Tenerife attractions carnival 2017 -2018
with important reviews.

Tenerife attractions Carnival will go up tremendously for the  2018 agenda, as every year. Even tours  to all Canary Islands will be on.

carnival girl santa cruz de tenerife
And, remember carnival flights are cheap Tenerife flights when booked early...

However, aren't carnival celebrations with friends on Tenerife Island priceless?

Look at how the young carnival girl is dressed and you'll understand that one of the biggest Tenerife attractions Carnival as well as in general is the weather and Tenerife climate.

Be very careful to plan your stay...

Book any holiday home in Tenerife early. No rooms will be for rent when Tenerife attractions Carnival have started...

This is most important for the main carnival in the capital with motto Carnival on Ice from February 07 to February 18, 2018.

More about it in detail further down this page.

Example of Santa Cruz de Tenerife carnival popularity.

Since 1987 the Carnival "Rave" performance with the Queen of Salsa and the Caracas Boys has been the Guinnes book of records event for maximum attendance in a Plaza. Over 200 000 people (more than all inhabitants of the city at that time) attended this open air show with the Cuban singer Celia Cruz at Plaza de España.

Enjoy Cecilia Cruz with a carnival song of a later event...

The most important street for the capital's carnival.

All fiestas and posters are planned and organized in the so called party and Fiesta street La Noria in Santa Cruz.

Tenerife attractions Carnival 2018 Los Gigantes.

Carnaval Los Silos Tenerife

  • Duration: From February 22 onward with four events while the grand Coso parade will be on Sunday 25. Details of its 2018 Batukada Carnival which is always after that of the capital are still to be confirmed here

  • February 09 Friday: School children Coso parad
  • Feb. 10 Saturday: Parade of disguised pets(mascotas en disfraces)
  • More info? Stay posted here
  • Feb.13 Tuesday: Traditional Choperico event
  • Feb.16 Friday: Festival of carnival Silense 2018
  • Feb.17, Saturday: Burial of Sardina
  • Feb.18 Sunday: Gran Coso main parade of Silense Carnaval
  • March 02 Friday: La Caleta de Interian/Garachico Carnival with Murga show and Gay Carnival (Drag Carnaval)
  • March 3 Saturday: Sardine burial of Caleta de Interian
  • March 4 Sunday: Gran Coso main parade at Caleta de Interian

Pending Tenerife attractions carnival events

  • The Tacoronte Piñata Chica Carnvial from February 22-26, 2018
  • Tenerife attractions carnival Playa de las Americas

    Playa de las Americas with Arona, Adeje and Los Cristianos from March 01-12 of 2018 with Pirata as the motto. The burial of the Sardine will be on Los Cristianos beach. The gran Coso the main parade will be on Sunday March 11. More of the Agenda to be published, as soon as available.

    Mind that more than 25.000 onlookers will be expected.

    Carnival La Orotava 2018 will be from February 09 to 18. It will have its main parade in February on Tuesday the 13th. Perhaps, similar activities like in 2017 are to be expected, such as fund raising for the poor and an obstacle run at 4p.m. Children entertainment, Folk dance and free Paella may be on the agenda again. The End of Tenerife attractions carnival Orotava will be the funeral day of Crispin and the day after of Don Carnal. Street dance follow all parades by custom. More about it at la-orotava.es website.

    Puerto de la Cruz Carnival short preview for 2018.

    • Tuesday Febr.13, 2p.m.: Classic car shows
    • Wednesday Febr. 14 at 9p.m.: Burial of Sardine 
    • Friday Febr. 16 at 8p.m.: Gay Parade High heels Men marathon with inscription now at Plaza de Europa
    • Saturday Febr.17 at 6 p.m.: Gran Coso procession

    More about the 13 events at the Puerto de la Cruz carnival page some of which require an entrance ticket for or € 5 or €10 to be bought at Plaza de Europa. The crazy coches or vehicles race will not take place in 2018.

