My Patapa started at El Tomate Gastrobar

The Patapa of Tenerife Realejos was scheduled from the second until the eighteenth of November 2018.

Needless to say, this so called Concurso XV de Tapas and wine of denomination Orotava has turned into a traditional celebration of local produce and its vineyards.


Here's my first competitor. It's a creation by the new Restaurant El Tomate. That's in the Open Market Zone at La Longuera, 22 of Los Realejos. Served are lunch and dinner.(Tel: 822 905 526)Closed for Siesta between 15.30 and 19.30.

About this Patapa Tapa by El Tomate

This Tapa is made up of two parts. One is a mini toast with meat from the Cochino Negro the black pig that's known for its chestnut diet.

Imagine that this succulent toast alone took 18 hours in the oven at a low heat of 85 degrees. That's without the previous marinating of the prize porc. Needless to say, your mouth starts to water when you dip the toast into the bean cream that's served with it.

Indeed, the milk can above doesn't contain wine, as that comes from an oak barrel originally. You place your little voting slip in the can.

So what about the Patapa wine by El Tomate?

The wine was a semi fruity red Cuprum. It was created by Fernando Estévez of the Bodega Secadero of Los Realejos. This wine is a mix of 25% Negro Listo and 75% Tintilla grapes with a touch of earthy as well as Cherry and Rasberry aroma. It complemented the delicate musky taste of the Cochino toast perfectly.

Patapa conditions to win prizes

Free Taxis from Thursday to Saturday take you onto an entire Tapa venture with fourteen different competitors.  Mind it's no big deal for a grown person to taste 7 Tapas on one evening for example.

Too much? You can win something already by evaluating three of the competing places for their Tapas, wine and service.

By the way, you will receive a booklet that lists all Patapa prizes and details when you sample the first Tapa, such as at El Tomate Gastrobar. 
Otherwise, find out more in the web


It lists all Taxi stations where you may start off, for example. 

The winner of the XV Patapa Realejos 2018

And the winner of this XV Tapas Tournament was Hotel Rural Bentor of Realejo Bajo the most picturesque town of the Realejos municipality , which includes photos and information about this lovely one star country hotel. In fact, Hotel Rural Bentor won three prizes one of which for the highest Social Network participation Tenerife Tapas 2018.

El Tomate Gastrobar made first prize in the category Most Creative Tapa of Los Realejos 2018.

More about all the other winners, such as the runner up Hacienda San Pedro of Meson Monasterio as well as the best wine for Tapas 2018 of Los Realejos the fruity white wine of the Bodega  ‘Volcán de Caramujo’, served at Restaurante Pizzería El Fogal

in Spanish here

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