Best Spanish Omelette by Taperia Punto de Encuentro and Pintxos now history

The Taperia Punto de Encuentro was a corner Cafe Tapas Bar or Restaurant for Pintxos in the most quiet location although by a one-way traffic street in La Longuera when I met its owners.

The history of the Taperia Punto de Encuentro La Longuera.

It was inaugurated by a couple from Rioja of mainland Spain in June of 2015 who moved eventually to manage a place for somebody else.

News again of May 09, 2018 I happened to pass at the new place of this Taperia in San Antonio and guess what. The owners were busy packing up. They said they were returning to mainland Spain, as the son was starting to go to university there.

Locals and foreigners loved the Taperia's music entertainmen as well as their cuisine while this restaurant was in La Longuera.

Spanish live music with popular songs

  • Kind of music? Popular Latin music called Sabor Canario
  • When? Every Friday and Saturday night from 8.30 p.m. to about 10.30 p.m.
  • Price? Free entrance

Juan and Manolo knew how to animate a crowd with music from the Canary Islands and South America. Already, some fans kept on returning to the Taperia Punto de Encuentro to even dance.

Two videos with La Longuera Taperia events

News Dancing with masks

Special live music event Friday and Saturday February 05 and 06 when free masks were available.

The tapas that were so popular

Ever heard of a Pinchito a Mini Pincho or Pintxo?

Depicted is a Pinchito de seta which is a mushroom mini Pincho, hence a real Spanish Tapa.
    Of course, Pinchitos were part of the daily little surprises of the Taperia's Longuera Tapas.

Best Spanish Omelette casserole

    This Taperia had a Tortilla Espanola (Spanish Tortilla) served in a small Casserole dish (cazulilla) on offer that made your taste buds jump of joy. It melted on your tongue like a very soft cheese cake without being sweet. It was delicately seasoned and served in a refreshing herbal sauce. You could easily eat two of those Tortilla peaces...

    Why ?

    It merited to be more than just a Pintxo which is a delicious food mini portion.

    By the way, service was fast.

    You could wash down this Tapa with a glass of exquisite Rioja Wine that's a Crianza or Gran Reserve. It was ideal to set you into even more of a party mood.

Spanish wine of Taperia Punto de Encuentro

  • Ribera del Duero wine
  • Rueda Wine
  • Verdejo
  • Rioja Crianza
  • The Zurracapote was another interesting beverage of this Tenerife Tapas bar of Pintxos. It resembled the Sangria but was generally only a mix of wine, peaches and lemons that's spiced with sugar and Cinnamon.

    Example why pinchos (pintxos) are economical

    • 1 pincho mushroom casserole in sauce with white bread on the side
    • 1 pincho Spanish Omelette without sauce
    • 1 pincho Russian salad which is rather filling
    • 1 Glass of Rioja Crianza
    • Total price € 6 which wouldn't buy you a simple pizza never mind with wine

    Pintxos (in Castellano Spanish Pinchos)

    Taperia Punto de Encuentro Gula (Gulas) seafood Pasta Ensaladilla

    Gulas Gambas Ensaladilla ( ideally made from Eel) Gambas Pasta salad that had been gently stir fried in a hot pan. This casserole dish had a very exquisite taste. Some of the ingredients remained a secret of this excellent Tapa dish. The dry but fruity Vino Verdejo of La Rioja was ideal to drink with this Tapa.

    One could always expect more Spanish food surprises by this Tapas bar Restaurant of this lower part of Los Realejos.

  • On the very right below is Spain's Autumn Tapa with Quinces called Membrillos being so very Spanish.

  • Tartlets ricas of pastry that could be taken with any Spanish coffee, such as a Tenerife Saporocco, with tea or with any other beverage you may fancy.

    Halloween 2015 with life music at the Taperia Punto de Encuentro

    The event that took place by customer request only had about 30 guests inside. Why? A rainy drizzle made it uncomfortable to sit and smoke on the terrace outside.

    What was so great about this Tapas restaurant?

    Taperia Punto de Encuentro was real Spanish just like its Spanish tapas, its chef Angel the owner and his assistant who were natives from mainland Spain.

    Both chatted with all customers, unless they showed a cold shoulder.

    People loved this life style. This is the real Spain. You could feel like my friend Sebastian who went there regularly. He said he belonged to the family there. (not really related) Unreal... Isn't it? But that's what Angel's Taperia was all about. It was a meeting point a Punto de Encuentro where you mingle and made friends.

    Also, even in winter, it was the ideal place to meet up with friends in the sun later in the morning and over lunch. Its large terrace was in such peaceful and relaxing location, although there was some one way traffic driving by.

    Christmas decoration on the table, a tree and a couple of nativity scenes in the background set you into a festive mood.

    The Taperia in the sun with Christmas mood

    Not to forget the latest New Year specials. One with German Bockwurst sausages with French fries or potato mash and salad. The alternative was fish and chips for the British fans. The price was €5,50 or less with beer included...

    Address of this BC Realejos bar restaurant

    • Calle La Longuera, 60
    • Opening hours: Daily 10 a.m. to 11 p.m.
    • Tel: 0034 + 620798999 or Gabriela at 0034 + 922 363685
    • 38410 Toscal Longuera of Los Realejos
    • Find it here

    Disclaimer Of course, prices and all Tapas were subject to change, as in any business of gastronomy. This means it was beyond the control of the Tenerife holiday home insider. Thanks for understanding. We the people of La Longuera miss this Taperia very much.

    In Puerto de la Cruz there is Arcon Tapas which find here However, it's merely a good restaurant for Tenerife Tapas without entertainment.

    From Taperia Punto de Encuentro back to La Longuera

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