Tenerife maps to virtually travel with.

Not enough Tenerife maps are around in shops, as yet. Above all territories for hiking must be added for safety reasons.

Macaronesia map of Tenerife region

The rare biogeographical Macaronesia map lists Macaronesian Islands. Call it also a geological map.
Biogeographical map of MacaronesiaBio Geographical map

Macaronesian Islands

  • Azores
  • Madeira
  • Canary Islands, where Tenerife is part of
  • Wild Islands Portuguese Ilhas Selvagens
  • Cape Verde Islands
All are Atlantic archipelagos or islands, while a part of Africa is depicted on the right.

Finally, I decided to add a list of ready made maps to save you time.

List of maps

  • From Tenerife maps to Santa Cruz map for shopping.
  • Map Buenavista Norte for getting around
  • Maps of Tenerife for getting around Realejos
  • Map central market district of town Santa Cruz
  • Map for Bollullo Playa and more

    Please be patient, as more maps will come up...

    Create do it yourself maps

    Just click 'View larger map under the Google map graphic.

    All you have to do from there on is double click on the name of an area or Tenerife towns town to have an enlarged view.

    Every time you repeat this your view of the Google picture will be more detailed.

    You may also use the arrows to travel up, down and sideways on the enlarged Google map. This will let you also change to different spots on the island once you are in a particular location.

    You can actually use Google maps to navigate not only the Atlantic around the biggest Canary Island but, also to mainland Spain and - believe it or not - the oceans of the world - and more.

    Fantastic! Isn't it?

    View Larger Map

    The Tenerife maps will help understand better where the largest of all Canary Islands is.

    It's not only in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, it's also south of Spain mainland and pretty close to the South of Morocco town Laayone in West Africa. You will see it right now.

    Where buy Tenerife maps?

    Look for maps at stationary shops which are called 'librarias' in Spanish. However, some may even be for sale at the Tenerife airport shops. Corte Ingl├ęs is very likely to stock them. Of course, all larger commercial centers have shops which offer maps. However, you are given them for free when you rent a car from a reputable car rental company.

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