Tenerife shopping Puerto Cruz
for everything.

Tenerife shopping Puerto Cruz is like shopping in a shoppers' paradise with an abundance of variety.

The hub with its often tree lined narrow streets or palm tree avenues is bursting with tiny shops.

Clothes of cotton found Puerto de la Cruz
Shop facades are often more than 200 years old.

Accessories of South American origin like Peru, Bolivia and Mexico are no rarity in the small boutiques in Puerto Cruz. They are mainly for clothes but, include ornaments for the home, too.

Here in the photo, even a little shopping bag for a small girl isn't missing.

I would label this shop with "Cotton is Cool", in fact magic...

Tenerife shopping Puerto Cruz is for clothes of strong vibrant colors, also.

Leather ware shops are mainly found on and off Avenida familia Molina y Bethencourt, in Calle Quintana and behind Iglesia Peña de Francia right up to Hospital Tamaragua around Plaza del Charco and on the San Telmo beach front.

Casa del Regalo Puerto de la Cruz in Calle Hoya

One of Puerto Cruz typical examples for Tenerife shopping Puerto Cruz with South American influence
Casa de Regalo (House of gifts).
It used to be at no.60 Calle Hoya but seems to have opened up again next door with a new name like Cactus clothes.  This is a good place for Tenerife shopping Puerto Cruz. This entire street  has been revamped in 2013.  Anyway, discover  off-white quality clothes of natural fiber, which are often beautifully embroidered. South American gifts are also sold at very affordable prices, usually below €10. All people I know who shopped there are very pleased. I purchased an original Panama sun hat, for example,  as well as some cheap,  wooden jewelry.

Tenerife shopping Puerto Cruz for organic baby clothes and soft toys.

Find them at the shop that's also known as Danielle's shabby chic in Facebook. Danielle sells with the proper organic labels and certificates. I bought good quality clothes there. By the way, she is almost opposite the Cactus clothes shop. Also check out her other goods...

Where best shop in Puerto de la Cruz?

The hub or pedestrian zone which is now wheelchair friendly and which starts at Plaza del Charco going East as far as La Paz is most pleasant. However, there is also the Ranilla in the other direction. Some traffic roads have interesting shops, such as Calle Zamora and Calle San Felipe.

Mundo del Mapa a map shop sells beautiful metal toy vehicles.

Where? Calle San Felipe, 12. Local 2 Puerto de la Cruz Tlf.922 302596 or 648 401 784

The maps as well as the toys look like they are of excellent quality.

More Tenerife shopping Puerto Cruz in Calle San Felipe

There is an excellent artist supply store at the height of Calle Mazoroco. Also find a good second hand and /or antique furniture shop near Tienda Mundo de mapa.

Puerto de la Cruz shops in Calle Dr.Ingram Puerto de la CruzTenerife shops in Calle Dr. Ingram

Tenerife shopping Puerto Cruz is truly heart warming because of so many welcoming local owners of small shops. They are all the more cordial, when you speak a little Spanish.

The photo shows Calle Ingram near the bus station, where shopping in such friendly circumstances makes you happy. Unfortunately, the tiny bar in Calle Ingram Corner C/Perez Zamora has been closed. No more of its delicious very cheap chicken with chips...

Plaza del Charco shopping Puerto Cruz

Tenerife shopping around Plaza del Charco is for people with a little more money in their pockets. You find La Coste on one corner of the town square, designer ware on another, such as at Columbus Center. This building has 3 levels where I saw local designer jersey knitwear, beautiful Italian fashion clothes and pure cotton dresses from Germany.

Two shoe shops at two sides at Plaza del Charco Puerto Cruz sell elegant shoes. Perfumes and cosmetics of superior brand may be bought at this center court called Plaza del Charco.

However, here a few more tips, such as an all time pharmacy and more for shopping at the main town square of Puerto de la Cruz.

This is just one of the many locations where a feeling of culture enhances your Tenerife shopping Puerto Cruz.

Eye tests and buy glasses

Optica Columbus best commercial optometrist services TenerifeOptica Columbus tor eye tests and glasses
The Columbus Center with its expert optician at Optica your one stop shop for all kinds of glasses. Get best commercial optometrist services and advice there. Have your eyes tested for Glaucoma or other common diseases. I payed € 10 for one of such tests in 2007. Better than cuing at an eye specialist.

The address is:
Óptica Columbus
Graduated German optometrist
Centro Columbus-Plaza
C/.Quintana, 2-first floor
38400 Puerto de la Cruz - Tenerife
Tel./fax: 922 38 70 72

Tenerife shopping Puerto Cruz from street vendors

A friend gave me a watch made in Japan in August 2008, which was bought at Plaza Charco from street vendors for negotiating fun for €20. After 5 months it stopped working. The battery was not to blame.

