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Alcampo is what English and German speaking people say when they are talking about the CC La Villa Centro Comercial Orotava by that name.  Alcampo derives from au champ in French. Its business brand in France is Auchan that also got big in Spain. Its Tenerife branch will be five years old soon. 

  • La Villa Hyper Center of 38312 La Orotava Tenerife
  • Expanded in 2010
  • Biggest and most popular shopping under one roof of Tenerife North.
  • Tel: + 0034 922322010
  • Wheel-chair friendly but no dogs allowed inside
  • Web Lavilla 2
    • Public buses to get there: The 352 passes directly at Centro Comercial Alcampo. The 363 and 108 stop by the traffic circle La Vera/La Villa Alcampo which is very close. Even the 390 stops below the center at the La Vera village entrance.
    • Parking capacity: for 2400 cars under and above ground
    • Taxi stand: Yes
    • 9500 square meters of Hypermarket with food, drink, produce, clothes, stationary, some furniture like mattresses, all kinds of appliances, plants, you name it. 
    • Extra: El Trompo center which adjoins it
    • The visitor mark as of year 2010 was Eight million and 57153
    • More than 90 small business outlets plus the supermercado supermarket which gave the center its main name

    Poligono Industrial San Jeronimo Al campo La villa OrotavaPoligono Industrial Al campo la Villa Orotava

    Depicted is the Polígono Industrial San Jeronimo Al Campo of La Villa Orotava. Actually, it's more of a shopping than an industrial Estate, contrary to what  the Spanish term implies. Shown in the photo is also the big hypermarket Leroy Merlin on the right and the TF5 freeway to the left of the three commercial centers that also include El Trompo.
    Telephone for the entire center:922 330018

    Important Alcampo 2019 news for smartphone tech help

    The number one mall of La Orotava Valley has now a Tech assistance desk for all smartphones. It includes human attendance by a technician. Do it yourself fans may follow instructions on a screen on how to insert a new battery as well as other chores. Find the desk opposite the Zarah stores by the doors that lead to El Trompo.
    There certainly is the same service at the La Laguna center in one of its focal points. Otherwise, there is a very helpful Internet and PC clinic with shop on the first floor of EL Trompo the Center that is attached to Alcampo. Those people also help with smartphones.

    Alcampo entertainment news for 2019 Halloween

    Don't miss the last show on October 31 between 19.00 and 21.00 in the evening by the McDonald end of the center. 

    Indeed, Alcampo supermarket has many disguise costumes of great variety as well as accessories for you to buy.

    When are sales on after Christmas at la Villa Orotava commercial center?

    A friend asked me this today? To be honest I missed them myself this year. However, now by January 22, Sarah, Corte Inglés Outlet as well as the C&A still had clothes on special offer. Strangely enough, the official website still advertises Rebajas (Sales).

    Landmarks by La Villa Mall

    The red Hotel Las Aguilas on top a prominent green mountain the volcanic cone Las Arenas is visible from far. So is La Montaña del Fraile with its wonderful nature trail which is even more visible.  Both are close to the freeway exit 36 that gets you to the shopping center. By the way, you can see a road on the shopping center bird eye view photo above that leads to Montañeta del Fraile with the famous Monasterio park. The photo was captured there. 

    Why so easy to get around inside?

    The single story mall is arranged like a grid with 2 parallel lanes with two entrances from the parking lot above ground. It has three  passages that cross.

    Incredibly friendly

    Friendliness is virtually the center's motto. Even late at night at the supermarket tills at closure time by 10 p.m.
    How get out then?
    There is a back-way near the toilets, but better hurry...

    The corner Café di Roma now called MIMO-K

    Hence, we may assume that all the coffees at this place are like they used to be, namely outstanding.

    Hot tips for the Orotava shopping center

    • Pilates balls,  work-out mats, sports clothes and more opposite Café di Roma at Sport

    • Have your car serviced or checked at the big workshop (Taller para coches) at El Trompo while browsing La Villa center
    • Extraordinary sizes for lingerie in boutiques
    • Cheaper produce of fruit and vegetables due to "expiry date" at the big Hyper market.
    • Organic salads and occasional other 'green produce'
    • Computer and any electronic specials

    A TechnoCooling fog maker

    An amazing misting system in the seafood department of the hypermarket.

    Interesting architectural design

    • A village theme with double story houses and make believe windows.
    • A skylight to supply light and sunshine to people and a few real palms
    • Easy wheel chair access to single level shopping

    El Trompo next door

    Avd. Molinos 2, Poligano Industrial,
    San Gerónimo, 38312 La Orotava

    What's there at el Trompo?

    • A huge furniture shop
    • Shops that sell new cars
    • C&A stores with many extra large clothes sizes
    • A fitness center
    • A  Corte Ingles so called "Outlet" with fashion on sale
    • A big selections of car spares and products with workshop of good mechanics in the mall's basement
    • A huge furniture shop

    Other interesting neighborhood at la Villa shopping village besides El Trompo

    • A restaurant with a Sushi buffet on a conveyor belt

    Two more branches related to La Villa

  • The store that set the ball rolling by La Laguna TF5, exit Las Chumberas which stages carnival spectacle at the mall
  • The Añaza branch on TF1 near the capital
  • Links related to La Villa the Orotava mall

    Christmas celebrations at La Villa al campo

    From Alcampo back to shopping in Tenerife

    Alcampo locations

    Find all Auchan group Spain locations. Also take note of related Auchan business in Spain, such as the shopping chain Sabeco, real estate Immochan and even the financial institution Accordfin.

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