Getting to Tenerife on Volcán Tanababa or by GTS fast train from Paris are just some fun options.

Unless you prefer getting to Tenerife fast and cheap, adventure travel is for you.

Find Cadiz in Southern Spain and European cities by a map below
to help plan a special trip for arriving in Tenerife...

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Ways to arrive in Tenerife by boat

There are ferries from southern Spain in Cadiz
which may take anything from 30 to 40 hours each way, as they are normally island hopping in the Canaries. (no direct connection by ferry from UK)
by Trasmediterranea.

Tel:: 0034 902 45 46 45 for bookings and reservations
Look up ferries Cadiz to Tenerife.

  • Naviera Armas also operates sea travel from Cadiz to Tenerife but it's best to check all ferry providers also with By the looks of it, prices have come down by 2015 from about € 700 return to €500 which includes cars. This statement needs confirmation all the time, as prices are always subject to change.

  • Fred Olsen S.A. Ferry for 7 Canary Islands connections
    Founded 1904
    38001 Santa Cruz de Tenerife Añaza
    Tel.: 0034 902 100 107
    Canary islands residents get a Fred Olsen price rebate for getting
    to Tenerife from other isles, nearby.
    However, Fred Olson has special prices on offer most of the time which are also for students.
  • Use the Eurostar fast train to get to Tenerife, partially...
    More about it by scrolling down.
  • Take city and border crossing fast trains for more adventure travel Europe before getting to Tenerife.
  • Latest cheap fast train connections Paris to Barcelona which started operating in November 2013.
  • Getting to Tenerife by combining train journeys

    2015 News, definitely highly interesting are combination bookings with both Eurotrain and TGV from London to Barcelona for just under 100 GBP.

    See more options here.

    Or from London to Paris for just 52 GBP for extended stop overs if you don't need to be in Barcelona within 6,5 hours.

    Check Barcelona to Cadiz by train via Sevilla or other options with the climate controlled Spanish fast train Alva with

    Also mind the Alva train's many exciting travel options to see different Spanish cities.

    Mind prices will always be subject to change in the future.

    Have the experience of a life time with the TGV train from Paris to Avignon (it takes a little more than 2,5 hours) like I did in 2007. I was surprised to see the countryside well from this train despite its supersonic world fastest speed.

    You would have to proceed with normal trains to Spain or Portugal. Catch a ferry or aircraft from there for getting to Tenerife.

    Latest travel alternative by cheap Ouigo GTV by SNCF

    • Type of train service: No frill similar to Ryan Air terms
      online booking and ticket print-out four days before departure
    • An extra suitcase check-in costs €5
    • No bar service and more confined space with 3 seat and 1 seat rows
    • No cancellations, i.e. no refund of tickets
    • As per travel news of 2013: Inaugurated April, 2013
    • Track: Between Paris region and French Riviera region
    • No frill price: € 10 for adults and
      €5 for accompanied children under 12 years
    • Website

    Again, you would have to go on from the Southeast of France for getting to Tenerife.

    Climb off the GTV train or its Ouigo at the super modern Avignon train station. Cross some lawns and pathways and find a low office building after about 8 minutes walk. There, you can also rent a car to take you around stunning Avignon, as far as the Alps or further towards Tenerife. About 3 or 4 different car rental companies are there. Once, We rented one of their cars by Alamo -- that's what I recollect--and were happy with it.

    Or book online in advance to make sure you get the vehicle you want.

    Travel by Eurostar train from London to Paris or Brussels with speed trains...

    • Fetch a fast Eurostar train at St.Pancreas Station to Gare de Lion in the north of Paris.
    • Experience a tunnel voyage under the ocean to cross 'the Channel' from the UK.
    • Connections to Paris Disneyland are both possible from the French capital as well as from Lille in France, for example.
    • Mind that the 75 minutes Eurostar travel offers the fastest alternative to flights.
    • You can stretch your legs, walk around and bring as much luggage as you please.
    • You also have free sight seeing from your Eurostar train window.
    • No London or Paris airport check-ins will make you frustrated and lose your time.
    • Visit
    • There find prices like special Eurostar fares for the over 60 pensioners for about GBP 176.50 - GBP 450 (Fully Flexible), which may fluctuate over time.
    • Get student Eurostar tickets or fares to other European Eurostar destinations.

    residential real estate in 1997.

    For us LTU flights, which I belileve stopped operating, were the most convenient, comfortable and cheapest to take us from Duesseldorf to Tenerife.

    Have a holiday home in Tenerife?

    Check hotels in ideal spots for toddlers i.e.small children at the Tenerife insider hotel information

    Prefer getting to Tenerife fast or cheap?

    Use my travel guide for ideas of cheap Tenerife air travel

    Getting to your final Tenerife destination

    Incredible airport taxi story from Tenerife ....

    about transferring from Tenerife airports.

    A Tenerife shuttle review .

    Tenerife airports - North and South airport

    2015 News for Tesla recharges

    Yes, there is a petrol service station now in Tenerife South where both electric Tesla car models can be charged with electricity near Los Gigantes. Contact us for more information. Or call +34 922363685

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