Watersports Tenerife family fun activities for best beach vacations.

Imagine doing watersports Tenerife with colorful boats, as depicted below. Such rubber or plastic equipment can be hired on seashores by Playa de las Americas. Indeed, there is fun stuff for your kids as well as for you.

Otherwise, what are the best watersports on the biggest Canary Island?

  • Kitesurfing, windsurfing, boardsurfing, padlesurfing
  • Swimming on different Tenerife seashores, as well as snorkeling and deep sea diving
  • Jet skiing or mingling with dolphins require
    a boat for Tenerife watersports.
  • Speedjets may be hired at the Marina of Puerto de Santiago
  • Group diving Tenerife for family fun,
    which could be anywhere on Tenerife's coast
    where diving schools permit.
  • Swimming at the Aquapark by Arona is a popular activity
    while surfing at the Siam Park surf lake with the world's biggest wave machine are top watersport thrills.

See to believe this amazing Arona wave machine by the following video. Get the feel of artificial wind surfing with thrills of a lifetime which are 'priceless'...

Waterball as a team sport in pools

Use nature pools for family or group amusement and play waterball...

Live waterball match Tenerife

In 2010, I was lucky to see part of a live Tenerife waterball match at a Puerto de la Cruz swimming club where you may join in the Avenue of Avda.Luis Lavaggi. (the monthly membership fee of &euros 17 may of gone up.) Its public pool is next to Playa Jardin and the Castillo San Felipe.

Notice the photographer by the number 12 signpost who was one of the camera men. They were busy shooting film cover for a Canary Islands Television channel. That shows that this watersport is popular, as there seems to be competition.

I can supply you a bigger photo, if you are interested.

Water gymnastics

The above shown swimming club also offers water gymnastics which comes close to water physiotherapy.

Hotel Turquesa of Puerto de la Cruz as well as the new Santa Rita old age home of Puerto Cruz at Ctra.Dehesas, 127, tel:922 389532 have similar water activities as well as a large jacuzzi which all improves health. The price to take part costs € 45 for pensioners at the Santa Rita. The use of pools only is for € 35 per month.

Photo beside with diving club boat Tenerife North

The big rubber boat surrounded by swimmers in Puerto de la Cruz port which has a tiny gravel beach belongs to a good diving club which meets and departs at the Maritim Hotel at the end of the town

Want to see a list of all diving schools of Tenerife which, by the way, are called escuelas de buceo in Spanish ?

Big time watersports Tenerife at El Medano

El Medano beaches with Playa el Cabezo and Playa de la Jaquita have the
most awesome surf waves for
kitesurfing Tenerife
and windsurf Tenerife, while Playa El Medano Playa Grande is better to learn surfing the conventional way.

Therefore, the rather professional version which belongs to extreme sports draws interesting,
international crowds of young people to this most thrilling of watersports Tenerife. Your teenage children will love that.

Watersports Tenerife at Punta de Teno

In winter, not much in the way of water activities is going on at the outermost outcrop of Tenerife Island called Punta de Teno by Buenavista del Norte. However, that insider place is a water paradise for recreation during the height of summer. Then, swimming, Tenerife snorkeling and cayaking seem to be more than popular.

World Windsurfing competitions Tenerife 2011

World windsurf championships were at El Medano from July 14 until July 20, 2011 but took place again in Fuerteventura in 2013

Surfing alternative virtually in town

Puerto de la Cruz has a very interesting surfing alternative downtown by several good hotels. It's the beach with stunning ocean scenery for shooting surfing photos. It's ideal for those who still want to learn how to surf, except in autumn and spring, when the ocean may be too powerful. This shore has the advantage that it's next to the Lago Martianez where the rest of the family might prefer to stay.

The capital of Tenerife is tops for ship charter, such as hiring a sailing or motor boat or your own small cruiser. Do water sports with such vessels to your heart's content. Speed ski in this town or scuba dive there nearby and mingle with dolphins. Have a better chance for most interesting Tenerife whale watching, information about which find here. Scuba diving is excellent, while you explore an adventure dreamland of Tenerife's Atlantic ocean. Meantime, all the latter activities give you big fun with your loved ones...

Sea kayaking or ocean kayaking

And now to one of Tenerife watersports that has been practiced low key for much too long and which is sea kayaking. Discover all about ocean kayaking for adventure holidays by its shores. Depicted beside is ocean kayak which serves for water fun at Punta de Teno.

Also, bring your own sailing yacht and leave it at the Los Gigantes Marina or even in Garachico.

The highly demanding sport of big game fishing is good off Los Gigantes. Best test this early in the day...

Looking for a watersports Tenerife club in the south? You find the watersports Center Costa Adeje at Playa Fañabe. The Center is near the beach Fanabe shopping complex.

Classes and rental of various watersports equipment

Escuela de Vela Ligera (Sailing School for light sails)
of watersports Tenerife
Los Christianos - Tenerife - Spain
Paseo Marítimo
Rental of Kayaks and all equipment for watersports Tenerife, such as windsurfing boards, catamarans and sailing boats.
Contact Jil at Mobil: 610 080 1200 or Landline 922 792916
Fax 922 795264

More sailing and yachting classes for Tenerife

This Tenerife sailing club in Las Galetas is for those who want to learn to sail or to run a power boat with many more options, here.

Enjoy the following video Club Sail Tenerife IYT and contact Barbara at 0034 + 922 857661 for more information.

You are allowed to swim on the open sea with some tours, trips or excursions which depart from Los Gigantes, Los Christianos or Playa Colon.

The Tenerife animal protection law

However officially, swimming with whales and dolphins is against the law and this activity should not be a sport in the water, as it may molest the mammals.

One of 4 world APNEA academies in Tenerife

The most recent APNEA addition was inaugurated in La Caleta in the presence of prominent representatives of the municipality of Adeje. APNEA strives for more health for all ages by coached marine watersports for swimming and diving. APNEA holds world championships, by the way.

Note that Garachico's port for water sports was inaugurated in spring 2012.

Best snorkeling in Tenerife

Curious about other sports of the biggest Canary Island ?

From watersports Tenerife back to Tenerife sports which even include those which were once part of indigenous Guanche competitions.

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