Tenerife transport on land, on the sea and in the air.

Tenerife transport by public Titsa is most used on the island besides private cars. Titsa is the cheapest option for some but not for all.


Most buses which are locally called Guaguas are not operating 24 hours. Also there isn't a real cheap tariff for multiple use. However, its web is so widely spread that it even drops you off on the foot of Mount Teide.

You can make out another famous modern architecture besides the Tenerife capital's main bus station Titsa through its windows. Indeed, the eye catcher the Calatrava Auditorio is almost opposite. The spectacular landmark of Corte Ingl├ęs Tenerife is at the backside of the station.

Important Tenerife News for Tenerife buses the Guaguas

Why Tenerife buses are much more attractive now with Titsa Tenmas.

Can you still use your old Bono bus card? Yes, until no more credit is on it but never more than a year after you bought it.

Good tip for extended vacations

Tenerife holiday home owners could hire a car for a week or 10 days to get important shopping done and see far away attractions. Later, Titsa Tenerife transport may be sufficient.

So are its special smaller vehicles that take you off the beaten track, such as to the Anaga Massif.

Reduced children fares by Titsa transport?

There are monthly Bonobus cards for any age. However, many different school buses collect children at certain bus stops.

There is also special Tenerife transport for the main holiday season which connects remote villages with beaches to suit the kids.

Please, note the gay picture with a Tenerife tram in the Tenerife capital just before Plaza Wheyler...

What you see is a Tranvia.

By the way, Tenerife electric trams go hand in hand with the bus transport by the Bonovia card. It's valid for both.

Any bono- or bonovia card entitles to museum discounts.

Portrayed is a tram driving past typical old houses in a sleepy Santa Cruz suburb.

They say that it serves the north airport route from the capital
faster than the bus. No traffic jams there. while you may rely on 20 minutes.

Search functions Titsa

Unfortunately, this service by Titsa is not operating at the moment nor can one download the bus time tables.

For Information call 922 531 300

Install the Titsa app

However, you can download the Titsa app for your Android smartphone to get cheaper Tenerife bus and tram fares.

Transport price comparison

Taxis are numerous. They are cheap when you don't leave a Tenerife town. In 2007 I had to take a taxi from Santa Cruz to the airport. This set me back €60 compared to €6.50 with Titsa at that time. All prices have gone up, of course.

When is car rental better?

  • With short vacations of only one or two weeks
  • With lack of mobility, as the buses have high steps for getting on and off
  • For people with little patience to hang around bus stops as only bus terminal times are to be relied on
  • For bigger dogs, unless guide dogs, while small ones up to 10kg are allowed with Titsa now. They must be kept in boxes not bigger than 60cm x 35cm X 35cm, though, as published here.

Other tips for different Tenerife transport

I had some stuff picked up in the harbor Santa Cruz which was done in a rented 5 ton truck which was only used for one day. Generally you don't encounter many big trucks on Tenerife roads, as this wouldn't be practical on the mountainous island. I don't recollect having seen a Cummins truck on Tenerife roads, ever, by the way.

Small van, boat and ferry transport

Much is transported by small delivery vans which are also sometimes hired. Of course, you can also charter boats to go to other isles which is a luxury, though.

However, a modern ferry such as by Fred Olsen is more convenient for getting your things over to another island of the Tenerife province or to Gran Canaria provinces. By the way, our big dog was very happy to travel with Fred Olsen for free downstairs in our car which was in a well aired space.

Transport handled by Gruas

  • for removals where furniture is taken down from windows, balconies or verandas by the pickup truck crane
  • for breakdown and accident cars or vehicles parked in forbidden zones

Find best advice by scrolling down to the heading called 'Parking penalties' by clicking here, when you fear that the Grua got hold of your car or bike.

How find Grua towing services?

  • Call the nearest police station
  • Call Derrick's towing service Tenerife at 922 211 807
  • Call your AA Automobile Association, in case you are a member

A dream train transport

The Tenerife government would like to introduce the single rail Transrapid train which is based on magnetism and doesn't need a driver. The maximum speed is 385kph. It will be 190kph slower than the French TGV. It will cost roughly 3000 million Euros.

More links for Tenerife transport

Always double check Titsa, as some bus lines have disappeared in 2011 since its last major strikes. This concerns airport buses, above all.

Tenerife information with tips for the Titsa Bonobus Card where you will discover that there is more to the single transport fare price of €1,25. Unfortunately, catching various buses is not as cheap as it used to be.

Getting around by Titsa connections with the south from and to Puerto de la Cruz by more insider tips

How to get around in the south from El Medano to San Isidro, Golf del Sur, Playa de las Americas and other southern Tenerife towns by Titsa bus.

Rent a car in Tenerife

Click here to discover the Tenerife transport history which includes mules and the legendary cochinero until better roads paved the way for vans as well as Titsa...

Cheap aircraft passenger transport for the biggest Canary Island

Tenerife transport of water by aqueducts

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