Much more than Pinolere craft shopping at its fair.

The Pinolere crafts market with workshops of three days takes place at the end of summer. It's an important national fair of the Canary Islands. It is located in most unusual, multi level surroundings in a spacious i>ethnographic park( Tel: 0034 + 922 336733 and 922 222678). .

Its countryside halfway up from the famous Corona Forestal and the Caldera of Aguamansa is more than often a lush green jewel under blue skies.

  • Location: Orotava ethnographic museum and park where trees with ripe walnuts often shade market stalls
  • Set-up: Several levels with customary threshing circles breaking the monotony between many a
    thatched stone house without windows, some of which open on two sides.

  • An open workshop for iron forging and metal art by a blacksmith from Icod de los Vinos in a threshing circle between traditional rural structures.

  • An offline workshop where mostly kids seem to have great fun making pottery at Realejo Bajo with Tel: 922 353593 to confirm the time.

  • Traditional musical instruments and pottery on sale

  • A Stall for buying entire loaves of country bread
  • Sale of traditional pastry ware displayed under mosquito nets
  • A delicious slice of sugar free almond cake made with Stevia which i couldn't resist to taste.

  • An innovative beer for surfers by Tacoa
  • Ecological Ales, i.e. by the Vegan beer stall which sold at the fair from €1.50
    to €3 made by Tierra de Perros of Los Realejos

  • A stall with bird cages by a seemingly content Domingo Suarez Ortega
    from Gran Canaria who is showing how they are done with Cane.
  • The popular " Gran Canaria iron smith Teror" who attracts big crowds with his iron hooks

  • Carpentry craftworks, such as beautiful bowls, ornaments and kitchen utensils
  • Artistic fans with various designs
  • Some stall with the popular Ranilla craftworks of Puerto de la Cruz
  • Wares made by "A Manita Modista" the Santa Cruz Tenerife fashion desiger for made to measure garments.

  • A square, red house with flat roof that's housing
    a Pinolere ethnographical Museum in the park center
  • Two 19 century cameras on legs exhibited by the main museum of the ethnographic park

  • Happy Tenerife bee by prime Fuchsias at a grey wall
    in a protected passage with wheel chair access

  • A park horse dance at 7 at night with the exhibited life size horses called los Caballos Fuscos made of colorful paper cuttings
  • Tenerife Folk music
  • How get to Pinolere of La Orotava?

    I ignored the shuttle bus. Instead, I walked for more than half an hour uphill from the 345 Tista bus stop (catch it in Puerto Cruz or Orotava) The road leaves little space for pedestrians and utmost care must be taken with traffic in two directions.

    The roadside reward to track to the fairgrounds

    • Vineyards with isolated farmsteads plus village houses by the narrow, winding motorway C/Alzados Guanches
    • Surprising views after every road bent to Cuesta de la Villa by the ocean
    • Cedars and pines on sometimes rugged hills with fat goats roaming in between
    • A parking ground on the left, 100 meters below the fair grounds
    • By the cars, a ruin of an ethnograpic structure without the thatch roof but bare, jumbled up twigs. Not done by Guanche natives, by the way.
    • A tall red house on the top right indicating the end of the steep trek
    • The village chapel on an elevated flower yard beside the Pinolere entrance
    • Gay paper garlands all around fan the air in festival mood
    • Some bars and a small supermarket opposite the shuttle bus terminal
    • A smoking restaurant chimney opposite promises barbecued meat and the like
    • One fairground entrance fee only of €2,50
      that includes a free ride back to La Orotava bus station
    • Walking options from Pinolere by a 6 km trip to la Caldera by Aguamansa (or by bus 345)

    Wondering about the economic side of the fair

    Mostly locals bought cheese, bread and pastries. Some men purchased novelty beers, while some tourists went for crafts. However, the exhibitors need to sell so much more. The fair is highly interesting, but most seem to see it above all as a large exhibition center for Canary Island traditional crafts and novelties. It certainly is a fantastic location for a family outing with fun for any age. Lets hope that the expected 30000 visitors and the sunny period of the 2015 event made a difference with the expenses of the 3 day fair.

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      Museum Ethnographic by Pinolere

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