Such shopping brings surprises. The other day, friends of mine vet students from Germany who did a course at Loro Park were delighted with colorful magnetic jewelery sold by street vendors. They thought they would make such nice gifts to take overseas. Magnetic wrist bands and necklaces are said to have healing qualities. 4 for €20, a give away if I recollect well... Of course, they bargained for those prices, while I was with them at Plaza del Charco, at night.

The latest Mango fashion shop in the middle of town.

I also seems to be the most beautiful. Why? An entire Canary Island style mansion on Plaza del Charco was rebuilt for it. With Sky lights the lot... That's now Spanish fashion that's affordable, similar to Zara.

San Telmo beach shop front by Rancho Grande Puerto de la  CruzSan Telmo shop front Puerto Cruz

The San Telmo beach shop front isn't only for buying excellent pastries and freshly baked bread of all types at Restaurant Cafeteria Rancho Grande which make out in the photo.

What about Tenerife shopping Puerto Cruz for sourdough bread at Rancho Grande ?

There are also fashion boutiques and much more. The Desigual Fashion boutique is its latest surprise. And this one sells nothing else.

Turn right into tiny C/Sargento Caceres a side street that links the shore with Calle Hoya and find Visanta Electronics (tel: + 34 922 38 41 89) for camera equipment by the street corner. Shopping at Visanta was good in the past. Only brands with guaranties were sold. My family bought a Nikon lens and a Thomson TV remote control and other small camera accessories at Visanta.

Staff was very helpful and multilingual. Visanta stocked mainly the most modern merchandise. That's the only Tenerife shopping Puerto Cruz Visanta review I may supply. You can look up more of their shops in their shopping homepage visanta.com at Tenerife online where Visanta Playa Las Americas, Torviscas and Santa Cruz are listed, as well.

NTM electronics shop Puerto de la Cruz
In 2015, NTM electronics seems to have become an outlet where you negotiate after you have done your homework. This means online as well as other shops in Puerto de la Cruz. Pay special attention to parts, such as batteries. This outlet is facing the town's small harbor or call it its little gravel beach.

Otherwise, much seems to depend on different sales people of NTM.

Shopping for electronics at small places

Don't buy bargains at little Puerto Cruz shops without asking for guaranties to help with later problems. Purchasing at small shops needn't be a negative experience. On occasion you find inferior brands on special. Just be careful...

Souvenirs and traditional craft works at the tourist information office.

Depicted in the photo below is Casa de Aduana which houses the town tourist information office. On the same floor is an interesting souvenir shop. Both almost face the electronics shop NTM. All is by the picturesque fishing harbor. The souvenirs are locally made and are of exceptional good taste and quality.  Often, their productions are not repeated and they are sold as long as stocks last. 

There, also discover small modern art sculptures of the Guanche fertility goddess Chaxiraxi or Tara which are great value for money. While stocks last... Indeed, Tenerife shopping Puerto Cruz is a delight in the premises of the town's tourist office.

harbor Puerto de la Cruz TenerifeOld harbor Puerto Cruz Tenerife

Tenerife shopping Puerto Cruz for special shoes

  • Brand? MBT of Swiss technology
  • So? Best shoes in town for bone problems and better posture
  • The shop? Just off Windy corner by San Telmo in Calle La Hoya.
  • Call 900 106 801

I tried some on and felt like a goddess walking with them.

Shopping for sports articles

is easy in the oldest Tenerife resort. You encounter all kinds on offer in different locations, never far from the next.

Surf shop

Find surf boards on the left side of Avda. Bethencourt y Molina when you come from the Martianez beach
Shop name: Santasurf
Former Avda.Generalisimo, 35
Tel: + 34 92237 34 10.
The owner also has a surf school.

It's possible that you will have a problem locating this place, now. Shop name changes can make your Tenerife shopping Puerto Cruz experience confusing. The recession is to blame for this. Never lose your good shopping mood... Next door you will discover similar articles at a new vendor with a surf school called Escuela Surf La Marea, opposite Playa Martianez.

Herreros Tenerife shopping Puerto Cruz

Discover Herreros by Plaza del Charco. When they don't have your size, they order it from the bigger branch in la Orotava.
  • Herreros S.A. Stores (Almacenes Herreros S.A.) Tenerife Spain
  • Inauguration: 1898
  • Branches: In all major Tenerife towns
  • Attributes: Quality, large stocks, good service.
    low prices and adjustments made for you
  • Also Extra-Extra large Sizes
  • Puerto de la Cruz 36400
  • Calle Blanca, 13
  • Tel: 922 339216
Herreros will be at your best service for Tenerife shopping Puerto Cruz. You feel the quality by touching and you also see that there merchandise is well made. I have been to both Herreros shops in La Orotava as well as in Puerto de la Cruz.

