Which of the two Tenerife airports is best for holidays or business trips?

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The first airport of Tenerife was in the North before it had two terminals but,  the one in the South has taken over. 

North airport TFN

Take an airport rental car, a bus or opt for the electric tram with free WiFi to get to TFN to and from the capital Santa Cruz de Tenerife... Car rental from and to airports leaves you most flexible, above all with an android or any other GPS road finder.

Map of North airport surroundings

The above map of the TFN North airport of Los Rodeos surroundings gives a good indication of its location.

Trace San Cristobal de la Laguna the romantic town for Tenerife vacations with a difference.

It's closest to the TFN airport.

News for TFN Los Rodeos airport

Tenerife North Airport opening hours will be extended to 11 p.m. by 75 minutes. This will allow for direct flights with additional 5 mainland Spain destinations besides Barcelona. Vueling of Iberia will be their flight carrier from January 2014 onward. This is expected to help the economy by creating more than 600 new jobs. Other operating airlines are Binter Canarias, Canary fly, Air Europa and Ryanair. By the way the 7.a.m. opening time will not change. Also, the expected additional yearly 86000 passengers may benefit the North but, certainly not the whole island.


Most of them would have come anyway to visit family, friends and business partners. Many others with Mundo Senior Travel. Now for convenience, those passengers are simply changing Tenerife airports. More workplaces in the North may also mean less work places in the south. Statements by the media may echo those of politicians and need to be taken very much with a pinch of salt.

Hotel very close to TFN Los Rodeos of Tenerife airports

Tenerife North Airport hotel Nivaria for self catering in San Christ├│bal de la Laguna and have at least one or two romantic holidays on Christmas or with Spanish traditional Easter plays in this fascinating world heritage town.

You reach TFN Aeropuerto Los Rodeos Tenerife North airport (Aeropuerto del Norte)
on TF 5 via Exit 11
(11 km from capital Santa Cruz in county San Cristobal de la Laguna)
Allow 30 minutes car travel to reach it from Puerto Cruz...

You get to TFS Aeropuerto Reina Sofia Tenerife South airport
called Aeropuerto del Sur in Spanish by TF1(Carretera del Sur), exit 23.
It's the ideal airport for southern Tenerife holiday resorts.
Give it 80 minutes to reach by car from Puerto Cruz and,
55 minutes from the capital Santa Cruz to Reina Sofia provided you don't drive there for the first time...

Car hire Tenerife at its airports?

Encounter information on Tenerife car hire with tips and recommendations.

The photo beside portrays a few of many car hire Tenerife airport agencies in the south of the island.

Taking care of rush hours

However, take extra special care when you need to be at the airport in the morning or by rush hour in the afternoon. For example, leave Puerto de la Cruz before 7 in the morning to avoid traffic congestion on the way to the North airport. Hopefully the planned trains will solve this problem in the future. In 2010 for instance, Titsa bus 343 leaves at 6.30 in Puerto de la Cruz and goes all the way to the Tenerife South Airport Reina Sofia. Always check on time tables... They may change.

New Aeroexpress Titsa airport service since 2018

  • #30 from Puerto de la Cruz to TFN every 30min
  • #20 from Santa Cruz main station to TFN every 15 min
  • #40 from Costa Adeje via Los Cristianos to TFS every 30min

More information about the Aeroexpress Titsa airport buses here

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Nice airports in Tenerife

The airports of the largest of all Canary Islands are relatively big and very modern with all amenities of western airports of today without the danger of really getting lost inside.

The only thing I haven't spotted there are baggage storage facilities such as lockers.

However, provided are public transport with some limitations concerning public holidays and late hours, spacious car parking facilities, and even medical attendance.

( It was awkward to reach public transport from TFS Reina Sofia at one stage, which is history now.)

Luggage storage and airport security

Definitely, there are no good news for suitcase storage facility at Tenerife airports by May 2012. I just called the AENA information where this was confirmed despite rumors of such safe guarding facilities for your suitcase. However, special Tenerife airport luggage lockers may be possible one day, when a new security screening is in place for that, as is the case in most German airports.

Good economic hotel for Tenerife South airport

Book the Tenerife South aeropuerto hotel Hotel Monica Sur at San Isidro by El Medano for Tenerife motor car and cart racing events or for surf beaches or, as part of flight solutions. By the way, we spent a short while at this airport south hotel of Tenerife ourselves and recommend it.

Airport services like transfer to hotels and holiday home in Tenerife

Always book airport transfer with or without shuttles including Tenerife airport taxis and luxury mini buses,in advance.

Here, a lovely travel review of our Tenerife transfer to Puerto de la Cruz the only long distance airport shuttle travel, I ever did.

