Interesting great future ahead for La Longuera?

La Longuera the 'Long Mile Road' of lower Los Realejos is a very long action packed street, as well as a suburb.

In 2013 about 500 of its businesses and service providers pleaded for better parking spaces at the town hall, as many customers and suppliers stayed away. This happened after a total revamp of the area.

Why are parking spaces vital?

More than 7000 residents live there. 

This is almost a 5th of all Los Realejos inhabitants.

Talking of parking mind much space for it at the Longuera/El Burgado Lidl above Hotel Maritim. By the way, December 25 and January 01 are the only days that this unique branch of the German/Spanish supermarket is closed.

Click the sun-up and sun-set photos that give you a good idea of the position of this Tenerife suburb that's called after a long mile road...

News 2022: Optimism in La Longuera back after relaxed Corona Virus measures

Business establishment that had gone between 2020 and 2022 of this oBnce thriving suburb of Los Realejos seem to come back slowly by Middle of August. Fredino Heladeria Artesanal Take-away which is generally considered to be the best Ice Cream of Tenerife North is one of them. Bar Romantica opposite opened a little earlier under new ownership. The highly professional Embassy Real Estate agency of No 14 has finally found new business tenants who cater for Cosmetic tuition. A barber shop who offers tatoos has opened beside the former Banco Santander which closed about a couple of years ago. A couple of other vacant shops are being renovated and may open again soon. This all is proof of optimism of a neighborhood where more than one business of home maintenance could survive although there had been lockdowns for many months. There are a few new openings where minor dealings seem to happen. To be seen how they will do. The health business Herbolario has expanded by now selling cosmetics next door where its Yoga tuition came to an end.  

New construction of at least three major buildings near the ancient Gorvorana Estate opposite the dog park leaves us wondering if any kind of business will open there. However, it would mean positive progress, even if part of it was for living accommodations.

Festive Cakes and pastries can still be bought on December 25 at Café Boutique Relieve near the Toscal petrol station from night which also has open doors until 8.p.m. on December 24.

Toscal-Longuera panorama by Puerto de la Cruz Tenerife SpainToscal-Longuera panorama by Puerto de la Cruz Tenerife Spain.

In fact, Toscal with its "Long mile Road suburb" had been a prime example of best Tenerife business infrastructure for decades until about 2009. It has been on the way to recovery since 2015, but came to an almost standstill on March 15 of 2020 because of the Coronavirus-Corvid-2 - "Alerta". By the way, the young, helpful owner of Papeleria Romantica is the son of one of the owners of Pomodoro y Basilico.

Normally, Toscal Longuera has been serving the adjacent top residential and Tenerife holiday home areas since about 1970 , such as:

  1. La Romantica I and La Romantica II the leaders for vacation property for short and long stays
  2.  Los Potreros with its villas, park like residential gardens and new apartment blocks
  3.  El Campo with its modern townhouses

Good business in Toscal Longuera 2018

Not only the long standing Bettenhaus Hammerer that has now a big branch in Tenerife South is doing well but also the new-comer Agricultor farmer shop.

La Longuera where nothing comes as a real surprise

Do you look for something that you can't find on the island? The innovative suburb with the long mile road, just outside Puerto de la Cruz may have it, such as the Club Demeter.

Demeter a government regulated social center for a medicinal herb that is often controversial is  such a place. Demeter is kind of a closed club where members must be strictly registered. There is a bar where interested parties may have a special drink while they may gather information. Even healthy food is served by its bar or individual tables on some evenings. Opening hours are on Thursday evenings besides others. Yes, there is a Facebook Page for inquiries.

Dogs on a runway at a fashion show

Indeed, you've heard correctly.

In fact, such dogs are homeless.

They shall parade together with models.

The girls want to help them to find new owners. 

Hence, a charity event on October 19, 2019 by 10 or 11 a.m.

B Decor a new enterprise with store and workshop

The company Pinturas y Reformas Diaz La Longuera

We recommend this Longuera construction company that does just about everything, but won't take on big building jobs.

Call Tinguaro at 677 765 738 or contact us for help, in case you don't speak enough Spanish... Mind there are others in the region that we don't find good or trustworthy

The farmer shop which doesn't exclusively sell its own produce is slowly becoming a real Tenerife market. It now has peak hours before lunch time after less than two years in business. It just expanded in April 2018 to bigger premises about 150m down the road at corner/Longuera and Calle Medio de la Costa,1. 

The Casa del Agua of Gordejuela

Indeed, just after 1903 Longuera Toscal made headlines with its Water House Casa del Agua all over  the Canary Islands and Spain.

