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Christmas decorationsChristmas decorations

This first image is not the photo of the day.
But it is important for you to see to understand,  why the following picture is far more interesting.

How, where and when did I stumble upon ideas for this Christmas Eve photo?

I took a short camera stroll through neighborhood streets of Puerto de la Cruz. It was on Christmas Eve day by 4 p.m. Late afternoon is usually an excellent time to encounter soft, romantic light in Tenerife North.

However, this wasn't the case on the December 24th.

What is special about this main day photo?

It's mirrored.
mirror image surrealisticMirror image surrealistic

How? In the windows of a passing tourist bus. It's weird. Why? Above and next to the bus still find the same light blue facade of double story building like in the first picture. All details are,  as before.
But wait...
Mirrored are two different house fronts. They seem to be on the same building with windows that don't match. This looks surreal but isn't architecture by Gaudi.

Outside ornaments on balcony and houseOutside Christmas ornaments

The less convex glassed-in bus rear compared to vehicle front reflects hints of red Christmas garlands, only. Behind are different sized silver and red Christmas ornament balls.

Also on the house are garlands made of shiny red fabric. They mingle with others made by synthetic wreaths of pines on the top floor. None of the trailing down, tiny led light Christmas strings are mirrored. 

Why the third picture is less spectacular but, a linguistic joke.

It's the shop name "Natur House". A grammatical mistake in half English and half German all in one is quite funny, indeed.


To sum up my unexpected Christmas photography experience it ought to be said that it happened thanks to the bus. The mirror image was like a gift from heaven in my eyes. It was the highlight of the day.
Technically, the bus helped this photography by its huge rounded convex dark glass front and big side rear view mirror and turned normal digital photography into surreal photography without photo art collage or montage,  indeed...

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