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This Search page Google for web results is supposed to be first of all for topics from its Sitemaps which are not in the index navigation bar on your left nor included in any links on its homepage. Then there will also be other related results by Google.

Why is my Search page Google tool for you to get help?

You may have been directed to the homepage by not only Google. It may have been Bing, Yahoo or any other Search Engine.

Generally, your being lost on my site is something I am trying to avoid at all cost. However, it's not always possible, as this Homepage is simply much too broad.

So how does this Search Tool work?

Type any "keywords" or "keyword phrase" in the find box.


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If you keep the quotes the search engine will literally give you web results for those words, e.g."peter palmer" and might give you "Peter Palmer matriculated..." or "Peter Palmer published..." If you simply type one keyword such as "history" you'll get pages with often different definition for "history".

Looking for a butterfly? All you need to type is "photo butterfly" where a whole selection might come up.

When you type into the small box of the search page "flee market santa cruz opens" you will indeed get a page of this homepage where it says when the market starts and closes.

This page for searching web results will help you find whatever you want, unless nobody ever wrote anything about it.

An additional option is to go from Search page Google to Tenerife tourist information from where you'll find all site maps of all our pages listed with descriptions.

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