Click the photo and discover why the Casa del Agua de Gordejuela has become an attraction in Tenerife North.

Why some La Longuera business thrives

A while ago in December 2016 before Christmas,  we tried in vain to get a dinner table at La Finca Restaurant in C/Monturrio Rd. and C/El Castillo. Never mind Recession. Look at the welcoming entrance...Obviously, this place takes more than extra care for good food. 

The Italian restaurant on the right would be easily overlooked. Needless to say, that's another business of La Longuera that's booming. Friends as well as my family and I have eaten many times at both places and we were always very happy with the food, although service at la Finca isn't that speedy. More about it later on.

Spanish Fashion shows Longuera Toscal of October 15, 2016

Note that the 2017 fashion show will be at the same time on Saturday October, 14.

La Longuera news of fashion show 2017

Again in 2017, the suburb's night time show was highly interestingMuch could also be learned  about local designers as well as a Cabildo government scheme that supports them.

A group of Longuera boys seemed to plot something. This was before the shows started. Their faces are not shown on purpose. 

La Longuera goes with the times

These street fashion parades have stood the test of time more than all other Tenerife business strategies over a period of almost 6 years. More and more chairs are needed along its cat walk. Lately even a TV screen has been added so passers-by can also watch from far. A real professional affair, indeed...

  1. What show? Live fashion show by yearly October street festival
  2. Time: From 10 a.m. to 11 p.m.
  3. Where? Toscal Longuera  at the Open Centro Comercial

Note that the fashion walk only started by 6h15 in the evening...

Where rural Tenerife Los Realejos is not for GNSS

You find it by the Long Mile Road where least expected by Calle Piris.
This is a real country road and should not be recommended for normal cars. Why? Most of it has stones and rubble that can ruin a car's suspension.

GNSS route planners should only recommend Calle Piris of rural Tenerife for agricultural vehicles and walkers.

Indeed, many new shops, bars and agencies prove business confidence in Toscal Longuera.

German, English, French, Spanish IT Services Informatica Toscal

Who attends you? Philipp Kaffke the owner

Business hours: Monday to Friday from 9.a.m.-2.p.m. (home service on demand)

Adress: Calle El Toscal,13  - 38410 - La Longuera moved shop on August 01, 2018 opposite the road next to Bettenhaus Hammerer
Tel: +34 636469106

Find in Facebook

Organic food shop with produce from own farm

AgroKinesis Alimentación Ecologica is a well established enterprise in the suburb. It sells organic food and drink grown without fertilizers from its own farm.  The Tenerife holiday home insider learned this amazing fact when she spoke to the owner on the day of inauguration on June 17, 2016. Occasionally, AgroKinesis also sells Protea flowers that are grown in Palo Blanco Los Realejos.
Prime meat from livestock from El Hierro Island may be ordered since October 2019.  It is from free-run animals that grew up in natural conditions without hormones or chemicals. Spanish speaking is recommended. 

Address: Casa Lara Local 2 in La Longuera, Tel:617211605Business hours: 9a.m.-2.00p.m. and 4.30p.m.-8.p.m.Saturdays:  Mornings until 1 p.m. Facebook: AgroKinesis

Tenerife history Hacienda La Gorvorana which goes back to century XV

This ruin of great historic value that had been the most lucrative estate of Tenerife North for a long time belongs to the Ayuntamiento of Los Realejos. The latter decided to start to restore the ancient manor from 2019 onward. This will be with the help of the Tenerife Cabildo.

News for Toscal Longuera dog park

This  latest of Tenerife dog parks has been declared official. An area of about 1500 -2000 m2 has been safely fenced in for dogs. There is even equipment for them to train and exercise. I have visited the place several times now. I am happy to report that I found it very clean. In fact, people seem to appreciate it very much.

And, you know the most amazing? This place came into being because the children of the town approached the mayor for it. The kids won.

Another campaign by the same children

About 35 bushes and trees at Toscal Longuera of Los Realejos had drawings by four year old children that reminded  to recycle.

This school campaign was followed by a the man with pig head poster. A warning for a Euro 2000 fine or forced community labor was clearly marked on it. This poster brought the real surprising success.

Burning Mr.Rascayu

Mr Rascayú is the equivalent to the Carnival Sardine. His last funeral took place in Los Realejos Alto at San Agustin on February 10, 2016. Next set on fire will be the Rascachusa a female version of it in 2017.

The following video shows a previous spectacle.