A friend of mine bought a smart black suite for himself at the La Orotava Herreros branch. The suite which I have seen is good, was made in Paris and cost him € 80 only. They adjusted the length of slacks for him within 2 days to his best satisfaction.

Herreros La Orotava is much bigger and you find it just 30-50 meters before reaching the town hall on your right. This is in street La Carretera, 13. That is the road distinguished by ropes between poles which you can see from la Orotava bridge going up.
Herreros is about 200 meters before Casa de los Balcones the most known tourist attraction in La Orotava.

As you can see, La Orotava is there to help out when Tenerife shopping Puerto Cruz has not all sizes for clothes.

Mind you, the two towns should be one, as far as I am concerned, as they have almost grown into each other.

Tiendas99 shops

Tenerife shopping Puerto Cruz for clothing, bedding and similar items that are very popular with locals for good quality and reasonable prices is recommendable at all shops called Tiendas 99. There is one up the road from Plaza del Charco in Calle de Nieves Ravelo after crossing Calle Dr.Ingram.

You can't miss its sign displayed outside while walking about 100 meters uphill.

There, I bought a classic winter coat for about € 25 in 2003. I still have it. This shows that this area of Tenerife is well geared for winter clothes as well. Shopping for denims and trousers is not bad at all at shop99 and they have good cuts, generally. They don't sell brands like Levis, though.

Tenerife shopping Puerto Cruz for perishables

Mercadillo Puerto Cruz TenerifeMercadillo Puerto Cruz
The Market Mercadillo Puerto Cruz is not always the cheapest in town for fruit and vegetables.

Sometimes little shops around town beat its prices.

Also, mind that the Mercadillo is closing at 2 p.m.

All about the official Puerto de la Cruz market Mercadillo where you too can sell.

Where buy cheapest produce now?

Right now in 2015, the shop Campo Verde is a shop which beats the Mercadillo by more than 25 special offers. They are called ofertas, some of which are depicted in the photo. I had a beautiful sharp picture but one of the customers didn't take kindly to feature in it. The Campo Verde almost faces Hotel Diana Park by Hotel Magec in Calle Cupido at the end of the Titsa bus terminal of Puerto de la Cruz. There are a couple of others which beat the Mercadillo prices with some items that they sell. Those are by Playa Jardin. There used to be Shop Fruteria Ecosol behind Plaza del Charco with very cheap beautiful fruit and produce and a great variety. It's closed now. Its shoe string mark-up prevented it from surviving commercially in the long run.

Art shopping

The oldest Tenerife resort Puerto Cruz used to have a very attractive scene of Tenerife art shopping. Unfortunately, Recession caused most galleries in town to close down.

Craftworks at la Ranilla

See the Ranilla as more than an insider tip for Tenerife shopping Puerto Cruz.

Cheapest Cigarettes in Puerto Cruz

The times of cigarettes for 49Cents, as in 2009 are history now in 2013. The cheapest cost Euro 7 the carton and Marlborough sets you back Euro 24 for a carton of 10 packets. Best shops for them are at the San Telmo beach shop front and the Estanco opposite the Cinema in C/ San Juan.

Hand rolled cigars are said to be available in some of the little Indian cigarette shops in Puerto de la Cruz. The Mall Piramides Martianez has one such shop.

Claude who gave advice on retirement used to buy cigars at the Paraiso bar in Longuera Toscal for €0,30/piece. They certainly cost double now.

Tenerife liquors

Original island liquors sold in Puerto Cruz besides its Tenerife wines are Ron de Miel a rum of 20% or more alcohol with honey and, Banana Liquor. They are cheaper on the island than in mainland Spain and, very often Northern Europe because of hardly no luxury tax. Look out in liquor and souvenir shops for the latest in Wine. That's banana wine which sells for about €10 the bottle.

Your souvenir and gift shopping refund

Tourists may check up on VAT i.e.IGIC refunds by the official AENA info here for goods purchased in Tenerife

Canary Center

  • Adress: Calle Marquéz Villanueva del Prado and/or Carretera Botanico
  • Suburb La Paz Tenerife of Puerto de la Cruz
  • Many boutiques with elegant fashion, rarely the latest though
  • Butcher for best meat loaf
  • Pharmacy
  • German book shop which also sells top tap water filters, herbal delights and top health products
  • The juice bar has disappeared
  • Second hand books bought and sold outside Supermercado 2000 Spar now Sumo beside the Canary Center
  • The shop 'Fame' with 2nds of designer clothes (new stuff) is gone
  • Tommy's shoe repairs was closed when i walked past by Easter 2015
    but there is a good one left in C/Valois opposite the Indian Shop Saroj.

El Arderno diabetic chocolates

I am excited to report that Tenerife Arderno Chocolate art from Buenavista and pastries are at the Canary Center opposite the 5 star Hotel Botanico in La Paz now, as well. Take a seat outside the shop in one of the lanes or on its terrace and enjoy Arderno products, some of which are sugar free.

