Environmental awareness as part of Puerto de la Cruz and Tenerife culture.

Environmental awareness is not always obvious in Tenerife culture.

Ten important points of its environmental care

  • The breath taking Teide National Park of many more protected spaces of Tenerife
  • The very visible, famous astronomy station for scientific sun watch by Mount Teide
  • Billboards that warn not to take away volcanic stones by Teide
  • Wildfire warnings, while not only forests are threatened
  • No-entry-boards by abandoned caves and water galleries
  • Cordoned off seashores to protect bathers from falling rocks or high waves
  • Road barriers, as by the way to Punta de Teno
  • Jetties and red flags on beaches
  • Coastal, beach gards and helicopter surveillance
  • Street eco art that isn't only promoted by the Puerto Cruz art community
  • Punta Brava Tenerife environmental art

    The amazing picture with a lush banana grove, shown beside, is proof of a green environmental awareness by El Puerto's art community. It's in Puerto's fisherman hamlet Punta Brava. The mural points out in Spanish: 'Tenerife sostenille - Cultura sociedád Medio Ambiente'. This means Tenerife affirm - Culture Society of Environment.

    In fact in 1983, the so called Manifesto for a better environment was declared during a film festival. This was the start of a Green Party for Tenerife.

    By the way, the town of El Puerto has all the reasons to be proud of its Puerto de la Cruz cultural engagements , where environmental awareness plays a role more and more.

    The location of this street art speaks for itself.
    The Punta Brava is located at one of most vulnerable spots of Tenerife coast. Ferocious waves beat against it often. In fact there, locals  have utmost respect for their environment.


    The Punta Brava settlements that are very close to the ocean pose big environmental problems.

    Its residents learned to cope them with but they are also very grateful to the authorities who helped with special care.

    This Oleander of Punta Brava in C/Tegueste still smells very strong. That is one sign that the world is still relatively in order and clean in this part of Tenerife Island.

    Punta Brava hamlet houses cannot be sold

    The inhabitants of Punta Brava have the right to stay in their homes, as long as they live, but cannot sell them. Obviously, inheritance is not possible with such properties.

    This ancient fishing village with top eating places, such as Restaurante Tambo's and now also Brunelli's Steakhouse is the real Tenerife where men sit on narrow rocks at the ocean edge by their door steps to catch seafood in dangerous conditions.

    All the more reason, why this coastline must be 100 per cent unpolluted. Easier said than done... It looks like an impossible task with millions of tourists in town. They pause a threatening risk which isn't easy to iron out.

    Accommodation in trouble spot off the beaten track

    Just figure that there is more than one holiday home in Tenerife in this quaint hamlet Punta Brava off the beaten track.

    I know, as my friend Dr.Gustl Hinder told me so.

    Tamed cats and stray cats with environmental awareness genes

    Look at the lovely Tenerife cat, portrayed beside. I took a shot of it by Punta Brava, where it helps to keep the seaside clean.

    Nature programmed environmental awareness into cats.

    They hate rats but, don't know that they spread pests.

    By the way, some compassionate people feed wild cats on other beach fronts in town.

    Unfortunately, such stray cats, often pose a problem to the environment in Southern Europe.

    Discover it on the facade of a rather humble looking bar for eating fish by corner C.Victor Machado of Punta Brava. This is contrary to many Tenerife restaurants whose posh ones encounter here.

    All the more surprising that environmental awareness for Tenerife marine life and fish is emphasized in a no frill fisherman village: 'Cuida tu mar', it says on the house front. This means to take care of your ocean.

    Also engraved are the words Asociación Cultural Ecoarte.(Cultural Association of Eco Art)

    The mural of environmental concerns is signed by the artist Salvatore Cibelli, who was born in Naples, Italy. He has a website under construction.

    A few years ago, there was a mural of environmental awareness with a smoking woman and child. 

    This realistic art was on a wall near the old Puerto de la Cruz Bus station.

    Now, the Stop smoking' art has been replaced by a decorative but meaningless painting.

    Art to help by social awareness

    Spanish art and also street art of all sorts help. So do exhibitions at T.E.A. while social awareness is used indirectly by some artists or photographers for the sake of the environment.

    A better environment of the Ranilla?

    Since the Mueca 2014, many more than the initial five works of street art have appeared by the Puerto Cruz restaurants mile the Ranilla. They beautify the old quarters.

    However, I must confess that I prefer serious Spanish graffiti with a message, such as

    the alarming one behind the Puerto Cruz Peña de Francia church. It's one of murals by the Sevillan 'Niño de las pinturas'. He strongly advocates environmental awareness.

