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Most information online about Tenerife transport is about the local public bus services by Titsa. You already see their fully computerized green and white buses called Guaguas by the airports. However, there is so much more to mention than only shifting people and pets around on the island.

By the way, Puerto de la Cruz is finally getting its new Intercambiador which means a major bus station for important public commuting. Construction started in summer 2018 and was halfway up by March 2019. The old facility had become very unsafe due to unstable grounds. Nobody knows what will happen to the big, abandoned complex.

What's special about the modern days Guaguas

Those clean and modern vehicles even take people in wheelchairs into their cabins.  Bicycles and other large goods may be placed into a cargo hole. But you must tell the driver to open it for you before you leave the bus, otherwise he won't give you time to retrieve the luggage.

Wondering by the way, if the half size buses have the same possibilities for people that are not fully mobile.

I shall keep you posted.

Depicted below is a Tenerife tram, also called Travia or Metro.

It belongs to the same company like the Guaguas. This tram was introduced again as ultra modern version after about a century. As said before, no cash payment is possible with Tranvias.

This time it was meant to take much excess traffic off the road but it's still not sufficient.

All about Titsa transport, its airport services, its various payment systems and links to learn more about it with the latest and said to be the last discount card the Titsa Abono Senior 65

Transport alternatives when people arrive at Tenerife airports

Airport transfer which may also be a shuttle

Tenerife taxis  where a price idea should be given prior to the ride when you aski 'Cuanto cuesta hasta Los Cristianos' for example or wherever you need to go.
It's not good enough to know distances or what price is normally charged for it, as drivers may mention a traffic jam or the like which might not be true because he would like to take a longer route. You can always check with your phone the following 

traffic and road hazard app

  • Tenerife  Airport taxis a story with advice again
  • Tenerife car hire
  • Tenerife Mobility hire like electric wheelchairs and the like by Orangebadge.eu Email: info@orangebadge.eu. Out Of Office Hours Phone: 0034 922 79 73 55,  Local No 9 Cristian Sur Los Cristianos
  • Van hire without drivers at xtravans.com/alquiler-furgonetas/
  •  General Courier Tenerife at Panamá 34,Nave 7,Polígano Costa Sur, 38009 Sta. Cruz Tenerife,Telephone: 922 211 722 or 902 196 287
  •  Spanish speaking Nacex de la Laguna courier services at www.nacex.es/

The Mount Teide Teleférico Cable car Tenerife transport

Prices and timetable for Teleferico Mount Teide while a free Teide License is separate

Get your free Teide online license by filling in a form

Transport handled by Grua crane trucks

  • To transport workers or things up or down from heights
  • during some furniture removals
  • To take away breakdown or accident vehicles

How locate a Grua transport company due to your parking traffic offense?

Advice about Grua car removals by scrolling down under Tenerife parking

Tenerife transport within its province of four islands

Binter Canarias carriers is an airline for people and goods for Tenerife Canary Island connections of La Gomera, El Hierro and La Palma as well as the other three islands outside the Tenerife province.

  • The fast and top fredolsen.es  a Tenerife ferry which lets you load your car with or without pets from Los Cristianos or Santa Cruz de Tenerife capital to carry you and extra loads to neighboring islands  

A dream train transport and a compromise

  • The Tenerife government would very much love to introduce the single rail Transrapid train which is based on magnetism and doesn't need a driver. The maximum speed is 385kph. It will be 190kph slower than the French TGV.  It will cost roughly 3000 million Euros.
  • However, for time being as a compromise, a Freeway fast lane in high traffic zones can be used for cheaper joined transport between vehicles which is accessible via the Titsa mobile app.

Links to peculiar, historic and other Tenerife infrastructure transportation means

Below, not only what's cast in stone but the entire surviving building gives testimony that transport by buses existed on the biggest Canary Island as far back as 1888.

Tenerife Empresa de omnibus society of 1888 an engraving that is proof of Tenerife bus transport in the late 19th centuryTenerife Empresa de omnibus society of 1888 an engraving that is proof of Tenerife bus transport in the late 19th century

Bringing Cochinos piglets to remote parts of Tenerife

Tenerife Kings Highway for transport by mules and horses

Water transport on land and underground

Tenerife transport nostalgia going back to the early XX

It's a long story and includes lovely antique photos of Tenerife's first and abandoned transport system at historiastren.blogspot.com/2014/01/el-antiquo-tranvia-de-tenerife

Tenerife information Titsa tips for the outdated Bonobus card include updates due to innovative changes

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