La Caldera Aguamansa Tenerife nature at its best

La Caldera a prehistoric, volcanic cauldron of La Orotava is a botanical miracle to explore.

It even includes a recreation center.

Its countryside of ancient forests is covered in fog from Atlantic trade winds from about 4p.m. onward, daily.

Ferns are on its outskirts. However, a different world starts less than a mile from it on the slopes of Aguamansa. Aguamansa means plenty water which starts by the Caldera.

News about the Caldera during the Coronavirus lockdown of Tenerife

This La Orotava picnic spot was one of seven parks that was opened again during the Corona lock-down on Tenerife Island from June 27 of 2020 onward. 

Moss, Lichen and plenty water which means aguamansa in Spanish abound inside the forest.

Find it about at 1100 meters above the sea, less than a mile above the Aguamansa restaurant.

Aguamansa is also a village by that name. It's uphill from La Orotava  by the TF21 motorway.

All this is on the way to el Portillo of the Canadas del Teide.  A forest road  almost opposite the Titsa 435 bus stop leads to La Caldera a sunken Magma chamber of way back.

This so called cauldron looks like a rounded, sunken valley with a diameter of roughly 100m. A play ground with wooden jungle gym equipment in its center is surrounded by green grass and moss.

Endemic trees at La Caldera Aguamansa Tenerife

Pines, cedars, Laural specimen and other endemic trees are on the slopes which hug it.

Rustic wooden benches and tables on one side invite in the shade of the indigenous trees for celebrations outdoors.

Most welcome during the heat of summer. Bricked up grill places are nearby. Of course, there are toilets as well. However, don't expect camping or backpacking accommodation.

There is a large car park outside.

Amarradero Caballerias horse parking wall in the forest.

A nearby wall called "Amarredera Caballerinas" has large iron rings to attach your horse, safely.

Many tiny, blue Chaffinches were hopping on the ground under trees, when i passed by in January 2014. Unfortunately, they took flight immediately. No chance to catch them on camera.

Turn right up the hill from this center.

You will get to more than one Aguamansa "Casa de Agua". Such a Casa is a fountain where an abundance of water arrives from the mountains. This is Aguamansa at its base. Many natural stones protect those water channels. The mossy rocks are covered with brilliant shades of green.

This is Laurisilva country, as is obvious to see. However, most Laurals are found further inland.

Needless, to say, this small version of a Macaronesian rain forest cannot compete with the upper Laurisilva regions of La Gomera's Garajonay that is close to Tenerife. Nevertheless, the foggy forests by Aguamansa are still a must see, while most impressive in early Spring. Also, not to worry... It never gets as cold as may happen at almost 3800m height on Mount Teide further on.   

La Caldera Aguamansa starting point for hikers

La Caldera of Aguamansa Tenerife seems to be the most strategic assembly point for walks of the island in all sorts of directions. Find more in this list here.

Volcanic Calderas versus volcano craters

From La Caldera back to Tenerife

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