     Mind that the Puerto carnival  has a summer version also. In 2017, it took place by the Middle of September.

    Tenerife murgas of carnivalOne of Tenerife Murgas dressed in relation to a theme

    What about Tenerife Murgas of Puerto Cruz?

    Every Tenerife town has Murgas as part of the mad season of carnival. All groups have competing shows. The one for the North of the island took place in 2016 in Los Realejos. It all  contributed to Tenerife attractions of carnival success.

    Example of previous Tenerife North Murgas competitions

    650 participants of which three children groups and twelve of adults. Imagine how many Murgas come together from the entire Island eventually.

    Tenerife North Murgas competitions-2016Tenerife North Murgas competitions 2016.

    How best plan enjoyment of your key Tenerife attractions carnival in both Santa Cruz and Puerto Cruz?

    1. Always on Tuesdays Santa Cruz Coso of Tenerife capital always before the Puerto Cruz Coso.
    2. Always on Saturdays Puerto Cruz Coso always after Santa Cruz.
    3. Unfortunately, the Santa Cruz and Puerto Cruz Sardine burial on a Wednesday contrary to Los Realejos that burns at San Agustin the Rascayú is to be replaced by La Rascachusa a female version who befriended cemetery skeletons as well as the Jardinero (gardener)at the end of the carnival
    4. At least, all this leaves you free to see the unique Tenerife attractions carnival the night event on Fridays of Ponte Talon in Puerto Cruz.

    Tenerife attractions carnival Los Realejos 2018.

    When? February 04 until February 14, 2018. All events were confirmed to the Tenerife holiday home Insider at the Ayuntamiento on January 26, 2018.

    The new theme will be Vuelin Realejos Airport Carnival Carnaval en el Aeropuerto.

    • Feb.04 Sunday at 5p.m.: Opening announcement of Carnaval followed a NI-FÚ-NI-FÁ carnival concert
    • Feb.05, 2018 Monday at 7.30p.m: Carnival photography exhibition at "la Ferreteria" center(sala de exposiciones)
    • Feb.08 Thursday from 5p.m-8.p.m: Elderly carnival at Plaza San Agustin
    • Feb.09,2018 Friday at 8p.m-: Adults gala carnival queen election by the church place Plaza San Agustin
    • Feb.10, Saturday at 5.30 Gala and girl carnival queen election on Plaza San Agustin followed by a local show of Murgas at 7.30p.m.
    • Feb.11,2018 Sunday at 12 noon: Coso Infantil from Basilio Labrador Stadium to Plaza San Agustin and C/Alhondiga, From 12noon to 8p.m Day Carnival with the Colour Marathon run (carrera del Color) at 5p.m.
    • Feb.12,2018 Monday at 5p.m: Gran Coso Apostheosis main carnival procession from Tigaiga to Cascabela San Agustin
      Street dance party afterwards
    • Feb.13, Tuesday at 1p.m: C/ San Agustin Classic car reception XLVI event
    • February 14,2018 Wednesday: children activities from Carrera to San Agustin at 18.30 and by 8p.m.at night El Rascayu spectacle with ball of widows afterwards
    • Feb.15,Thursday at 8p.m.at el Jardin the burning of the gardener el jardinero

    On January 30,2018, surprise carnival news for Los Realejos will still be announced at the North Airport of Los Rodeos.


    Mind there will be a special festival of the Realejos Filarmonica which had the first band of this type on Tenerife Island. And now, this Filarmonica will  be 171 years old in 2018.   

    The original text which fits the Halloween type music of the strange Rascayú, as it appeared in 2016.  Skeletons clad in blankets dance around the tomb of his widow where he visits every night. A truly unique carnival character that is burned just like the  Sardine. However, not on the ocean, as happens in harbor towns of Tenerife.

