Why learn Spanish for a better life?

Why learn Spanish this Latin language and not Chinese or another tongue ?

I have been told by many foreigners that it's one of the easiest tongues to study.

Latin culture with Roman iconLatin culture
Also, it is part of the Latin culture. That alone is a real great incentive. You will even be able to understand the Italians in Rome well enough to get by.

Otherwise perhaps you love its life style or would like to do business with countries that have Spanish as a main language.

Find other interesting links to learn the language of many such countries below...

Why study Spanish while translations in the Internet are only a click away?

What a question!

Every language is complex enough to lead to misunderstandings. If that was not so, no lawyers would earn their bread.

Nevertheless, we are lucky to have the computer to translate for us. It does help, above all when sentences were kept simple without applying complicated syntaxe.

What do you have to win by getting good at Spanish ?

  1. Spanish destinations of 21 countries are listed and have become an easy to reach playground for more fun while speaking Spanish.
  2. an investment in the Spanish language nobody can take away from you, ever because, it's a value that will give you profits which are bound to rise over time.
  3. to learn Spanish easily gained by modern methods...
  4. to speak Spanish without inhibitions because, you will be trained to do so...
  5. more self assurance by Spanish speaking skills and a new image...
  6. people looking at you with admiration or envy for knowing Spanish while they don't...
  7. more acquaintances, more friends, perhaps romance or love. to gain by dominating Spanish.
  8. best income for you for a happier family, as Spanish knowledge pays good salaries in English speaking countries by high paid Spanish language jobs which may fluctuate...

  1. towards better life style in Spanish speaking countries;

  2. for enjoying a holiday home in Tenerife Spain better by knowing Spanish;

  3. to live or even work with Spanish people on a Spanish Caribbean fortunate Island by a paradise beach;
  4. to enjoy Spanish countries more by knowing Spanish while they offer a wealth of fun, culture and distraction;
  5. staying in Spanish countries for pleasure, sports, thrills, adventure, health, wellness, science and education as well as for business are less stressful when you can read and write Spanish;
  6. Spanish learning serves for the advancement of peoples' communications and less wars ;
  7. acquiring Spanish language skills is one more step for a better global future for all by helping to shrink our world tower of Bable of too many tongues.

Learn Spanish to avoid embarrassment and save money...

Put yourself into the situation of being stranded with your car on a Spanish road in a country which is not touristic. You could be stopped by a Spanish traffic officer who is unlikely to speak your language.
You know, some right Spanish words you learned can save fines as well as time.

Instituto de estudios hispanicosInstituto estudios hispanicos
The Instituto de estudios Hispanicos de Canarias is a very highly recommended language academy. It translates into Institution of Hispanic studies of the Canary Islands. It's in street Calle Quintana,18 less than a minute from the central town square Plaza del Charco.
Tel: o: 922 388 607 / Fax: 922 383 731
E-mail: info@iehcan.com
38400 Puerto de la Cruz
Tenerife - Spain

Spanish for USA

Make use of Spanish learned in the USA where many immigrants from South American countries need new supervisors or help… They thrive to learn the language but, meantime it will be in your benefit to be one step ahead.

Spanish to learn for broader spectrum

  • Acquire a wealth of knowledge by thriving to dominate the worlds # 3 most used language Spanish - for business off and online, new connections and new ideas on a broader horizon... Learn Spanish for the chance to find better partners, better products, better schemes...
  • 500 million Spanish speakers worldwide offer an immense pool of opportunities for international business in co-operation, joint-venture, manufacturing under license, trade such as in import/export, exchange, science and politics.

Learn it easily, as this language with its simple structure and consistent understandable pronunciation is straight forward to learn.

The main reason which makes it easy to grasp is because of its deriving by more than 80% from Classic Latin of ancient Rome which was a center for logic thinking.

Easy to learn Spanish, as easy to read

I never forget an incident with former USA President Bush which could have been a real asset had he made the effort to learn Spanish properly. The reason for the occasion was to catch crucial voters who are found as high up as Illinois USA in the Midwest. If not mistaken he did it with the help of a prepared note. At least, this confirms above statement how straight forward the language is to read.

To be able to surf unimagined information in Spanish on the world wide web (www) for more insight or just for more fun is a reason to learn the Spanish tongue.

Learn this Iberian language for more influence and more wealth...

Study it to profit of better employment chances often rewarded by more say and more power while an additional language skill is generously financially rewarded in many high paying professions, nowadays. Do it while you are still young enough and learn the Spanish language to add more value to other basic skills from graduations or from corresponding track record.

However, you also find better paid jobs if you speak more languages including Spanish in lower paid fields provided there is the equivalent tourist or international demand.

A large supermarket chain in Tenerife which may very well have 3 million international customers pays more to employees for every additional language they speak.

Finding good work today has almost become a privilege

My young friend Nicole in Paris studied French cinema science. She was lucky to land a good job after graduation, only, because, she spoke French, English, German and some Spanish.

She wasn't paid a fortune as this was her first practical.

However, she found interesting employment instead of having to push camera cables as they say there for beginners in the French film industry.

Don't lose out by not knowing any Spanish…

  • Join the rat race of 14 million new Spanish learners in 90 countries whose amazing numbers keep on rising. Don't become disadvantaged without this skill.
  • With Spanish degree consider work overseas to teach Spanish in Philippine high schools or private schools!
  • Learn Spanish as a means for more freedom and the liberty to live anywhere in Europe as a European citizen with Spain being one of most attractive countries.
  • Study the Spanish language to become part of the international Spanish jet set. You could be a steward or a stewardess in the air or on a luxury cruiser.

Discover how I learned Spanish in Spain in a context about me Tenerife which opened doors to free learning of other skills.

The most rewarding aspect of learning Spanish

papas negras black potatoespapas negras
Have you ever heard of pink eyed papas and know how comical some of them look like? Papa is the Tenerife word for potato and other, of course.

Indeed, there are so many intriguing and funny aspects which live on by words and Spanish phrases by the numerous Spain related cultures. Perhaps, Ceuta and Gibraltar have something we never knew
in that respect, while the Gypsies' Flamenco, the Canary Islands' happy folk music, folk dance, folklore and poetry are much talked about. South American colonial Spanish with most picturesque expressions hints at top ancient cultures with demons, gods and goddesses, strange mushrooms, healers and superstitions. Mind funny words of Spanish food and drink which tickle taste buds and ears and there is more... Even Spanish slang has great charm, as long as it's not meant to insult. In fact, there is such a rich kaleidoscope of Iberic related language out there that it has not been picked up all by the dictionaries. Indeed, learn Spanish and never run out of hilarious surprises.

Please, note:
Figures and statistics in this article were compared with some of cervantes.org which derives everything from the world "authority" of the Spanish Language institute INSTITUTO CERVANTES which is represented in 72 cities in 42 countries.

What is the best way to learn Spanish fast and with fun ?

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