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Questions by the readers of the Tenerife holiday home insider keep on rising massively.

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Examples of our tips and alerts

  1. Carnival, such as the new carnival design academy
  2. A new Spanish fashion outlet, such as Desigual or about sports for pensioners like handball by the Playa Jardin or Boules on its upper level
  3. Perhaps, news about holiday home purchases, which may be a villa or an apartment
  4. Anything significant related to the island but, no more rental news any more, unless real important and official.

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Getting fooled by alerting tourist numbers?

Reason for rising visitor statistics are more flights as well as shorter holiday stays of about 7 days. Hence more travelers... Here is your best source to get repeat official tourism alerts. It's by the government. Sorry, only available in Spanish, but numbers are easy to understand.

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