Free Internet service and free Wifi.

Free Internet service is not utopia any more thanks to free Wifi and wireless hotspots.

However not every service is the same.

Free Wifi by Mc Donald Tenerife

For example, not every Mc Donald spoils you equally to get online. This is to the best of my knowledge.

However, Tenerife Mc Donalds are really cool. They have a totally free Internet service.

This American fast food franchise has a corner reserved for you within its premises. It's the rincón para Internautas (corner for Internet surfers) Take a seat and switch on your portable computer. No need to insert numbers, no special plug-in required.

And please consume something which this restaurant has on offer. That would be the expected way to pay it forward.

Café Sandra with Free Wifi WLAN

Free Internet Service shown on a pole on Playa del SocorroFree Internet Service shown on a pole on Playa del Socorro
Location: La Paz of Puerto de la Cruz opposite the Tenerife Spar Supermarket and Hotel Maseru. Special: Free Internet and drink as much Filter Coffee, as you wish at a flat rate. Best cakes and snacks are available.

Free Wifi Internet on beaches

Free Internet service WiFi now joins other important amenities on some beaches, such as on PLaya del Socororro of Los Realejos, as depicted beside. It has become as important, as a bus stop and wheelchair access in this public space.

Free Internet service by a holiday home in Tenerife

Hotels and hostels with free online service are rare and I don't remember which ones made this generosity public. However, you may have more luck with a holiday home in Tenerife. Plugging in your portable computer into a router with a simple USB cable may be one option. In that case, the landlord needs to live nearby to be able to net up computers, unless he bought you a wifi connection with a local provider or lets you hook on with USB Internet or a USB stick.

He would need to pay for both latter options in that case. More about this later, as it is relatively economical but, not free of charge, at all.

Public Tenerife with free Internet in open spaces

Santa Cruz de Tenerife is said to have free Internet on 3000 public locations.

They just added two more town squares to a free Tenerife Internet on February 09, 2011, as told by a German radio station. One is the Military place Plaza militar. The other is in the district Tome Cano, which is also known as Plaza de los Sabandeños. 

How does open air Internet on such public spots work?

Billboards by such plazas, namely town squares, publish a number. Send it in by SMS with your cellular phone. Then, you will be connected.

It is very cheap. However, that wireless Wifi may not work always perfectly when waves are too occupied.
Patience is neccessary in that moment in time.

Public Internet libraries and other learning centers, schools, some kinder gardens, colleges and universities have free Internet all over the world.

A totally gratis Wifi service in very big modern Tenerife hotels is often hindered by good reception.
It is similar to reception problems with cellular phones.

Hotels like the Silken Atlantada and the Nh Hotel in the Tenerife capital which are part of good 3 star and 4 star hotels have free Internet in the rooms, as you may see here. They invested in expensive hotboxes for Wifi hotspots on all floors.

Special USA bought pluck for Europe to recharge a tablet at Hotel Silken Atlantida

I saw a friend use free Internet in her room at the Silken Atlantida Hotel with a Computer tablet in 2013 and all went fine. We even went to Saturn, while it was still open to have a technician confirm that her USA pluck which she bought for Europe would be good for recharging it. It was perfect.

Two malls near Hotel Silken Atlantida Santa Cruz with Wifi

By the way, two Tenerife capital malls, such as Carrefour and CC Meridiano provide the free online service on their premises, so far, as well. Those are the branches 5 minutes up the road from the Silken Atlantida hotel.

By 1015 virtually all Tenerife malls and shoppping centers offer free Wifi for their customers.

Free internet on planes by some airlines

Indeed, some Airlines are able to let you connect online in their planes by Gogo Inflight Internet...

Admire the free Wifi at Santa Cruz Tenerife museum TEA...

Free wireless Wifi at airports

Just go and roam to see if Internet is available at an airport or ask at information.

Or surf for information online to find out if airports which you intend using for travel or transit provide any free Internet service... Some give you free high speed wireless Internet at all times while others give it only part times or fast surfing is not possible. However, airport wireless Internet is definitely the future.

One problem with free online services

Such services by bars, cafes and the like are usually very slow. That's not recommendable to do online business.

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