Safer and better, definitely, applies to car rental as well as to Tenerife transfer, only when you pre-book.

Use car rental Tenerife airports and pre-book on-line to get exactly the car you wanted and in best condition waiting for you.

Medical emergency services for north and south airport are

    North airport Tel.: + 34 922 635 857
    on P-1 terminal and, on TFS south airport Tel.: + 34 922 759 305

When in dire need of an interpreter during your medical airport assistance, please,
call me at tel: + 34 922 36 36 85 for help.

For any information on both airports call Tel: + 0034 902 404 704

Airport taxes Tenerife and Canary Islands?

A while ago in April 2012, the Spanish media published that airport taxes for the whole Canary Island archipelago may be reinstated because of Spain's debts. They had been removed to help Recession since 2009. This didn't only keep aviation flight costs low but, made Tenerife holidays more competitive. Indeed, not everything which helps governments is good for a country. Now airport taxes to European and International airlines will rise to 10,2%. within Spain. However, Tenerife is still one of less affected flight destinations. Tenerife South TFS Reina Sofia + 0,69%
Tenerife North TFN Los Rodeos + 2,40%
Expert author Isidoro Merino of blogs.elpais.com reported on June 28, 2012 that prices started to rise on that date. Flight tickets bought prior by cheap operators like Ryanair are said not to have new flight tariffs due to higher AENA taxes.

What can you do?

Get our Tenerife holiday alerts to be warned of flight increases.

Other additional Tenerife information on airports

Airport links for Tenerife render better in the Spanish language, in general. Therefor, pick the English language, once on site, on the top right...

So please. find more information in separate official home pages on both the island's airports as follows:

Aeropuerto del Norte by Tinerfe├▒os or simply Los Rodeos or TFN in flight infos. The web with official AENA insider information about this Tenerife airport has been removed, unfortunately.

Discover many ideal international flights for Tenerife and vice versa at the Tenerife North Airport TFL Los Rodeos for Canary Islands holidays or for business. It shows that the northern of Tenerife airports is not only for island hopping.

Information on South Airport which is called Aeropuerto del Sur by the locals and Spanish or just Reina Sofia airport or TFS in flight infos.

Tenerife airports floor plans or internal airport maps

Sorry, I had seen an airport floor plan map before of at least one of Tenerife airports, if I remember well. Then I got one for the departure lounge north airport called sala ejecutiva. Strangely enough, some links of Spanish pages with Tenerife airport information only work on sight of the web aena.es, while there is more info to gather in Spanish than in English.

Tenerife airport travelers in numbers

Figures given of the amount of passengers handled at both airports vary so much over the Internet that you may only wonder and shake your head.

Have a look at correct statistics (estatisticas) Aena.es and you'll see that all others are highly exaggerated and are in reality way below 10 million per year, combined. Unfortunately, it's not allowed to copy their numbers.

Interesting is that TFS south airport lost 12,8 per cent travelers in September 2009 compared to last year, while the north airport shows only 3,1 per cent as decline. What counts is that Tenerife airports are busy, efficient and pleasant and have planned many more improvements until year 2020.

Airport flight safety in Tenerife

Tenerife airports are, nowadays, equipped with sophisticated software for weather information and flight safety by a flight security system hosted at Helsinki which coordinates 17 airports within Spain.
I rather not give the system's name because of security reasons and most probably copy right.

Los Rodeos is one of the island's airports which also has an emergency army fire unit of 90 professional fire fighters on standby stationed in close vicinity.
This has been implemented by the Spanish Government as promised after the great wildfire danger of midsummer 2007.

This is also interesting as Los Rodeos airport has a fatal flight accident history of 2 collided jumbo jets on March 27, 1977 partly due to bad visibility.

Personal experiences TFS and TFN airports

My Spanish friend Gretta experienced an unexpected emergency after an operation when she shouldn't have traveled that early and was attended by a doctor at Reina Sofia at 11 p.m. to her full satisfaction.
We were traveling together to the south airport although our travel destinations varied. I may only assume that this service may be equally good for both Tenerife airports.

Weather at North Airport

While the southern of the island's airports is usually sunny and bright and will greet you with picture book blue skies and sun bathed, subtropical surroundings the northern one may be different, at times.
Read my insider info about the weather where the region of the Tenerife North Airport is interesting.

From Tenerife airports back to getting to Tenerife with multiple options

As said, there are no other Canary Islands with two airports. Also Tenerife is the only one which went down in aviation history because of a horrific accident, long time ago. Soon afterwards, the biggest of all Islas Canarias took special precautions that this would never happen again.

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