Vibrant Los Realejos has many Tenerife attractions to show for

Join me for a virtual Los Realejos Tenerife tour by pictures.

Some of those photos are from history.  Added links reveal more.

Investment in homage to the town's history

This latest fine art honors two of the town's much loved sons. They were the renown cleric, writer and historian  of the Canary islands Viera y Clavijo and Antonio Gonzalez Gonzalez who became a famous professor of chemistry of La Laguna university.  The latter would have been a 100 years old in 2017. It took Matias Mata almost a week to achieve the extraordinary mural a new emblem for the most historical Tenerife town.

San Agustin Fiesta on August 28 with its traditional rain of candies from the church towerSan Agustin Fiesta on August 28 with its traditional rain of Candies for children from the church tower after the 7p.m. mass and before the Cofradia street procession

Realejos 2018 traffic, transport and parking news.

The reconstructed Calle Castillo has been ready for traffic after about 6 months of work in July 2018   more about which find here. Now, it is the stretch of Avda de Canarias which is being done between the circle by Radio Los Realejos and Plaza de Bencomo. A gigantic job to lead water and or sewage pipes through a big tunnel... Mind driving deviations.

The long due parking facility on Plaza Bencomo is to be inaugurated at the beginning of February 01, 2018, last not least. Less gray hairs for many...

Tenerife flowers in beautiful Avda.Canarias

That's the main road of Realejos Alto where you also find the Town Hall the Ayuntamiento.

Avenida Tres de Mayo of Realejo Alto

Important amenities by Avda.Canarias

My Realejos favorite for going out

That's Maison El Monasterio with its many restaurants and patio for champaign breakfasts by the walking paradise Montaneta de los Frailes.

The three Realejo parts of the main town.

The unified town proudly displays its emblem now.  Both parts  together with the suburb San Agustin have now 11969 residents, while lower down Toscal and La Longuera of Toscal have 5000 inhabitants.

The entire municipality is made up of 20 suburbs and villages. Many of them are in rural mountainous regions. Agriculture, vineyards as well as fishing play a big role.

Realejos Alto with its old quarters and close to 7000 inhabitants lends itself best for charming Tenerife festivals like Romerias and the May celebrations of Fiesta de la Cruz.

Fiesta de la Cruz venerable traditions.

The two Realejo Alto chapels the Ermitas la Cruz in the streets C/ el Sol and C/ del Medio Arriba are now a part of the oldest XVI street church traditions of Tenerife.  Much later, fireworks followed as street fun.

Figure fireworks competitions by the Toste Brothers who manufacture them.

Biggest fireworks in Europe? May be it's true. 

Following is a video of the Fiesta La Luz Tenerife North fireworks.

 In fact, the winner of the firework competitions of the video of May, 3rd, 2012 was Calle el Sol. Of course, Hermanos Toste is not the only local business which contributes.

Utterly important historical Los Realejos facts.

This is also the heart of the most important town of early Tenerife history. There, the main Guanche leader Bentor of Taoro capitulated at Tigaiga and his co-rulers bowed to the Christian Cross and received Catholic names.

Indeed, Realejos Alto's church the Matriz Iglesia Apóstol Santiago isn't only Tenerife's oldest church. It was the mother of the original Iglesia de Nuestra Señora de la Concepción of La Orotava.  In fact with its clergy and politicians, it paved the way for law and order after the conquest on the biggest Canary Island. It was entirely ruled from Los Realejos for at least a short time, while the capital La Laguna was founded in 1497 but, took time to function properly.

By the way, both Realejos de Arriba (Realejos Alto) and the historical Hacienda de los Principes are mentioned at the museum of the Casa de los Balcones of La Orotava where relations of the Tenerife conqueror resided later on, as well.


Tenerife was governed from this Hacienda as far as Vila Flor in the South.

Fauna and Flora

All of Tenerife fauna and Flora is found in Realejos and much of it indigenous. This includes Laurisilva species.

Also mind endemic plants that thrive wild on roof tops in all higher regions.

The one on your right which is near the Town Hall has amazing local Tabaiba succulents growing on it.

House with green roof.

It's by Plaza Viera y Clavijo. Mind the green roof where plants sprout between ancient clay tiles had been created and is maintained by nature, only.

Los Realejos Hacienda Siete Fuentes fabulous dragon tree

This ancient Hacienda Siete Fuente from the 17th century  was once part of important infra-structure that joined the plantations of Juan de Gordejuela with San Sebastian (San Agustin) of Realejos Alto.

Realejos North Tenerife weather and clouds

Certainly, an overcast sky which brings humidity creates enchanting nature but not necessarily rain.

Portrayed are pictures that show what clouds in the north of the island may be like.  Generally, they still mean plenty sun, except for the Pansa de Burro cloud which covers the sky totally, while temperatures could still be in the mid Thirties. Pansa de Burro often occurs in August.

A weather phenomena

The phenomena with Puerto de la Cruz and Los Realejos are blue skies by its beaches later in the day.Then, clouds hang usually in the mountains.  Important to know for photo shoots...

