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Contribute to Tenerife articles by an outing with your dog into the Montana Blanca del Teide, for example. 

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It may help as a warning.

When we went, only our pet didn't feel the winter cold.  We were rather dressed for the coast and were freezing.  So that is just a warning that weather may be unpredictable in the Tenerife highlands.   

Why good for you to share?

Publish your experiences and Tenerife information. It may help others.

Remember that article

Agua Mansa Tenerife mist in spring forest

Remember when I told you about how my pal Guenther got lost walking in Tenerife by Agua Mansa. Then there is also the dangerous Tenerife mist belt.

Extremely risky spots in Tenerife

Talk about them...

Guenther also shared with me how he got stuck in the in the Barranco del infierno. It's also known as Devil's gorge. It's been closed for the second time end of summer 2015. A second fatal accident happened there. Now, a tourist was hit by rocks there. Another one fell to his death there, before.

However, this friend of mine knows too little English to upload to share his experiences, unfortunately. That's so deplorable, as it wouldn't be right that I write for him.

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Publish your article by using our Contact form. 

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You will be thrilled to find out how easy your story sharing is. And it's always a first step for you to do your own web after that experience of going public with your memories.

Share anything on Tenerife that you are passionate about...
Passion is most awesome for communicating, you know...

What Tenerife articles? 

Tell us about Tenerife Spring, such as Easter by Mount Teide and upload some photos with it.

  • Beach fun stories
  • A Tenerife Concert of celebrities
  • Mountain climbing, such as your
    Teide conquest or paragliding adventure
  • Any Tenerife sports experience,
    such as golf, kayaking, car racing, soccer,
    windsurfing or even Guanche sports
  • Your best family fun activities
  • Tenerife tourist attractions rooftop retaurants etc
  • Your favorite of hotels Tenerife, such as
    your Tenerife family hotel, country hotel
    or adults only hotel or romantic hotel with its name
  • How you found your recently
    bought Tenerife property or whom you sold it to
  • Your most romantic holidays
  • Your favorite bar, ocean view Restaurant
    including rooftop restaurants
  • Whatever you consider memorable
    which may also have been a carnival or festival event
  • A new Tenerife business which you just opened
  • Your favorite Ladies restaurant with vegan fast food or other.
  • Surprise us with a new Tenerife article idea of yours which we forgot to mention
  • Take courage with YOUR Tenerife articles and remember that there is always a first time...

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    Also, why not brag a little for writing your story. It's healthy and it's like the salt in the soup, you know...

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