Cuesta de la Villa alternatively
  • Elite village Vista Paraiso at Cuesta de la Villa by Santa Ursula.Elite village Vista Paraiso at Cuesta de la Villa by Santa Ursula.

  • Hiking from coast to a 260m altitude view point
  • Looking at Tenerife properties of the elite village Vista Paraiso
    where you feel like being in Beverley Hills, except for the limousines
  • Having a romantic afternoon and evening

Yummiest dessert in out of this world neighborhood.

Would you not expect something special to eat in paradise country?

Cafe Vista Paraiso has that.

Hot Apple cake with vanilla ice creamHot Apple cake with vanilla ice cream.

The most delicious apple tart dessert

Order a slice of hot apple cake or no, don't...

Make sure you ask for the tart which is with vanilla ice and cream. More luxerious, you know...

Its hot cinnamon greets you when you step onto the
Vista Café veranda. Amazing this tempting, strong smell! The tart is home made and just as nice as Apple Strudel. Neither the tart nor the cream are sweet, but the vanilla ice cream on its side makes up for it. The combination of the total is absolutely divine. It also really tastes like fresh out of the oven.

Check out an interesting Tenerife café which sells apple pie for €1,05 take-away in this most amazing suburb for buying almost everything in Longuera by Puerto de la Cruz. This apple cake is quite OK and really value for money but, 'Arrch' you wish they had a second option, such as the apple tart of the Paradise country. And never mind the price...

Chicken Schnitzel also good

A year ago, I had chicken Schnitzel with potato salad. That's quite recommendable as well. However, I am not a real fan of tapas with bread and cold meats, though. This Santa Ursula cafe above the sea also serves that. Ask for the menu! The food on offer is impressive for a café.

French omelet with mixed salad

French Omelet of Cafe Vista ParaisoFrench Omelet at Cafe Vista Paraiso.

Their French Omelet was thin and not big but, the taste is very, very good. You have to ask for salad dressing, though. By the way, the omelet was round when the waiter brought it.

A similar paradise country

Don't forget to check out a close by enclave... Turn right when you come out of Cafe Vista Paraiso. Proceed on level ground and then around a bend and immediately right again. You will discover a place which has almost all the attire of an
luxury Oriental retreat . It fits perfectly into this fairyland country. Strangely enough, it belongs to la Orotava, though.

A third viewpoint not to miss

It is the Mirador Humboldt by Santa Ursula which is said to be the best panoramic lookout for the alluring Orotava Valley.

Another must see

Check out the nearby oldest Tenerife resort whose Lago Martianez skyline is seen so nicely from the Paradise View Vista paraiso Cafe look-out...

From paradise country back to Tenerife attractions.

Santa Ursula the next bigger town near Vista Paraiso besides Puerto de la Cruz.

Related to paradise country still on my to do list

The amazing banana hike trail to Cafe Vista Paraiso

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