Car rental Tenerife for quality holidays or business.

Discover four of several car rental TenerifeSouth airport counters, depicted below.

Car rental Tenerife by south airportCar rental Tenerife
  • Read Tui Autoreisen (tel:0034 + 922 759364 and 922 392216)
  • Goldcar (tel: 902 119 726)
  • Cicar (tel: 0034 + 922 759329 )
  • Hertz Rent a Car Autovermietung.(0034 922 759329)

Not depicted car hire companies from TFS

  • Budget Car Rental
  • Holiday Autos
  • Alamo
  • Avis
  • Betacar
  • Record.
  • Europcar which doesn't have a counter at TFS

The car for your needs

My son is used to power cars.

In 2014, he drove us from Masca over the mountain to Santiago del Teide. He got mad. Why? The rented Kangoroo Renault had no pull. It was extremely frustrating for him to get up the steep slopes and around the incredibly steep Masca hairpin bends.

Rent at least an Opel and not some old one either if you plan driving up into the Teno Tenerife highlands. The same applies to a holiday home that is hard to get to. No real problem with the Teide Cordillera, though, as that road is a breeze.

Don't be put off by German car rental names above the counters. The car hire firms are international. Their employees speak English well.

However, it's not a good idea to think you'll get a vehicle there on arrival without reservation beforehand.

Why Tenerife airport car hires are so often booked out?

  • The experienced traveler books cars online in advance
  • Car rental firms have a huge demand, as there are always important events in Tenerife, while most tourists come for a week or a few days only, nowadays
  • High seasons in all Canary Islands have an extreme demand for hiring airport cars, as taxis in towns can be very unreliable on main holidays, such as New Year's Eve, on Easter or Christmas

Also mind, that you absolutely need a car to transport your pets. Officially, animals are not admitted in Tenerife buses, trams or taxis.

By the way, be good! Give your dog a big blanket or better even a bed sheet, as not to dirty the hired car. Clean off any dog hairs by your animal which are left on the seats...

A bad experience with cheap local car hire

I have come across bad car rental in Tenerife. Then, exhausts showed already on several cars that their engines were rather old. The clutch and brakes of the particular car was not in good condition.

Would you consider to rent such cars because of extra low prices? To negotiate such cheap vehicle hire isn't worth it. This happened when a couple of Swedish girls and I did a trip to Playa de las Americas, a few years ago. The particular car dealer is still around.

Just now read an interesting small project for a feasibility of Titsa bus versus car rental Tenerife!


You often read of families who took the bus from the south of the island to see attractions, such as Loro Park in the north or vice versa by others who went to the south. Often, they don't know that they made a mistake.

Trip Puerto de la Cruz - Playa de las Americas

3 Bonobus cards by Titsa of €30 each set you back by €90. The bus fares cost about €80 for both ways for a family of 5. (It's even more now in 2014)

Lets assume that you pay in the region of €115
for a very simple 3 door car which you return in the
morning, 2 days later. This gives you two days and
nights with a rented car.
Also, you are free to come back late from trips, when
buses don't operate any more, generally. Not to forget,
the flexibility you are winning to stop wherever you
wish and to change direction when you fancy it,
while you can bring a bit more luggage or sports
equipment in the car boot.

You can easily see Mount Teide and its Cañadas,
the capital Santa Cruz, la Orotava, Loro Park, Puerto de
la Cruz, Siam Park or Aquapark at Playa de las Americas,
all in two days.

Car theft with car rental Tenerife?

    Don't worry, it is very seldom that a traveler has his car stolen in Tenerife.


    Escape routes are rather limited by the ocean all around it. However, beware car break-ins. Tenerife isn't immune to them.

    Payment, Accidents and collisions

    • Online payment makes car hire much less complicated.
    • Driving against the sun may be almost blinding in Tenerife; hence good sun glasses are a must to avoid accidents.
    • Procedures with accidents are like with your own car, but the rental company needs notifying on the spot.
    • Many car hire firms don't cover all damages, such as to tires and tire rims, while third party vehicle damage is always included.
    • More important information on car hire excess insurance,CDV cover and waivers here.
    • Never sign a car rental Tenerife contract for somebody
      who shouldn't drive. You will be liable in the case of car trouble.
    • It also helps members of the European AA (automobile association) to contact the AA after a car rental accident.

    Tomtom, Michelin and other route navigation gadgets

    However, always take your portable GPS car navigation system with you and don't leave it in the vehicle.

    Computerized navigation systems are car rental Tenerife's best friends, as street names are seldom to be seen in time on the biggest of all Canary Islands.

    Of course, an I-phone or smart phone is the perfect alternative navigator, nowadays.

    Number one of traveler tips for the road?

    Never let your son or daughter drive a rented car after a long trip. Even 5 hours of air travel may cause fatigue. A long time driver is always the better one, as driving experience becomes a habit. Driving skills go into the blood, you know. You are bound to be the better driver, above all when driving on a side of the road, which is a novelty for your children.

    Why book car rental Tenerife early

  • A turnover of up to 5 million tourists per year demands much car rental Tenerife.
  • Nothing is faster and more secure than booking online
  • You sleep better, once you've reserved the car you wanted
  • You save money with more promotions for discounts
  • You avoid disappointment when the car you fancy hiring is not available at the airport which happened to a friend

Renting cars in town

You may be lucky off season such as with Europcar in Puerto de la Cruz which is one of few recommendable firms in the North, in my mind. Europcar had a special in June 2014 for renting for the day to leave the car at the airport, for only €45.

Unfortunately, they only have an office at la Paz.

Otherwise, there is a company in Toscal Longuera in Tenerife North which has superb insurance and other conditions for longer stays. Unfortunately, it is totally booked out with repeat customers every winter.

Contact us and let us know if this interests you.

Car rental Tenerife and electric cars

There are no electric cars up for rent on the island but you may bring your own. In fact, there are electric charge points in Tenerife South. I have seen them and they work. They are both for the Tesla as well as for the ZEO. Much research from my part was needed to find this out. Contact me if you like to know the result of it.

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