    Carnival Murgas

     Imagine that Murga look like clowns according to their theme.  Both male or female groups from all corners of society are a most important part of Tenerife attractions carnival. Murga sing carnival songs based of folk music with an altered text that criticizes anything of society. Hence,  the most witty win the contest on stage, but also take part in parades.

    The first Murga surged as a group of seamen in Santa Cruz in 1917.

    Discover where the most important Murga have their own carnival club house of NiFuNiFa in Santa Cruz and who the renown founder was...In fact, he brought more fame to Tenerife attractions carnival.

    Tel: 922 609 600, 922 609 601,
         922 609 602 and 922 609 603
    Fax: 922 242 366

     By the way, Murga  are subsidized by the Cabildo and private people in Tenerife. Subsidizing for all Santa Cruz Carnival groups has been augmented since 2009.

    Example of top group of Murga Santa Cruz de Tenerife and their winning topics

    The Murga Los Bambones won first prize in 2014 for the presentation of the following topics:
    • Una generación perdida which means a lost generation.
    • Despedida - Dismissed
    • Los que faltaban - Those that were missing (meaning that emigrated)
    • Pasacalle - Street hang-outs
    • Siestas Ah! Manifestate! Siestas ah! Declare yourself
    • Hay amores que matan - There is love that can kill

    And here is the video with the famous show of the Bambones.

    Congratulations to los Bambones for their awesome, highly intelligent and artistic presentations of Tenerife attractions carnival that will make history.

    Where can you see those Tenerife carnival festivals?

    Watch Murga events Santa Cruz at the Congress Center Centro de Ferias y congresos at recintoferialdetenerife.com a web i can't connect to right now but where you can look up the Recinto fair ground's address and more...

    Murga shows Santa Cruz are presented in Spanish inside on an area of 1100 square meters which can accommodate 7500 people.

    Short preview Santa Cruz Tenerife capital Carnival 2018

    • Duration of main events: January 15 - February 18,2018
    • Murga and other events before the main carnival are to be confirmed while the following from February 07 onward warrant details
    • Main Queen election: Wednesday Febr.07, 2018 at 9p.m. at the Recinto Ferial
    • Announcement Cabalgata Parade: Friday Febr.09 at 8p.m. at Avda. Belgica
    • Rhythm & Harmony: Saturday Febr.10 at 9p.m. at Avda.Francisco La Roche
    • Carnival del dia: Sunday Febr.11 from 1p.m.onward
    • Main Coso apoteosis parade: Tuesday Febr.13 at 4p.m. at Avda.Francisco La Roche
    • Burial of the Sardine: Wednesday Febr.14 at 10p.m. at Calle Juan Pablo
    • Rondallas: Thursday Febr.15
    • Galardonados (personifications of celebs with prizes for best presentations including costumes): Friday Febr. 15 at 8.p.m.at Plaza de Candelaria
    • Coso infantil: Friday Febr. 15 at 4p.m.at Parque Garcia Sanabria
    • Day Carnival: Saturday Febr. 16 form 1.p.m.onward
    • Piñata: Sunday Febr.18 Fireworks by 9p.m. at night. Mind also the classic car show most probably sometime on that day in Calle Francisco La Roche

    Children dressed for the 'Burial of the Sardin Tenerife

    Tenerife attractions carnival Burying of the Sardine

    Don't miss the processions of the burying of the sardine in the capital or in any of Tenerife carnival towns. Every year a carnival sardine made of paper maché is paraded through the streets. Tenerife fantasy never runs out to show her in different colors and decor. Although she looks gay despite dead, her mourners are dressed in black. Indeed, that includes children.

    How and when watch Tenerife carnival parades?

