What are best Tenerife restaurants for any budget and events?

Exploring Tenerife restaurants is a holiday adventure.

Some main Canary Island restaurants were discovered by myself while on the road doing market research for a Santa Cruz company.

I couldn't resist testing others, after they had been recommended by friends.  Also, it so happened later that Casa Nelson was very warmly praised by Clinica Arte Dental from Puerto de la Cruz. Once, its management even took its Russian patient the famous Baba Lena for lunch there.

Unfortunately, it happens that good chefs are leaving to move on.

In 2016, i discovered Casa Nelson which was a Tasca type restaurant which seemed to be very Bohemian together with its chef. I wasn't hungry on that day and returned, a few months later. Its doors were shut for good. Perhaps, something happened to its owner. He seemed to be an amazing personality and food at this place was legendary.

Often, restaurants are passed on to new owners and or management. This could entail an unfortunate  change of food quality.

Restaurante Victoria with its Gourmet quality and value for money weekday lunches remained much alike when it changed chefs in 2015.

A Tenerife North Restaurant for superb steaks and more.

By the way, this popular Italian Restaurant by Puerto de la Cruz has good reviews, too.

Eating out in Tenerife on Christmas.

A cheap Tenerife restaurant for Christmas Eve open until late. It even minds food allergies, when asked.

Bodega los Guines former Guachinche for late Christmas Eve parties on request only.

Top gourmet Christmas Eve restaurants of Tenerife

Do you know any more?

Guachinches or Guachinche Tascas.

Why Guachinches are not the latest rave any more and why a Guachinche that is packed with people is no proof for good food.

Going out and smoking in Tenerife.

Some Spanish municipalities charge Euro 40 per m2 meter for street seating facilities. Blame the anti smoking policy

Best seafood of Tenerife restaurants by Puerto de la Cruz with partly Italian cuisine.

Pay only a little more than at Tascas and Bodegas and sample very fresh seafood by the ocean's edge. Restaurante Tambo, which stood for best Tenerife eating out in that category has changed management, though.

Eating out at La Matanza Acentejo.

La Pimienta a restaurant of La Matanza with Tenerife cuisine of very fresh fish that you select  and ask to be prepared for you in the manner you like.

Famous traditional Tenerife restaurants.

Click here to discover what makes La Noria of the capital Santa Cruz de Tenerife so popular for eating out, such as at the Restaurante Chill-out Bar  Unfortunately, the latter which call at 922274411 has been closed due to new governmental renovation laws  since 2016.

Try Restaurante El Lagar next door or the nearby Tenerife Restaurante Terraza Baobab for more than Tapas and finger food.

La Hierbita

La Hierbita is a vintage restaurant for traditional Tenerife food at reasonable prices that is also open for Christmas Eve and New Years eve lunch in the Clavel quarters near La Noria in the capital Santa Cruz Tenerife. 

La Miranda restaurant Puerto de la Cruz which used to be renown as one of best restaurants in Tenerife has been closed for family reasons.

El Duende gourmet Restaurant on the old La Vera road the Carretera Icod Vinos Santa Cruz,41 /corner La Higuerita, 41 of Puerto de la Cruz has been taken over by Tasca La Alberka. New management ¡, while menus cost about Euro 25 in general. Taska doesn't imply gourmet food by default. Call Tel: 822 166 542 for reservations.

Restaurante el Patio thumb photoRestaurante El Patio

Almost behind El Duende further up the hill is Restaurante el Patio for slow and organic Tenerife food.

Restaurant Taoro mini photoTaoro Eats

A genuine garden restaurant.

Taoro Restaurant the Waterfall Restaurant within its exceptional park belongs to the lower and medium price class and also serves good Tapas.

Best Plaza del Charco Patio Restaurant.

Restaurant La Casona Puerto de la Cruz with 2010 Tenerife carnival decoration with also  regular live jazz concerts in winter.

Calle Lomo and others in La Ranilla with many Tenerife restaurants.

A lovely alternative for La Casona Restaurant is Restaurant La Papaya in street Calle el Lomo about 3 - 5 minutes from La Casona in the ancient fishermen quarters.

Eating out Thai at one of rare Tenerife restaurants.

Restaurant Ruen Thai outside Puerto Palace Tenerife North

 A Thai food birthday party with oriental delights

Jai Mata Di Puerto de la Cruz.

