Need Tenerife help for your business, computer or mobile phones?

Of course, Tenerife help will improve a surf school's income by attracting more learners by advertising not only offline, as depicted below.

There's a solution for everything.  Advertisement online is certainly the best option to promote any business. However, it's ought to be better than just local. National and even international exposure is the best. The cost is the same.
Lets assume that you've tried already to give your business and products the best face lift.

You have applied on the spot offline advertisement.

You've taken part in competitions, you've done raffles. You sponsored local events to get better known. You've put a flag outside your shop that may attract people from far.

You may have added red accent points to the terrace decoration of your cafe, bar or restaurant. Red for example attracts people, while it's scientifically proven that bees are attracted by yellow, purple and blue. However they see colors differently than we are.

You've done some studies of marketing research in the Internet which are very important. However,  you are still out of your whits. 

Tenerife help from others besides trying to help yourself

You've managed to receive extra Tenerife financial assistance from your local bank or other credit institution. It could have given you a better business mortgage or a more interesting overdraft, to name just two solutions to better your company situation.  Family members may have offered their support in different ways.  Your landlord may have agreed to lower its rental charges.

You may even have introduced a co-operative system among your stuff.

You may have started a local flier campaign where all people around your town were told about your special services, brand or products.  All that done, your business is still slack. Don't despair...

Forms of help by Internet advertising.

  1.  Advertise online with known portals or websites as a general suggestion
  2.      Cheap advertising may not bring the best result but could be done on the side
  3.      Text ads are a form of advertisement to best stay away from unless done with legal providers, such as Google, MSN, Yahoo, Facebook or the like
  4.      The Full Page advert is an excellent form when it's expertly done, while it's also freely negotiable
  5.      Advertisement with commission sharing is another but more unusual way to advertise online

How can we help you?

  1. By putting a graphical attraction for your business on our website ?
  2. By publishing an informative review about it by a full Page advert?  

You decide what suits you best.

Get in touch with us by contacting us.

Omega Tenerife S.L. assists you with Tenerife help for your computer or smartphone problems and more

The Company Omega is rather exceptional in the above context. They have a shop at la MontaƱeta and render best computer, smartphone and other electronic as well as digital assistance that relates to hardware, software, maintenance and trouble shooting. Up to four staff members by the counter are there to attend you by consultation services. This is rather rare in Tenerife. Their shop is also amazingly well stocked. Unfortunately, only Spanish is spoken while this business is only convenient for Tenerife North.

Address of Omega Tenerife. S.L.U.
C/San Cayetano, 20
38419 Montaneta, La (Realejos)very close to the Meson Monastry theme Park Meson El Monasterio in the same suburb
Get there by Titsa transport from Puerto Cruz: Bus number 1

390 to Realejos Alto using Bus Stop San Cayetano
Telephone: 922340032

To my great regret, I have lost track of Tony my previous computer help who even came to my home. I hope he didnt become ill during the pandemic. I shall keep you posted if I locate him again.

Otherwise, I am not sure if Omega is ready to attend you on your premises. I have seen other staff members by them who install televisions that may have included a satellite system.

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