    Carnival dancer Santa Cruz Tenerife
    Carnival parades happen by mid afternoons in the Canary Islands,except for the sardine burial with may be at night. Best be there on the look out after lunch to find a good front place on parade streets. You can't catch a good shot of a carnival dancer such as depicted beside, or videos when heads obscure your camera lens.
    Hard chairs can sometimes be rented in the first line along some roadsides for about €2,50. No idea if you could bring your own camping chair if you notice some high up spot beforehand...I never tried this, but believe me there are few chances to get a good lookout...
    Follow parades in the capital by the harbor(port) Avenida de Anaga or even near Plaza de España....

    You can now book high-stand seats by Plaza de España to to watch the Rythm and Harmony Parade as well as the Coso for €35 as a package deal or just the Coso parade for €27. Tickets are available from here

    Watch the Tenerife attractions Carnival in Puerto de la Cruz in Avda. Familia Bethencourt y Molina, which was called Generalisimo before... Find this street at Playa Martianez by the 5 star Hotel San Felipe.

    All Carnival dates and times should, always, be confirmed by the media beginning of February, by the latest.

    Carnival street dancing in the Tenerife capital

    This is the big Samba workout which lasts right through the nights. Nobody sleeps.

    Take part in this carnival frenzy and dance yourself slim ...

    Or do you know a more fun way to lose weight quickly than with live Samba music when even masks are allowed? Main locations are Plaza de Canderlaria/España and Plaza del Principe.

    Tenerife parking and shopping during Carnival Santa Cruz

    Mind staying over in Santa Cruz or nearby is a good idea. Parking during Carnival Santa Cruz will only be possible in the town outskirts. You can walk or catch a taxi while booking early helps. Most shops and malls may be closed. Therefor, less public transport is to be expected.

    witch of Tenerife carnival
    The favorite costume of a male youngster are clothes
    which he borrows from a sister, mother or girl friend. Just for fun, you know...

    Therefore the Santa Cruz Carnival poster shows Frankensteen with a negligent ballerina outfit in pink - and wings on him...

    The witch is another carnival theme which goes with the topic. Get Tenerife attractions Carnival or other locations at tips for Tenerife carnival 2009 Santa Cruz for Carnival costumes and scary make up while the theme horror movies is ideal to fight recession.

    High heels obstacle competition event carnival Puerto Cruz

    The grown up guys' carnival festival is an extremely hilarious show in Puerto de la Cruz of Tenerife. Brave participants used to put on tight long dresses in shocking colors and equally grotesque very high heeled (plateau) shoes for the gay parade of carnival Puerto Cruz. Today, the fashion has changed.

    Carnival fun on the biggest of all Canary Islands is contagious, you know...

    Europe's gay community is crazy about this sexy carnival event. Gays adore Tenerife attractions' carnival fun. However, the carnival laughter keeps everybody young. The Spanish would say ' están divertidos'( they are enjoying themselves).

    Tenerife carnival Santa Cruz beauty

    Female Tenerife carnival splendor is so attractive

    The feminine carnival cult which involves all ages is impressive.

    The most striking, colorful, glittering, divine and feminine outfits are used for the dress up. Imagination knows no boundary.

    Women often make their carnival dresses themselves. That way they have best control to become Tenerife attractions on carnival.

    Over centuries they learned to bring out the female beauty and femininity with best dresses, perfectly.

    Tenerife attractions carnival would not exist without the stunning ladies' costumes.

    Tenerife Spain beauty election alias Carnival queen election?

    Head decorations of carnival Tenerife
    To see the teenage girls at the gala for the carnival queen election in television is impressive. Their dresses have heavy rods on the bottom to make them swing. The head decorations with feathers but also much metal usually weigh very heavy on a scale. Rumors mention 400 kg. Perhaps that includes the rest of the attire.

    This, however, does not turn such cumbersome carnival wire dresses such as depicted in the photo beside less attractive for the girls.

