Breath taking pictures of ocean scenery Martianez Puerto de la Cruz.

The Atlantic ocean scenery Martianez with its renown surfer bay is drawing much attention. Part of its breakwater with mossy brown patches is clearly visible in the blue waters.

All kinds of people sit and stand at that beach to contemplate.

They don't only seem to be fascinated by its skilled surfers. They are also taken by the unusual landscape of this part of Puerto de la Cruz.

Much of la Orotava Valley is spread out on the horizon above coastal cliffs which form an important part of the ocean landscape.

Also, notice the abundance of coastal caves among indigenous, lush vegetation in the beach neighborhood.

They are in the Acantilados de Martianez.

Acantilados means rocky slopes in this context.

Then there are very steep, rocks without any vegetation. They form a mountain scenery by the ocean because of their size.

They fall straight down into the Atlantic.

The abruptly descending cliffs form a wall with cavacious, vertical dents. The granite wall is split at almost regular intervals at the waters edge.

At the height of La Quinta near Santa Ursula the ocean panorama by the ocean has a make-up which is only slightly more smooth. This extends towards Punta del Sol. The currents almost everywhere along that shore line are not only dangerous by the beaches of Playa Bollullo of la Orotava.

Also notice the ocean swell with a surfer by the breakwater which is parallel to the beach.

Indeed, this strikes me as new as opposed to the vertical jetty which almost borders the  Lago Martianez

Ocean scenery enhanced by art made of tons of concrete

There is a huge white sculpture. It creates another ocean impact. It's a very unusual sculpture, as all others by Cesar Manrique are much smaller and so different. By the way, it was renovated in 2015 for the price of 40000 euros.


Several unusual landscapes are found by the surf beach  Martianez of the oldest Tenerife resort. There are the bare rocks by the shore, the scenic waves, the coastal cave panorama and the mountains on the horizon which round off the picture.

By the way, enjoy all this scenery from this  hotel by the beach
the Bahia Principe San Felipe which merits its 4 stars without doubt.

From ocean scenery to geology which is all about a totally different Tenerife panorama, although it is also at surf beaches.

Top ten ocean views according to National Geographic

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