Are Tenerife Carnival costumes for more than disguise?

Why are Tenerife Carnival costumes of special interest during the gay parade Puerto de la Cruz?

Reason being is that they are more than outstanding like the highly artistic butter fly wings by Victoria Cruz Torres that you see beside.

Indeed, carnival attire is much more than disguise. It's a personal and a fashion statement quite often.

The town Puerto Cruz is the oldest Tenerife resort, where culture, art, fashion and design have been town essentials for a long time. Of course,  talented people from outside  also join in. What an event to show off their designs of carnival dress ideas during a gay procession.

Have a good look at the designs of the women clothes on display during the disguise spectacle...

Carnival dress photo gallery Puerto Cruz Spain

Click to enlarge the costumes below...

Where buy Carnival costumes in Tenerife?

Some are displayed for sale outside the shop Gallardo corner the Longuera by Monturio Road Los Realejos.

Chinese owned clothes shop for carnival stuff at la Longuera
A Chinese owned clothes store about four houses further on also sells carnival stuff, as the photo shows.

The Lidl chain supermarket Puerto de la Cruz, which opened its doors in February 2010 had cheap Carnival gear in its catalogue for inauguration day. Unfortunately, the link is not intact any more. I will keep you posted when costumes by Lidl are available again.

Of course, you can Buy scary outfits for carnival online or get them at the shop at downtown Santa Cruz de Tenerife that is depicted beside.

One of most hysterical carnival photos for beer advertisement

Beer advertisement  in TenerifeBeer advertisement carnival
Tenerife men of the 1920 and 2010 periods in carnival outfits and more:

This comical picture of beer advertisement! reads in Spanish 'Chicharreros, expertos en carnival desde 1939'. Meaning in English: Chicharreros have been carnival experts since 1939. Added to the Dorada brand logo is: 'What luck to live here', which is the Tenerife slogan 'Que suerte de vivir aqui!' Dorada, is the most drunk beer in Tenerife. Fun is made of the Chicharreros. This is an often derogative name for Tinerfeños men. The black and white image shows them on a bill-board in white wedding costumes. The text addition of year 1939 makes also a historical statement for Tenerife carnival. This is a great joke to see for locals of the Island Gran Canaria, above all. Why? They often resent Chicharreros for declaring themselves as better people. Call it jalousie among islands...

Want to know about the gay Mens' marathon 'Ponte-talon' ?

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Alternatively, return to the main Tenerife carnival information which is being updated yearly.

More ideas for masquerading here

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