    Mind this is a glamorous carnival fashion turned into Tenerife attractions which were borrowed from the courts of Louis XIV in the
    13th century. The dresses were so attractive that they were fashionable for a long time. They've kept on drawing attention with the aristocrats of Spain and elsewhere in Europe for a long time. It became almost a global rage with the more wealthy women. The adult Tenerife carnival queen of the mad season doesn't only receive invitations by major carnival cities. Fashion magazines like Elle or Vogue may open doors for her. Of course, her election was broadcast in television, as it is such a popular event. Then Tenerife females that shine like goddesses of attractions may be seen in other countries also thanks to satellites in the orbit.

    Carnival design academy

    The design for carnival queen and Comparsa dresses and headgear has been a proud tradition in Tenerife for many decades. Now, there even is an academy where foreigners are welcome to learn.

    Tenerife carnival child queen

    History of Tenerife Carnival

    Tenerife carnival festivities became island attractions by official support as far back as 1775.

    In 1852, carnival was, for the first time, funneled through municipal channels.

    Those attractions on the island were needed for escape and illusions such as only offered by carnival.

    The disguise fiestas were forbidden when General Franco had the say in Spain. However, Tenerife attractions carnival were still a force to be reckoned with. They survived underground with the Murgas and fiestas del invierno. But that is a long story... The wish for freedom of speech which is still so important to the Fufa of Nifu Nifa, to the Fregolinos as well as to many other Murga groups was too important to give up.

    Anyway, when the dictator was gone the disguise returned to the island's streets again. In 1979 the first private companies started to support a total re-organization. Nowadays, a new theme or motto is chosen before new carnival events by year.

    Tenerife attractions carnival 1920 and sixty years later

    A good example of Tenerife Carnival history of 1920. with masqueraded ladies of Los Realejos with their very unusual hats.

    Sometimes, even foreigners are selected by public tenders for the decoration of big humor and masquerading shows.

    Posters are newly designed,
    printed and distributed every 12 months.

    Tenerife attractions the cutest carnival clown

    Tenerife attractions carnival for the youngest

    The fabulously dressed child on the right with the unusual clown costume is one of countless. Mind many are much younger. No doubt, kids dressed for carnival are so cute. That's why they have their own queen called Reina Infantil. The masquerading season without this age group wouldn't be half as exciting.

    Tenerife carnival benefits the gay community

    In fact, it also offers great escape for expression of the still underprivileged gay people who contribute much to the crazy weeks of the Tenerife winter season. However, there is no official drag queen that represents Tenerife the island.

    There are a couple of gay business men where I live. Both work in tourism.

    They confirm that Tenerife attractions such as the island's carnival is much loved by the gay community who rocks up from all over Europe to attend the island's carnival.

    Also, there is this small, sympathetic open for all sexes gay bar which has German and Spanish flags outside during carnival. It's called La Barca and it is in Longuera Los Realejos in Calle Monturrio in my neighborhood.

    La Barca a bistro bar where carnival is celebratedBistro Bar La Barca Toscal Longuera
    Nobody is allowed to get harassed, there, not even during carnival.
    It has best cocktails (also alcohol free) which draws more new comers during the crazy disguise season every year.

    It's next to the good La Finca Restaurant which is a red house and almost a landmark on a street corner where you get to the sports stadium Los Realejos.(Pavillon)

    What's got Düsseldorf to do with Tenerife carnival?

    German carnival Tenerife Dússeldorf also made Puerto de la Cruz carnival different apart from its Mascarita Ponte tacon gay Marathon parade.

    More honor for Tenerife attractions carnival

    By the way, guess who was paying a visit to Santa Cruz in 2014? The Carriocas a famous Parsas group from Rio de Janeiro took part in the Tenerife disguise events of 2014. In fact, Santa Cruz Carnival is the sister of the Brazilian one.

    The carnival of the biggest Canary Island reminds us much of the famous carnival in Rio de Janeiro which you can see at www.ipanema.com world. Rio carnival is number 1 attraction while Tenerife is in 2nd position now before London. In the UK they say that their carnival celebration comes 2nd.

