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Airport Transfer Shuttledirect is top value for money in the light of general Tenerife transport prices. See why just now...

Shuttledirect is a global service provider for passenger airport transportation of very competitive prices.

The following transfers were checked for November 019, 2012, flight times 10.a.m., just to see what prices may be.

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6 transfer examples from TFS Tenerife South airport

  • TFS to Los Christianos GBP 4,05
  • TFS to Costa Adeje GBP 4,05
  • TFS to Los Gigantes GBP 8,10
  • TFS to La Laguna GBP 36,44
  • TFS to La Orotava GBP 36,44
  • TFS to Santa Cruz capital GBP 36,44
    with private airport car hire. while driver meets you personally and delivers you door to door.
  • TFS to Puerto Cruz GBP 19,06

Mind the Puerto de la Cruz transfer being cheaper by a bigger demand of passengers. Therefor bus service shared ride with preset bus stop, while La Laguna or la Orotava are destinations with unusual demands

Why is this airport transfer so incredibly cheap?

However, you could hardly drive yourself to La Orotava for its pric. To fill your car with petrol may work out close to Euro 40 already. Never mind a taxi which would have set you back most probably more than GBP 60 or 80 for one way only.

What price criteria are there?

  • Number of passengers buying tickets and amount of travelers sharing transfers
  • Distance from airports to destinations
  • Time of flight, seasons and days

Also, mind group discounts for 6 people.

The enterprise has made itself a name over almost half a decade.. Shuttledirect bus, minibus and single car services from airports are gaining more and more popularity.

This world airport transfer isn't only in high regard in the international field for airports in Europe.

Book transfer according to your needs with optimum transparency! Secure your seat with Spain airport transportation for your Tenerife holidays, now...

Booking Shuttledirect online guaranties your discount.

Where else can you get a shuttle service with transfer TFS Tenerife airport Reina Sofia to Puerto de la Cruz for only GBP 19.06 per person? The shuttle service may also come in handy, in case there is a general bus strike. The latter should not affect an airport transfer service by a private provider.

When car rental is a must

Renting your own car is of course the answer when you have any pets to transport. Dogs, cats, reptiles, you name it, are not admitted at shuttle services from and to airports.

Odd times transfers

Also, your chances to get transfer at odd ours and on public holidays are so much better with Shuttledirect resources.

Find out more and ask questions if you wish

The fast Spanish transfers from and to airports in Tenerife Spain make up for missing free subway or metro links, for time being. From Airport transfer Tenerife to getting to Tenerife by different means.

Tenerife Los Rodeos and Reina Sofia airports.

Disclaimer: A rare exception may always confirm the rule. We are therefore not to be held responsible, should anything unforeseen happen and not result in your total satisfaction with the transfer service. Also the prices may have augmented slightly. Kindly check. We are not earning a commission anyway.

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