One of my all time favorite places for real Indian curries is still the Indian Restaurant Jai Mata Di of Puerto de la Cruz. Find this Asian eatery near the sky-rise Belair since 2013. It moved to Calle Zamora, 17 but,  is still in its old neighborhood ...Tel:0034+ 600548281. In fact, the food there is good value for money and the service is very friendly.

Hacienda San Pedro link.

Hacienda San Pedro.

Hacienda San Pedro has several establishments. There are both ground floor and first floor restaurants.

A huge Bodega with the occasional Tenderete folk concerts is in the basement. The photo will also lead you to more info about this memorable place that's part of Meson El Monasterio.

Restaurant Palmeras Arte - Now Palmeras Gastro Bar

It used to be an excellent restaurant but even management seems to have changed since its great chef has passed away. The artistic touch, cozy interior, ground floor bar room and the small garden upstairs are bound to be still there.

Address: Calle Estrecha, 15
Town: San Juan de la Rambla
Tel.: + 34 646 590 675

Finca del arte by Arona now Restaurant for table barbecues and more but, what about the art?

Restaurants and eating places by La Orotava.

Restaurante Aguamansa
Fresh trout from fish farm up the road at Restaurante Aguamansa.

Eating out like the locals in Tenerife restaurants.

Tenerife eating out at Casa Lercaro Centro Kiu Center Orotava with its patios and many options in different nooks and rooms is a treat.

The locals eat out often, as this is how they socialize.

Going out to eat is also a must when you have a holiday home in Tenerife. Why? To enjoy for ever different food at still very affordable prices in a pleasant climate. Many restaurants give you beautiful scenes to remember, forever.

To make a point to what I said just now is the following: I must mention a tiny bodega in this context, which I discovered in the Alfama in Lisbon. I went there almost 30 years ago. The food was good but, I don't recollect what I ate. What comes back in my mind, was its setting and its welcoming service which made me so happy. Restaurants on the biggest of all Canary Islands often leave similar memories.

Going native to eat out at Casa Pedro El Crusantero of Santa Ursula.

This means eating Escaldon de Gofio of a shared plate and dividing the final bill into equal parts for all members of a lunch party.

Casa Pedro El Crusantero is more than traditional and is loved by locals of Santa Ursula for the food that's portrayed above. Here, it must be said said the Escaldón is a very acquired taste. Prices are reasonable.

Where is Casa Pedro El Crusantero?

  • C/Megallanes, 38
  • Santa Ursula Tenerife
  • Tel: 922 300 082
  • More info like business hours here

Tenerife eating out fish above rockpools Garachico.

Take a 15 minutes' drive from San Juan de la Rambla to Restaurant Rocamar. It's Garachico's intriguing traditional ocean view restaurant, where the sea is rocking or dancing on rocks, as the name Rocamar implies.

Tenerife restaurant with German cuisine and beer like Ale.

Tacoa El Sauzal Tenerife beer hall which is also an event restaurant where beer recipes complement German cuisine which gangs up with Tenerife food and drink, while a live beer museum adds to Tenerife attractions.

Our favorite beach place to eat by Playa San Felipe.

One of former best Tenerife restaurants for families with small kids.

Why the Omni beach former Los Faroles Restaurant of Puerto de la Cruz was a big hit for families on vacation.

Tenerife Vegetarian restaurants.

All Asian restaurants are suited for a vegetarian life style, such as most dishes at the Indian Club of Puerto de la Cruz which isn't a real tourist place but Indian cuisine of the best. Unfortunately, it has been closed for eating out in 2015, as renovations are required before the place may serve again to the public.

Best Vegan fast food Tenerife North Restaurant

Mana of La Ranilla has become a Puerto de la Cruz Vegetarian and Vegan cooking school instead of restaurant


Many a Tapas bar in Tenerife is as good as a restaurant. Unfortunately, some Taperias are not allowed to belong to that category, when they only have one i.e. 2 bathrooms which means  1 for males and 1 for females.

Arcon Tapas in Puerto de la Cruz hub

The Taperia Punto de Encuentro of La Longuera which has moved to the Puerto Palace Hotel of Puerto de la Cruz may give a good idea what Spanish Tapas are all about.

Terraza del Mar terrace restaurant with many promotions

Cheap restaurants in Tenerife.

Go from Tenerife restaurants to their cheap restaurants, which include the best chicken Take away Restaurant in the north of Tenerife...

About the Canary Island cuisine which dominates in Tenerife as well.

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