Tenerife photos Abaco Mansion an unusual museum.

Tenerife photos Abaco Mansion are about an extraordinary, antique villa in Spain. It is also known as Casa Grande del Durazno of Puerto de la Cruz.

It's entire estate which combines a huge indoor yard is a rare museum about luxury XVIII living in Puerto Cruz.

It's a place that lets you escape reality for a while. Enjoy it over lunch or for a luxury evening out on the town.

The images speak for themselves...

No effort was spared with the restoration of the Abaco. This is contrary to another typical, historic Spanish farmstead nearby, which became a big eye sore with possible repercussions.

Indeed, miracles were performed to turn the estate's entrance  into a warm welcoming room. Even a Persian carpet is on its floor.

Timber beams which are there and everywhere in the mansion create coziness and luxury all around.

Reach the main door best from the street C/Casa Grande... There is also the open gate to Abaco's large parking lot.

Grant yourself at least one outing to this mansion which is almost like a private club...  Tenerife photos Abaco Mansion by the holiday home insider may not even emphasize the estate's qualities enough.

An unusual harvest bounty greets you when you come in. It's a big vase with fresh Strelitzia flowers, subtropical fruit, enormous pumpkins and gourds.

A similar display is by the stairs on the first floor of the mansion.

Note that the Abaco has beautiful entrances from many sides.

You may walk everywhere to explore and to enjoy.

The almost 30 meter long drawing room  has many comfortable nooks.

They are ideal to relax in privacy or with family or friends. 

Singles, couples and groups may even find space at the extended bar.

Even a door from the Atrium leads to it.

Tenerife photos Abaco Mansion fruit juice

Let the waiter serve you a mixed fruit juice Abaco to spoil you with the taste of paradise...

The glass in which it's served is huge.

You will be given a menu card with a great variety of cocktails, drinks, pastry and snacks.

However, believe it or not this juice will revitalize you and will keep you fit to drive...

Order whatever you like that's on offer.  It may be served to you in the patio, as well.

The atrium is the perfect location to see the circle of adjoining buildings and walls of Abaco's architecture.

Dark wooden balconies contrast with brilliant white walls. Charming cottage pane windows abound, while wooden stairs lead upstairs.

The many shrubs and flowers in this oasis are lovingly cared for. Large trees offer shade.

An abandoned iron wheel leans against a wall besides other farm gadgets. 

This too, is part of Tenerife photos Abaco Mansion and its rare museum display.

A peculiar, round platform is in the foreground.

Wheat was threshed there until in the late 18th century.  

Other Tenerife photos Abaco Mansion

There are rooms for concerts, religious ceremonies or just interesting small nooks.

Period furniture of classic style with baroque or Rococo chairs invite to sit in separate corners.

The chairs are of the classic style and were upholstered with velvet fabric.

A Kentia Parlor palm which is not in the image adds a lively accent on the side.

Click the picture to enlarge it.

Then, notice a piece of carpentry in the background which is of Regency style with simpler lines, but typical for its Greek or Roman details. It doesn't even clash with its surroundings.

Depicted beside is an exceptional French cabinet with intricately carved wooden details.

All kinds of other antique furniture stands in different rooms. It's is sometimes mixed with classical modern couches.

This country estate is a jewel in the oldest resort of Tenerife Island.   It is an unusual museum that takes you back to the days when Puerto de la Cruz started to gain importance and prestige. This charming Casa Grande was a part of it. 

Let yourself be inspired by the Tenerife photos Abaco Mansion. Perhaps one day, they may help you to create a similar look for the holiday home in Tenerife you always wanted to have.

An Abaco jazz concert with Ana Rodriguez and Eliseo Lloreda.

From Tenerife photos Abaco mansion back to Tenerife-holiday-review which also relates to concerts.

Cocktail and Tapas evening at Abaco with a Toddler

About Rococo and late baroque styles of the 18th century

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