Top craftworks in Tenerife's Ranilla.

Craftworks in Tenerife North have made the news more than once in 2014.

Ibero American Museum of La OrotavaIbero American Museum of La Orotava
Now, there are more than the outstanding works and artefacts of the Ibero American museum of La Orotava with its striking wall hangings, masks, colorful ceramics, basket ware and carvings.

A friend of mine who is a designer and artist and I took a closer look at the Ranilla crafts center in November 2014.

What is different about this new La Ranilla Espacio Artesano?

  1. It helps craftsmen by free marketing offline and online.
  2. It is located in one of most popular pedestrian zones of Tenerife which is famous for its street art where also best restaurants abound.
  3. It supplies innovative quality gifts made by hand to tourists and people with discerned taste.

In fact, this highly efficient platform at la Ranilla which represents craftworks in Tenerife,, such has the handmade jewels depicted beside has almost become a brand in a very short time. Also, it is by now virtually synonymous with the old quarters of Puerto de la Cruz by the same name.

The address of the crafts place

Calle Mequinez 59
Puerto de la Cruz
Open: 10a.m. to 8p.m.
Contact: Tel: 0034 629553069 or 922 385087 and

What's inside comes as a total surprise, as it's on a more individual and artistic level than the usual hand made things that are on offer on the island.

Tenerife exhitions centerTenerife exhibitions
This center of Tenerife exhibitions which is also a shop is tiny. It's in a former, little, blue fisherman house, five minutes on foot from the town center and hub Plaza del Charco.

Important to note is that it doesn't copy the traditional Tenerife handicrafts. Therefor, it's not a competing threat in that sense.

How are sales by the Ranilla craftworks in Tenerife handled?

Shop display of handicrafts TenerifeShop display
Every producer of the shop display of the craftworks in Tenerife has its own nook that is carefully chosen by the store organizers. Nothing there is bought to be exhibited. What isn't purchased by the public is returned to its makers before new exhibitors arrive.

A co-operation in every sense

What do you find at this small exhibition space La Ranilla?

You never encounter the same craftworks at Calle Mequinez no.59 month by month. That's why residents or visitors from abroad are encouraged to return every four weeks or every time they visit Tenerife.

Examples of items on the Ranilla shop's shelves

  • Hand made silk scarves by a local designer with most unusual style.
  • Pottery and sculptures made the Guanche way
  • Extraordinary musical instruments
  • Exceptional evening handbags
  • Tiffany glass products
  • Unusual wall hangings and felt works
  • Embroidery and crocheted goods
  • dolls and toys
  • greeting cards and calendars
  • Articles made of recycled material such as
    amazing jewels and ornaments made of used plastic.

La Ranilla Espacio ArtesanoLa Ranilla Espacio Artesano
There, at La Ranilla Espacio Artesano find gifts or souvenirs for those who are difficult to please, as they seem to have everything already.

La Ranilla Espacio Artesano crafts center tuition

  • Do you have spare time or are looking for a new hobby?
  • Do you want to learn how to make things by hand with
    the help of La Ranilla Espacio Artesano?
  • Would you like to supplement your income?

Then the Ranilla workshops called 'talleres' in Spanish and even its life style are for you to explore.

This gift store's organizers also give valuable business tips to talented craftsmen and women.

Ranilla handicrafts with its rotated treasures

Their shop's display space is very restricted. Producers put their names onto a waiting list to exhibit there. Only works of good standard are excepted. Several persons run the business of La Ranilla Espacio Artesano and take turns.

News 2016 for January gift wrap workshop

    La Ranilla workshop advertisement  for gift package makingLa Ranilla workshop advertisement

  • Tasks: 10 types of gift wrap package making for Christmas and other events
  • Spanish title: Empaquetado Creativo
  • When? Saturday 02, January, 2016 from 16.30-20.00
  • Where? C/Mequinez, 66 Tel: 0034 + 629 553 069
  • For whom: Everybody with very basic Spanish knowledge
  • Supplied: Ideas, materials, templates and more
  • Workshop fee: € 27

Craftworks for palms by La Ranilla workshopsCraftworks for La Ranilla palms in Calle Mequinez

Christmas events 2014 with la Ranilla craftworks

  • The Puerto Cruz Christmas Card competition at la Ranilla on December 06,2014.
  • Christmas sweets fair Calle Mequinez on December 07, 2014
  • All Tenerife events in C/Mequinez are organized by the Mayor's town hall together with the craft shop La Ranilla.

    The Puerto de la Cruz Festival of Wool

    Inauguration: December 2014
    Where: La Ranilla, C/Mequinez, Puerto de la Cruz
    When: December 7th, 2014 from about 11 a.m.onwards.
    Events: Shows about fabrics, its weaving, crocheting,
    felt crafts and natural dies.
    Informative talk show by Delia Escobar
    A related workshop for Euro 10 to sign up at

    Encounter other events by Tenerife Christmas markets and entertainment.

    Always look out for stalls with Ranilla craftworks at the Pinolere Orotava national craft fair early in September

    Craftworks in Tenerife of sacred art.

    Not to be missed are most precious things of a totally different nature. Admire them as exquisite embroidered garments, metal and carpentry works, paintings, sculptures and more. Where? At the  Puerto de la Cruz Museo de Arte Sacral of the church of Nuestra Señora de la Peña Francia by Calle Quintana.  

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