El Taller Manualdades Craftworks RealejosEl Taller Craftworks Realejos

El Taller Manualidades Craftworks and tuition

  1. Contact: At Toscal Long Mile Road, 29 (Tel: 922 364236), 38410 Los Realejos /El-Taller-Manualidades
  2. Business of shop and workshop with classes for the public to learn unique craft making
  3. Sells: Haberdashery, handmade articles of wool and fabrics,such as crocheted bags, patchwork wall hangings, ornaments of fantasy and jewelry

  4. Note: Handmade folklore outfits which can also be hired for €20 only.
  5. Distinctions: Won prices, such as third and first price for best Fiesta
  6. de Mayo window decorations of Los Realejos
  7. Conclusion: A new pioneer for fun and creativity on the "Long mile Road".


Photo Gallery Longuera with more about El Taller and other enterprises.

IV Afternoon Fashion show October 2015

  1. When? October 30 and 31 afternoon and at night
  2. By whom:  15 designers  and firms of the Orotava Valley 
  3. Showing what ? Clothes and shoes

Longuera Taperia one of few in Tenerife with proper Spanish Tapas Pintxos has closed. It is now below the Rhuen Thai Restaurant of Hotel Puerto Plaza in Puerto de la Cruz. Unfortunately, this is too much out of the way for the Tenerife holiday home insider to go on promoting it.

Pedro Rodriguez (Dios) Postres famous chef of outstanding desserts for special restaurants and Hotels operates by most brilliant methods from his workshop on the Long Mile Road, 84. Tuition event on October 23, 2015 for a fee of € 60. More info in his Facebook. Booking is essential.

Realejos Zumba classes at low fees  now also at Longuera, 39. Hours: Twice weekly in the morning and afternoons. More information at 0034 + 658 636 626 or 676 277 295.

  1. "El Herbolario" has a wide range of products which include Tofu and also Crystals as well as other health services since 2017 
  2. Hanibal of the shop Josico of La Longuera with his amazing selection of stocks also sells an environment friendly organic product by Bayer that fights fleas and other tiny pests. He also stocks the American Greenies that are so good for dog teeth and gives them a sweet breath

New since October 2016 at number 38 of the long mile road to the right of Banco Santander.

The Molino del Pan in Toscal only stocked best types of bread, pastries and the like before. It was sold.
Now, it's an absolute excellent Take Away Shop and Café of German/Austrian style that has become very popular.  It's one more Token of great courage and business confidence in La Longuera. Open every day, such as also on May 01 the National Spain holiday of the Worker when most other shops close around lunch time. 

Horno del Pan was under new management already after a couple of days of closure. By the way, it's unlikely to be a franchise.

Dori Tasca has been closed

Dory Taska formerly Cafeteria 8 Millas next to Horno del Pan has moved out and gone elsewhere. When? By middle of June 2017. Now a middle size supermarket called Supermercado d'Paso has opened there.

 We would rather need a Mercadona. Above all, as Lidl down the road doesn't sell fresh fish...

The IT Shop and Locutorio has closed its doors. Its business has been moved to Santa Ursula. This is a bid sad, as some kids used to love to go there to play games on a computer. Others without smart phones liked the private telephone cabins to do overseas calls at reasonable rates. Also smartphone help was provided with much applause.

After three unsuccessful IT shops a convenience store

Cafeteria Bar Paraiso the first sports bar of this part of Los Realejos is still going reasonably strong.

The second hand shop Desvan at 28, La Longuera Road is like a treasure market which surprises with the rarest as well as most useful items. It sells your things on consignment, while you make the price. Unfortunately, it has not reopened its premises since closed during the Lockdowns of Corona virus.  

The last performance the ballet El Principito was scheduled for November 29, 2015 at 12.00 noon at the Casa de la Cultura of Los Realejos. The entrance fee was 3€.

The suburbs youngest dancers of La Barca.

Calle el Castillo roadworks finished for a better Longuera future

Improvement for new infrastructure had started in this busy connecting road on January 15, 2018. It's an important motorway of Tenerife North that leads to La Villa Alcampo, to Santa Cruz, La Orotava, Icod de los Vinos and the Castillo Castle that's portrayed above.  Two days ago, works were coming to an end after almost six months.

More or less on schedule... Now, since today July 05 of 2018 this street has been opened for traffic again. A new slender Titsa bus tower stands already in front of Banco de Santander. A timetable may or may not be added. Hence Titsa 331, 353 and 354 will reover its old route via Calle el Castillo any moment from now. The 381 always went straight,  instead. And now back to the business of this open Market zone.

