Realejo Bajo a must see.

Realejo Bajo also called Los Realejos Bajo with postal Code 38419 is the oldest village founded by Spain on Tenerife Island. Today, it's one of five main sections of Los Realejos besides Realejo Alto, San Agustin, San Benito and La Carrera and it's the prettiest.

By the way in December 2005,  the entire hamlet of lower Realejos was declared a monument of cultural and historical interest of Tenerife,  the Canary Islands and Spain.

It shows much uniformity in architecture of the last three centuries.

Houses that excell are the Parroquia, la Casa de Doña Alfonsina in Calle Marquez and Hotel Rural Bentor with its magnificent rear views over the Barranco Godinez.

Already in 1496, the former prime terrain of lower Realejo  had basic, natural infrastructure at the time of the area's conquest.

The conqueror the Adelantado de Lugo saw it as the most fertile land with best water supply of the island and confiscated it from the last Guanche King Mencey Bencomo.

He also channeled water to the region of today's San Agustin where Calle de Los Siete Fuentes is portrayed above.

His private estate which was later know as La Hacienda de los Principes with La Parra Baja and Alta ( of XVII) was quickly surrounded by settlements along steep narrow roads. They are shown in the map above.

In fact, binoculars would let you detect the Monument El Lance. (the jump) It represents the last Guanche King's suicide from this spot by the Barranco Gorge Ruiz

The central antique Realejo Bajo.

Encounter the town's oldest hotel Hotel Rural Bentor on the right side of the picturesque houses, such as that of the church community.

Rural Hotel Bentor 70% of which is antique just like its town Realejos Bajo. Its swimming pool by the viewside is fairly new, though. So is its kitchen interior, of course.

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The Hotel's pool terrace is long.

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Little could be salvaged from the ashes of the burned Christian Temple of Iglesia de la Concepcion. Valuable stone masonry survived besides wooden entrance portals and ancient stairs.

The very first stones of the church below were placed in the 16th century already.

Most remarkable are four original portals from way back of the above church.  Some sacred art sculptures and intricate gold and silver craft works were not destroyed by the fire.

Sacred art of the Realejo Bajo church

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