Those cliff houses were holding on during the incredible flood of 2009. Then, water raced within this Barranco which is a gorge and flooded  the street Calle Los Barros badly.

Town celebrities besides the famous historian Viera y Clavijo.

Dr.Antonio Gonzalez y Gonzalez of many merits for chemistry nature studies  was born in Realejo Alto and passed away in 2003.  

So far, the newly elected town mayor (Alcade) Manuel Dominguez is much talked about. He is part of the PP Partido Popular.

Realejos yearly events.

Indeed, Playa el Socorro the surf and party beach of Realejos always has events, mainly in summer.There are Flyfa the International Para-glider festival, surf and SUP, body-board championships, triathlons,  the Teide Marathon and open air film festivals.

Los Realejos sports

olympic stadium Los Realejos Tenerife spainOlympic stadium Longuera

Soccer Realejos with brand new football grounds of artificial lawns, an athletics' olympic stadium and a private local Spanish cycling club are in La Longuera, while a diving club meets at Hotel Maritim and a surf club at Realejos Alto.

Needless to say is that all famous traditional Guanche sports of Tenerife sports are still high on the agenda. Those contact sports, such as pole fighting and wrestling or Lucha Canarias have tournaments during the festival de la Cruz Realejos, for example.

Realejos rhythmic gymnasts are famous in Spain and won 11 national medals in 2014.

Two street wise children use the San Agustin church square to play soccer, as shown beside.

Its beautiful Catholic church is in Calle Agustin a road with older apartment houses and parallel to Avenida Canarias.

Both streets meet by a traffic circle opposite a totally new town center with the lovely new park called Parque San Agustin with children playground.

Important Plaza Bencomo travel info sign boards and a parking house.

Taxis, and many buses stop by  Plaza Mencey Bencomo where palms line the streets.

Indications are not only to get to Realejos Alto via Avda.Canarias and to La Orotava. You also reach the West as far as Icod de los Vinos and further.  One sign is for the coastal road now called TF5. It gets you to Tigaiga, San Vincente, Playa El Socorro, Icod de los Vinos, Garachico and further South. The Tigaiga turn-off also leads up to Realejo Bajo and to Icod el Alto.

La Montaneta de los Frailes seen from Toscal Longuera. Discover why this mountain is a most unusual volcanic cone of Realejo by clicking on the photo...

Tenerife news Realejos December 2016 and 2017

The Poster of the tin recycle competition in schools speaks for itself. We shall keep you posted.

The  municipality of Los Realejos is proud to announce that its anti feces campaign to stop people let their pets foul streets has had great results so far.

Mind penalties of Euro 2000 or community work in its place were clearly marked on this  poster for environmental care regarding dogs.

Tenerife Semana Santa with most important cults

Click the photo or this link to the Tenerife Semana Santa  to discover what remarkable testimony is given to the Holy Week before Easter by one of most special churches in the Canary Islands.

Needless to say is that Easter is an enchanting time of the year.

What about Los Realejos fun?

Note that the para-glider piste by the lookout Mirador La Corona is best reached from Icod el Alto.

The Surf beach Playa El Socorro is close to San Pedro. Both is part of the following video.

Tenerife history with Los Realejos people

Education of Realejo San Agustin including art tuition was very progressive already in XX. It was in a long gone convent there  where the town's passion for the movies and photography started. The new house of Cine for films is still in about the same spot today.

Beautiful spots of Realejo by links

Banana plantation by stunning Realejo Rambla del Mar coast

When Realejo fireworks during Fiesta Cruz caused fire

Realejo Bajo the most historical settlement of Tenerife

Ralejo Alto where El Horno may be a health issue

How Spanish history was made by Realejos

Ayuntamiento Los Realejos

Icod el Alto which is part of vital regional and Tenerife history

El Monasterio

Patapa Tapas Contest

Birds eye views of Los Realejos where Puerto Cruz, Orotava and Realejo meet

Spain traditions Realejos San Vincente and Tigaiga by a combined 2114 inhabitants

Barranco Ruiz with picknick area and about 40 hectares scientifically important nature of a total of 2270 of all Realejos

Camino Real by Barranco Ruiz of amazing views

Tenerife culture Realejos includes info on the famous historian Viera y Clavijo

Playa de los Roques of Realejo by Hotel Maritim.

Where the Realejo mountain road leads to   

Apartments Tenerife some of which are in Realejos.

Realejo hotels for every taste and budget

Tenerife fishing spots some of which in Realejo

Fiesta de la Cruz

El Carmen

Fiestas del Carmen

Romeria San Isidro

Casa del Agua Gordejuela

El Castillo Realejos

Finca Tenerife the Realejos Hacienda de los Principes princes of Spain

Hacienda la Gorvorana Realejos

How the potato got from Peru via Realejos to Spain

Rambla de Castro

Mirador de San Pedro

History Tenerife being more than about Barranco Godinez by la Gordejuela.

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More about the decisive, historical pact called Pact de los Realejos a Realejos Peace convention between Spain and the Guanche Kings on July, 25, 1496 written in Spanish here, as a very interesting English article needs to be made Chrome proof first.

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