    Pavement smoking, dog feces

    Who would have thought that an environmental policy in 2011 which was to ban tobacco from public places would be like a coin with two faces? Before, smoking inside put people into peril. Now it happens on many narrow pavements. Also, often, ugly cigarette buts add to walk ways where dogs were left to leave feces. There is a need for street ashtrays and dog 'bins', at least. Fines like in Singapore might also help to reduce this type of pollution.

    Ground and ocean water pollution by pesticides and fluoride

    I wish certain municipalities in Tenerife would stop using pesticides by street walls. Not only my dog walks there but the poison also goes into the ground water and then into in the ocean. So does too much fluoride in tab water which is killing dragon trees and poses a threat to human teeth.

    Environmental pollution and Tenerife pilot whales

    Some environment issues with Tenerife sharks have come to the attention of the Canary Islands media, off lately in 2010. Environmental pollution awareness with Tenerife whale watching whale tourism is another matter. Mercury has been discovered in Algae by Caletea de Interian of Garachico.

    Endangered animals of Tenerife

    Even Canary Island goats which are much like mountain goats as well as giant lizards in La Gomera and in El Hierro have become part of an endangered animal world

    Tenerife birds in peril

    To read about the Barbary falcon a pet of the very rich and three Masca doves in an article on endangered birds click here...

    Anti water pollution news Spain Tenerife

    People matter most, you know... As per news 2011, it must be noted that the second biggest town San Christobal de la Laguna will very soon have a water desalination plant. It will also receive filtered water for free. What a cost factor in times where economic recession warrants savings to help people... The good news about these future positive environmental solutions for La Laguna Tenerife have been confirmed by Enaguere.wordpress.com in Spanish.

    No more plastic bags...

    By the way, stop using plastic shopping bags which are not biodegradable... Get cheap shopping bags for recycling at the tills of the biggest shopping center of Tenerife North called La Villa Alcampo by Puerto Cruz.

    Environmental awareness in Isla Baja Whale fossil draws attention to endangered animals

    The town of Los Silos of Tenerife shows much environmental awareness not only by a real, giant whale fossil, which see at its beach Playa Agua Dulce...

    The little wonder of a natural swimming pool by the whale fossil monument of the Los Silos beach has been enhanced for the safety of bathers for a better, but natural environment.

    The whole region of Isla Baja Tenerife and the Teno made news in 2011 related to the environment, while the Charcas de Erjos may have even caused some minor environmental issues for a big film producer from the USA.

    Drilling for oil near Tenerife shores

    The media told us by Spring 2014 that test drilling had been approved. Luckily, no oil was found.

    Better Tenerife beaches

    Environmental problems by San Andres and Teresitas Beach

    Landscape design ideas made reality

    The environmental expert, architect and designer Cesar Manrique never really got enough praise for his brilliant landscape design ideas which he applied for the beaches Playa Jardin, while only his works with the Lago Martianez received all the fame.


    The walking boots 15m above the ground near Loro Park look a bit funny, the way they trail down from a municipal electric cable. However, they don't pose a threat to the environment. A para-glider was hooked on such a cable in Tenerife, not long ago. A serious affair...

    Only some Tenerife locals, such as in Puerto de la Cruz, seem to know about the sore spots in their town where the environment is jeopardized. Unfortunately, others don't want to see. Their slogan of excuse that 'No pasa nada' (nothing will go wrong) is lethal and is hard to eradicate.

    Also, what really happens at grass roots is not always noticed by the Media and press.

    Besides, islands seem to have their own slow ways. Most have not caught up with looming dangers of nuclear energy, bad minerals, chemicals and plastic, as yet. Small children must learn environmental awareness. They must become defenders for healthy surroundings. Isles must be first aid beach or rather sea guards, no matter how vulnerable they are. Of course, forests on land also need utmost surveillance. Not even the discovery of oil from the ocean beds would help to finance corrections of mistakes made. Oil wealth is a vicious circle, you know...

    There is hope coming from a few Tenerife government boards, such as by neighboring La Orotava, by the way, as shown by environmental education for kids.

    Danger of attracting rats and pests?

    Talking of the very young, there is a brand new preschool center next to the estate of La Gorvorana of Realejos. Lets assume that the environmental issue behind it is being monitored.

    How Puerto de la Cruz tries to avoid urban waste during a fairly new festival which was repeated for the fourth time in 2018 

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