    Certainly, each of the former 2 has its particularities which some find more or less attractive with weather being in Tenerife's favor but, both are great festivals.

    The Tenerife carnival has been declared of International Tourism interest in January 18 of 1980. It now thrives to receive the UNESCO distinction of World Heritage Merit i.e. Patrimonio de Humanidad.

    A Brazil Comparsa in Tenerife with some music from South Africa

    Forgive me to show it here. I am such a fan of both the Rio de Janeiro Samba style and the Zulu rhythms. In fact, Rio de Janeiro is the carnival sister town of Santa Cruz de Tenerife.

    The days of Tenerife attractions carnival are announced as events every year but may change slightly. Mind Easter doesn't fall onto the same dates every year either.

    Why is Puerto Cruz carnival special?

    As you may guess, it is its large foreign community which adores the Tenerife Carnival and all kinds of other holidays.

    More important in the context Tenerife attractions Carnival is that Puerto de la Cruz has a very active community for all kinds of arts which is celebrated during the Mueca Tenerife North art festival.

    Tenerife girl of Carnival Puerto de la Cruz
    El Puerto, surely has its own style and has its own mad ways to spend the nights during its main two weeks of carnival. It's amazing how many young people are cruising Puerto's hub during its craziest time of the year. Admire a lovely
    Tenerife girl(Tenerife chica guapa) from Puerto Cruz area made up with fancy head ornament for carnival in the image beside.

    One carnival example Puerto Cruz which sums up much of its spirit

    I never forget a hilariously happy group of such youngsters.

    One was carrying a miniature clothes stand which covered part of his upper body. The thing had washing lines with the most embarrassing underwear pegged on it. He paraded with that.
    Just figure the picture...
    He was wearing a short embroidered roundish apron with frills and checkers. One could still see the pants and his bare knees
    below. Rest of hairy legs with stockings not quite up to the knee were showing. If not mistaken he also had plaited hair. How the heck he did that, no idea...
    I forgot the rest, but believe me, there were more ridiculous carnival details with this friendly guy. You see, it's those original accessories and the personality which goes with it that cause laughter. That's what Tenerife attractions carnival Santa Cruz and the rest of the island are all about.
    Puerto de la Cruz carnival is 2nd biggest of Tenerife attractions carnival after the Santa Cruz festivals of disguise.

    Buy toys and Party supplies for Tenerife attractions carnival

    Party supply store Tenerife capital Santa Cruz for carnival and fiestasParty Supply store Carolan Tenerife
    Purchase carnival Fiesta and party supply at Toscal Longuera. Alternatively at Carolan C/Pérez Galdoso nº16 Tel.: 922 768272 in the Tenerife capital Santa Cruz or online at Carolan fiestas or carolan tenerife websides.

    More towns for Tenerife Carnival

    They are Candelaria, Garachico, Tacoronte, San Juan de la Rambla, Icod de los Vinos and San Miguel de Abona. Even those without a harbor will burry a sardine or an alternative. Some remoter settlements also celebrate the disguise festival, as it may be difficult to get to the carnival shows on the island. Drinking and driving is the problem at that time of the year, you know...

    Casa del Carnaval

    Carnival hats

    Tenerife Carnaval with unusual photos

    Find out more about carnival masks. Learn their different popularity in Venice, in Germany as well as at the Carnaval Santa Cruz Tenerife...

    Tenerife carnival queen of 2012

    Carnival posters open air museum

    Stunning Tenerife carnival costumes some of which won awards

    Carnaval Tenerife Murgas the best of 2014

    Latest Tenerife carnival news How Tenerife Restaurant La Casona celebrates with carnival decoration.

    Go to Tenerife living where the life of the British Julia would have been meaningless, had there not been carnival of the capital Santa Cruz Tenerife.

    Burial of Sardine better known as Entierro de la Sardina in Spanish.

    To find more attractions on a large scope besides Tenerife attractions carnival click here...

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