You can even have text,  pictures or photos printed of your own choice onto clothes, wood, metal, porcelain, you name it. Highly competitive prices for digital photo printing depend on quantities.

Toscal Longuera carnival

All the elderly fondly remember El Bicho the popular Mr. Silverio who was even sold as a toy for some time. The ideal poster for the 2016 carnival theme of the toys(yuguetes)...

Tickets for the Gran Fiesta Puretas Halloween of October 31, 2015 sold at the Libreria Romantica. €6 includes drink.

La Longuera party supply store

Carnival Toys Gallardo and Playa Bebé supply shop at number 20 Monturrio Road beside the Titsa bus stop of the Longuera Marsan store.

Fashion from China "Long Mile Rd", 17 RealejosFashion from China has moved to very big premises also in La Longuera near the turn-off corner Gorvorana Road

On first of November 2015, Fashion for China moved to the abandoned premises of la Gran Dama, a few houses down the road beside the Farmacia (Pharmacy) and has now a space that looks five times as big as before. Another vote of confidence for better Longuera business. The new China Restaurant opposite is long gone again. Depicted are lists of interesting menus for couples as well as for groups or families of three it used to have.

The Chinese restaurant of La Longuera, 22 has changed owners in November 2017. It now serves Tapas and is called  Restaurante El Refugio Its street terrace looked inviting contrary to before and started to do very well. This has changed. Why? The owners changed to a dull blue and white decoration and turned it into a Cofradia for fresh seafood by the Fisherman guild. Unfortunately, most Northern tourists are not familiar with the term Cofradia. La Cofradia has closed and somebody from Madrid will open a new restaurant any moment. Tomatoes are his main themes.

Vimeo of Long Mile Road 16

Vimeo closed down in April 2017. It had provided physiotherapy, massage Vital, beauty treatments and has been replaced by a hairdresser called Carol Peluqueria y Estética.

A new restaurant El Tomate Gastrobar at La Longuera since October 2018

Depicted is the street terrace of this genuine restaurant. A friend who had supper there was impressed. He praised its service, its quality and presentation of the food. He literally said that its chef is a "Star chef."

Opencel at Casa Lasa Tel. 922 36 59 83
Opencel Novelty skin repairs, manicure, pedicure

Other useful services of the suburb

  1. The big Orange Video Center open at night in Casa Lasa
  2. El Pepito bar and Bistro next to Casa Lasa
  3. Fruteria Rodriguez Produce and food almos a convenience store at number 7
  4. Florist Osiana for flowers and ornamental gifts at number 

Two so called Guachinches Modernos in the Longuera Long mile road

Mi Guachinche Casa Pedro opposite Casa Lara almost got me excited and made me waste my time. Why? It uses misleading strategies of business-front advertisement that classifies it as a proper Guachinche. Serving its own wine would entitle the name Guachinche at least, to an extent. However, there seems to be a philosophy of not minding the business of others which is typical for la Longuera. To live and to let live...

Guachinche El Pino beside Hotel Panoramica Gardens shouldn't use the term Guachinche either, as its substantial menu is displayed outside the door and it doesn't qualify as one by its other criteria. (At least being true so far). Both restaurants are popular with locals but not to my family's and my taste, for what we have experienced and or heard so far.  

More services and shops of the most Northwesterly suburb of Los Realejos

  1. El Millenium bar and Bistro at number 15
  2. Carniceria Rendón the fresh meat Butchery  Tel:922 362111 opposite Casa Lasa
  3. Aquaisec Dry cleaner at nr.22, Tel. 22 365139 Opposite Casa Lasa
  4. Puertas Concal Doors made to measure Tel.922 362369 opposite Casa Lasa
  5. Pet shop Pluto Tel.922 362823 opposite Casa Lasa
  6. Caprice Hairdresser Evelyn opposite Casa Lasa
  7. Bar Bistro La Longuera C/Longuera,61
  8. Supermercado Eco Sol a fairly large convenience shop of a chain of 5 supermarkets,  all open all day including week-ends and until 9 p.m. at night with low prices at number 21
  9. Shen Hua Bazar, "Long Mile Rd., 25 Closed down in April 2017
  10. Second hand shop Desvan at number 28
  11. Ocho Onzas frozen food supply at number 28 but also fresh meat
  12. Clothes and shoe shop made in Murcia Spain at number 23
  13. Mens barber at number 38
  14. Hardware store at number 42
  15. Gestoria at Number 44
  16. Real estate agency and Architect studio Atlantico in the corner house, 44 by the Santander Bank 
  17. Gallardo Juguetes toys and agency at C/Monturrio,20 Toscal
  18. Shop Pescanarias for fishing equipment at La Longuera 18 opened on December 2015 and closed end of November 2017 to go to another island

Longuera business that thrives with special charm

Click the picture on the left to get the joke, as Perruqueria cannot be translated. It is a hairdressing salon a Peluqueria at Ctra-Toscal Longuera, 06 that works with wigs for canines, such as the little dog in the photo.

