Boutique Relieve a Tenerife brand

Boutique Relieve is a Café, Cafeteria, Pasteleria and a Panaderia (a bakery). It has made itself a name for not only serving good coffee. I wouldn't categorize any of its branches as a restaurant, by the way, although it serves some delicious snacks, such as warmed up Tortilla. 

The waitresses smile and are very helpful.

Business hours are every day from 7h00 to 21h00, while it is even open every day as well as on almost all important public holidays.

There are five Relieve Cafes in Tenerife North by now.

Above, see the Relieve cafe that set the ball rolling in the Eighties in Toscal Longuera of Los Realejos. It was  still only a bakery when I arrived in the suburb in 2001. More about it later. 

The five branches

  1. Relieve Cafeteria Pasteleria Founder Cafe 38417 Toscal Longuera Los Realejos Calle Toscal, 10 Tel: 0044 + 922 363023
  2. Relieve Cafe branch Puerto Cruz in C/Luis de la Cruz 3A Tel: 822 126 177
  3. La Montañeta branch near Meson Monasterio of Los Realejos
  4. Boutique Relieve street corner cafe branch with outside terrace almost beside Mercadona supermarket La Vera opposite the Church as well as the health equipment shop Tienda Sanitaria where wheel chairs and the like are sold C/Lia Tavio,1 Tel: 0034 + 922 355588 38419 Puerto de la Cruz
  5. Cafe Relieve la Orotava opposite the Town Hall at Carretera Escultor Estevez, 12 Corner C/Tomas Peréz 38300 La Orotava
    Tel: 0034 + 922 326326
  6. Note: La Orotava branch has been a bean to bar hot chocolate café since 2024

My list of all the delicious cakes by Relieve would be long.
Often, I order plain cheese cake. I am also very fond of the strawberry tart or pastries with or without fresh cream.

We had a slice of Tiramisu in the Orotava Relieve last Sunday.
It was amazingly light and melted on the tongue. Mind, you will pay much for that when you order it at a restaurant as dessert.

Something savory at Boutique Relieve?

Sometimes, I order a slice of simple potato Tortilla. It doesn't pay me to prepare an entire one for myself, you know. Of course, there are also Boccadillos, toasted sandwiches and the like.

Boutique Relieve every day gifts

Very noteworthy are also the various sorts of tea sold at Relieve as well as all kinds of medium sized tarts to take away as gifts. Tiny decorating figurines may be purchased as well.

The Boutique Relieve Coffee

It's the best according to my friend Paolo and people in Toscal Longuera. I agree as far as the Relieve Espresso i.e. Cafe Solo is concerned. Not bitter, as so often but with a pleasant round taste. This also applies to the other Relieve cafeterias. Paolo is a connoisseur of coffee beans and a native from Sardinia.

Boutique Relieve as the unique Bean to bar facility on the Canary Islands

Bean to bar means that chocolate bars with the maximum of purity may now be bought or consumed in hot chocolate drinks in Tenerife North.

Reason being is that the best Cocoa beans from all sorts of corners of the earth are fermented and turned into most delicious chocolate at the open workshop of Relieve Cafe of Puerto de la Cruz in Tenerife.

As said, both are available for take away, as displayed below at the Relieve branch where selected Cocoa beans are turned into most delicious chocolate in Calle Luis de la Cruz, 3A in Puerto de la Cruz Tenerife Spain.

The Bakery and Cafe that made Tenerife history

The Relieve Bakery by Alfredo Marrero made itself a name for quality and price by its cakes, already three decades ago. It was opened in Toscal Los Realejos in 1988.  Many expats and people with a holiday home in Tenerife in La Romantica 1 and 2 as well as in Los Potreros decided to stop baking and to buy instead.

Eventually, Relieve was the pastry and cake shop with the best turnover in the suburb Toscal Longuera. Being further down the road near the Shell Service station didn't deter shoppers. 

Much later, a roofed extension was built and the pastry and cake shop became a street corner cafe.   More and more locals turned into daily customers when a new coffee was introduced. Today, you can even sit outside there with your dog.

Bean-to-bar was the latest introduction with its Puerto Cafe in a historic building after ice creams had been added to its versability in some of its branches.
Of course, the brand Relieve has the certificate of excellence.

News Boutique Relieve: Sculptured chocolate gifts with Christmas themes, as of December 2023

The following Christmas photos were taken by the Branch of La Longuera in 2023 and in January 2024:

Gifts, made of high quality Bean to Bar chocolate may also be purchased as occasional gifts depending on the season in all the branches of Alfredo Marrero cafes. Unfortunately, I missed a Christmas tree made with the rare quality Chocolate. Tiny almond chips had been placed in layers as a Christmas tree decor. It had an amazing size of about 25cm i.e. just under 10 inches. It was sold fast, as it was a real piece of original food art. Hopefully, more will be made. You may describe it to the Relieve staff to order one for you. Mind the price of about Euro 25 that is value for money according to the Tenerife holiday home insider. Bean-to-Bar has its price.

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