Realejo Bajo a must see.

Realejo Bajo also called Los Realejos Bajo with postal Code 38419 is the oldest village founded by Spain on Tenerife Island. It was also the biggest by 1497 with 20 to 25 houses. They included small service provider shops, such as a shoe maker and iron smith , while Realejo Alto only had 12 to 17 independent dwellings.

Already in 1496, the former prime terrain of lower Realejo  had basic, natural infrastructure at the time of the area's conquest. Obviously, it was property of the last Guanche King Mencey Bencomo.

Hence there, the conqueror and commander the Adelantado de Lugo added the first Tenerife water wheel and Gofio mills on his new Hacienda.

He also channeled water to the region of today's San Agustin. The people had to pay for it, as if it was a tax. This stopped in the century XIX. Then, residents of this part of Los Realejos Bajo by Calle Siete Fuente, Calle Terrero and nearby founded the first water share holding company on Tenerife Island. 

Business of Realejo Bajo

The conqueror's farmstead was the biggest in the region with more than 16 hectares. Sugar cane was cultivated with tough labor by the conquered Guanches and other slaves between the gorges Godinez and Azadilla.  It was a lucrative venture until the early 17th century. Then, wine export with Malvasia as top runner became a more promising means to generate wealth for the Realejos estates. Banana on steam boats followed suite about 200 years later. 

Nowadays, some haciendas and fincas (rural houses) in Realejo Bajo and its surroundings show more profits as luxury holiday homes for foreign tourists. Some of them offer  spas and serve organic food grown nearby.

Sports and holiday home rental by Realejo Bajo

Sports besides festivals and culture are prime attractions of this Realejos region for hikers, walkers, cyclists and  paragliders. They even play a part in the local carnaval.  SUP and wind surfing besides swimming are tops on this most idyllic beach of Tenerife

The central, old Realejo Bajo.

It's beautiful with its historic and picturesque houses on a steep street crowned by twin Dragon trees by the old church and the absolutely most ancient cobble stones of Tenerife.

Indeed, it's different compared to many other Tenerife towns.


It shows much uniformity in architecture. Also, the dwellings very seldom have three stories.
Also, it's a pearl surrounded by unpolluted nature where bees still buzz in the town center around flowers.

Casa Paroquial and Hotel Bentor typical Realejo townhouses

Note, how the historic townhouses with their wooden windows of ancient Los Realejos in this Calle Cantillo Abajo were typically joined by the street front.

A country hotel in Tenerife Realejo where old and new hardly clash

Hotel Rural Bentor has a long terrace with small pool and  stunning views to other parts of Los Realejos across Barranco Godinez.

Just under Euro 60 would  have bought me one sleep-over with breakfast in 2017 for end of June subject to confirmation. All rooms were fully booked when I inquired by middle of February of that year.

I had intended to lunch there but,  the hotel chef was on sick-leave at the time. I politely declined when the kind receptionist offered to cook for me to fill in. This is a welcoming, special hotel service, indeed. 

More remarkable or important buildings.

Politically amazing birth place of De Viera y Clavijo.

Indeed, this small town which gave birth to the very famous historian De Viera y Clavijo has a mind of its own. Now,  it even has its independent administration in an impressive Ayuntamiento town hall.   Unity of the two Realejos never had come about for over a hundred years since 1814. There were four failed trials. Only in 1955, lower Realejo could be added to the municipality of Los Realejos for good. Click the emblem to discover more,  plus its Spain history.

Pride of town monument of cultural heritage since 2003.

The oldest version of this church of la Concepción dates back to the first decade of the 16th century.  Its people were devastated when much of its interior burned down in 1978. It could be rebuilt and reopened in 1993.

 Much community effort and the priest Don José Siverio were to be thanked for. The ancient, humble temple was built after that of the Matriz Iglesia Santiago, by the way. Amazingly, there are also several chapels all over the hamlet.

Most remarkable are four original portals from way back of the above church.  They could be saved. So did the original structure and the interesting masonry details outside.  Some sacred art sculptures and intricate gold and silver craft works were not destroyed by the fire. The church has been declared a monument of cultural interest in 2003.

Sacred art of the Realejo Bajo church

The term Bajo in regard to a town?

People often think that Toscal Longuera is the lower part of Los Realejos. It's not.  Ask Google Route finder or any other GPS to take you to the real Realejo Bajo via Calle Godinez from Los Realejos Alto. Then you shall understand what Bajo really means. Why? To get to the center of the old town via C/Viera Clavijo and C/Cruz Verde with the church on the bottom means descending very steeply for about 10 minutes. 

Oldest Hacienda of Tenerife

Want to know more about Hacienda de los Principes the farm of the conqueror?

By the way in December 2005,  the entire hamlet of lower Realejos was declared a monument of cultural and historical interest of Tenerife,  the Canary Islands and Spain.

Map of lower Realejo the one above La Tigaiga and San Vincente

A must see for lunch or a walk is nearby Mirador San Telmo of Rambla de Castro.

From Realejo Bajo back to Los Realejos the main town

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