About La Longuera's pets

  1. Two German and English speaking vets at Clinica Veterinaria corner C/ Monturrio and C/Castillo,21 - Tel: 922 363215 for  Dog vaccines for vital heartworm disease as detailed here
  2. Spaces for dog roaming at Calle Jasmin (unofficial large empty grounds above the ocean)
  3. A dog paradise for outings at upper Los Potreros with stunning views of la Orotova valley at the 'Mirador' by the ruin of the ancient  Hacienda La Gorvorana

La Longuera street fair to boost business

More than once a year, a vibrant Longuera fun fair and market take place with fashion as well as puppet shows for the kids and live music for street dancing.

3 banks in Longuera

  1. Banco de Bilbao BBV
  2. Banco de Santander where English, German and Spanish is spoken.
  3. La Caixa Hola Bank which has additional business hours on Thursday afternoons

A couple of more closures in August 2018

The boutique Jordis of Italian clothes design has evacuated its premises end of August 2018. It was opposite the Shell service station and had many decades of business.

The Bar El Socio seems to have closed. It is opposite the Cafe Boutique Relieves.

News 2013 for closure of Ramon's shoe repairs

Ramón's service has been closed because of illness after 20 years of service. He had many holiday home customers.
Mind shoe repair stalls at both the hypermarkets Alcampo and in Calle Valois Puerto de la Cruz, just after the Belair skyriser.

On August, 29, 2014, the branch of Lidl Toscal Longuera (there is a Toscal in the Tenerife capital) opened its doors for convenient Tenerife shopping by the traffic circle above Hotel Maritim, Las Dehesas, Camino el Burgado s/n and Longuera of 38400 Los Realejos.

See what Lidl  a Los Realejos conveniene shop that's only closed twice a year sells besides groceries here.

Bar la Barca of Realejos

More about the night bar Bistro La Barca of Achim and Ricardo at Toscal Realejos at C/Monturrio 12, Tel.0034 637 930 here.
Hot tip: Open Christmas Eve after 10 at night as well as on Christmas day and on New year after 1.a.m.after midnight.

Longuera Central map for easily getting everywhere

Courtesy Messrs D Boeke

The new TF 316 for less traffic congestion

This road TF 316 also called Carretera El Burgado comes from Hotel Maritim and was properly finished by 2014. It runs almost straight up from the Lidl round-about towards the TF 320 the old La Vera Road. More and more heavy trucks seem to use it. So the financial expense will have been worth it. The new bypass motorway will diminish La Longuera traffic substantially.

Longuera business and work in the XX century

Venta Luisa a Longuera family business which may have lasted until the Fifties of XX. It had the greatest choice of products in the entire region and sold anything from clothes to the latest household products.

  1. Doña Rafaela Dorta helper of the Longuera poor a historical example of woman empowerment of 1930.  She was also in charge of political meetings for Spain's first socialist mayor Florencio Sosa Acevedo of Puerto de la Cruz.
  2. La Cordejuela steam engine house built in the early XX by a British engineer to pump water for the surrounding banana plantation
  3. Construction of the holiday home suburbs Romantica 2 and 1 to attract foreigners to help the region's economy made headlines in the 2nd half of XX

Sun views from Toscal Longuera

The most phenomenal is the Punta del Sol "eternal" Tenerife sun over this section of the coast Costa de Acentejo.

La Montana del fraile also known as la Montaneta de los los frailes, as it can be seen from Toscal La Longuera. The distance is only about 2 km. Get there by taxi for €6 in 2016. Another 600m take you to the volcanic mountain's top. Walking back is easy as most is downhill or on level road.

Why retire to Longuera Toscal?

An ideal retirement place of Toscal

More topics related to Toscal Longuera and or its business

Twenty more breath taking photos of this North Tenerife village of the long mile road.

Street fiesta as a new business idea of year 2009

VI Tenerife festival La Longuera 2015

Toscal Tenerife 2018 gold needle awards and fashion shows.

About Realejos province

Church and community service Toscal

Toscal street art with salt. Interesting Spanish architecture by Longuera Toscal

From La Longuera back to Home

Recent Anglesey information with humming UK business to learn from

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