Asian shop Saroj supermarket of Puerto Cruz

The Saroj supermarket of Puerto de la Cruz is my friend Angi's all time favorite for Indian condiments which she needs to supplement her Asian cooking. By the way, Fruteria Carmen of Longuera has closed shop because of retirement. There I used to get a great part of what is sold at Saroj. This means I am happy to go to Saroj now which are very helpful sales people.

Tenerife shopping Puerto Cruz Lidl chain

The long time awaited first Tenerife German supermarket, which is extremely popular on mainland Spain for quality and low prices opened its first mega-shop by Puerto de la Cruz near Las Arenas opposite La Villa Al Campo of La Orotava by TF5 on 4th of February 2010. Many more branches have been opened since then.

Discover, where to buy disguise attire besides from Lidl Tenerife, at the photo page carnival gear.

Mercadona my all time favorite

In fact, I do most of my Tenerife shopping Puerto Cruz at Mercadona Supermarket out of habit. I like its prices and huge choice of products. The one at Piramides shopping mall is even open on holidays. Certain things like water by 8 liter bottles or milk in bulk are cheaper at Alcampo to the best of my knowledge, but then I don't like to buy at too many different shops and Mercadona is excellent with many house brands. Smaller convenience shops by Corte Ingles called Supercor Puerto Cruz are now by the bus station and by Plaza del Charco. Only the latter has long shopping hours.

One of best stocked cosmetics shops of Tenerife

Perfumeria Ceylon Puerto de la Cruz
Perfumeria Ceylon on 'Plaza de Reyes Catolicos' and chapel San Telmo, a few steps from the Lago Lido Martianez is amazing. I would almost guaranty that you find what you need urgently in this large and helpful cosmetics outlet on the Colon and San Telmo beach front of Puerto de la Cruz. There you get everything that's sold by the big cosmetics shops in the Puerto hub and much more.

La Cupola shopping center La Paz Puerto Cruz

La Cupola shopping mall opposite the Botanic Gardens on the same road has a very large supermarket 'Trebol', small furniture shops, real estate agencies, a language school for adults, two IT service shops and other service providers of all sorts. Its Spanish IT shop is said to be also good for repairing notebooks.

Tenerife shopping Puerto Cruz La Paz is reached quickly by car on above said roads or by the steps leading up on the right of Pyramides Martianez which used to have an amazing infra structure, facilities and beauty. Unfortunately, many of its shops closed down during Recession. They are said to have moved to El Trompo of Alcampo Orotava for more traffic and cheaper rents. Everybody wonders, why the owners of the Martianez Mall don't lower shop rental prices.

The most stunning swimming resort of the Martianez pools is also in its very close vicinity where you find San Telmo beach front with one shop after the other selling 'all-sorts' from expensive or cheap clothes, top brand cosmetics and perfumes, beach ware, designer jewelry, Tenerife Island liquors, tobacco articles, handicrafts, cheap souvenirs, shoes, exquisite sweets, leather, travel goods and more.

Avenida Venezuela Puerto de la CruzAvda Venezuela with few selected shops
Day trips to leather factory 'Modas Diolae' Santa Ursula in Carretera Vieja no.12
A free bus to factory leaves every 30 min.in Avenida Venezuela Puerto Cruz 2 minutes from Piramides de Martianez commercial center as part of a service for Tenerife shopping.

Shops and malls not in Puerto de la Cruz

  • Zara and other Inditex outlets
  • Carrefour
  • Ikea
  • Big furniture shops and centers

Find all on the border of Puerto de la Cruz at La Villa Alcampo of la Orotava which reach by car from most parts of town within 10 minutes and less. Only Carrefour and Ikea are only found near in and near the capital Santa Cruz.

Second hand shop by Puerto de la Cruz

A second hand shop of interesting Tenerife business by Puerto de la Cruz.

Other important shopping links

Tenerife online shopping gives insider information on how buy on the island via Internet for Spanish fashion and more.

Business and shops in Longuera Toscal by Puerto de la Cruz.

Uncover secrets on special Tenerife shopping Puerto Cruz and surrounding Tenerife special shops to get cheaper organic produce, 200 different organic teas, best English meat loaf to take away and much more.

From Tenerife shopping Puerto Cruz back to shopping in Tenerife

Want to sleep over for your Puerto shopping?

Look at best choice for hotels while exploring Puerto de la Cruz shops. The biggest and best selection of Tenerife hotels all Yours to inspect.

Of course, there are some hand picked Puerto Cruz hotels, as well, while cheap ones may have rooms in need of revamping, although clean.

Find accommodation...
Discover Tenerife accommodation rental direct from owner...

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Please mind that the comment box below is meant to help others. In case you have a question or want to tell me something, kindly use this contact form.

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