Timeshares Europe could have more international scope.

Timeshares Europe are an easy option to gain a holiday home in Tenerife, while European Timeshare facts and statistics are not easy to get hold of.

However, it's a popular way to own holiday property.

Let me convey the essence of the meaning of timeshares with you as I have experienced it which in my mind could work for Europe, absolutely, too.

I should, also, mention that I live in one of Europe's most favorite holiday destinations called Tenerife Island.

There, you could spend at least 2 weeks a year of time share vacations with an ideal climate. Its reliable weather cycle has changed somehow in winter 2014. However no doubt, the sun is bound to be back to normal soon.

Just figure, to play golf in Tenerife... At least there, it's not cold at all.

A client and friend called Mike Acutt approached us one day asking us if we wouldn't like to buy into holiday accommodation time sharing close to the Scottsburough golf course. This was not for Europe; this was in South Africa.

His proposition was truly unheard of, also in SA.

I'll tell you just now...

That's Mike playing Mini Golf
at SA Wild Coast Golf resort where we spent a week-end
with friends.
I am the one with the striped top who had
a bad cold.

What made Mike's time share project so unique, contrary to timeshares Europe was that everything was meant to be financed without intervention of any agents.

Only one lawyer who was part of a group of 20 golf buddies set up the contract after careful considerations by all.

A constructor who brought in a friend who was architect was also part of their team. Needless to say, plans were shown to all first.

Our kids were disappointed we didn't buy

Paying up, only, R 17 000 in about 1996 would have bought us into this unique time share builders group where we could have had our time share for this amount, only.

Mike, our friend, had, eventually, found the few more people he had needed to share financing the time holiday accommodation with him and, of course, timeshares.

This timeshare outside Europe was so stunning

We were invited to have tea at the finished place when all was ready. The timeshare holiday apartment which could have been ours was beautiful. Indian ocean waves were beating onto its shores.

Likewise locations in Southern or Mediterranean Europe

By the way, timeshare value has gone up very much in South Africa. However, lets look at Europe. There, such property is available in similar scenery. It's said that even swaps are possible with Tenerife apartments.

One can buy Timeshares Europe in any of its countries. However, you may prefer direct purchases of Tenerife hotel time sharing.

Timeshares Tenerife at Los Gigantes

The harbor club of Los Gigantes has been known for its European timeshares for a long time. However, I don't know any of its agents. Perhaps, some forums of Europe on time sharing may recommend such brokers, unless you have the chance to buy direct from a very recommended source.

Timeshares Europe rent and exchange

Thinking of the advantage of so many like minded people who could come to agreements to conclude a time share project like the one in SA makes me realize how hard it must be to organize timeshare for strangers to buy, to rent or to exchange.

Therefore, I can only admire organizations which make it work well.

Timeshare resales in Europe

I can also admire the organizations that make buying a timeshare on the resale market as easy as possible. Buying from recommended owners of European timeshare units may be a great way to save money.

Golf is big timeshare drawer

European timeshares could even hook up in this field with South Africa to interchange their accommodation. All that for playing golf...

A normal Tenerife golf property which are, often, apartments near golf courses is very expensive.

Did you know that 1.5 Million time share owners live in Europe?

What about Tenerife Spain timesharing compared to timeshares Europe ?

8000 units of them are in 104 Tenerife resorts. They make up a big portion of Spain's timeshare pool, while the latter owns more than 40000 out of all of Europe's time shared holiday places. Personally, I've ony heard of the timeshare options of Apartamentos Casablanca and of La Quinta Resort by Santa Ursula, while most are in the south.

Discover more about Europe timeshares at this informative Denmark web...

Of course since 2009, many property bargains of have been on the market.

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