Residential property
in Tenerife found in two weeks of holiday

Richard said:  "Let's all get some residential property in Tenerife,   in this paradise island!

Flowers like multi colored bougainvillea are almost everywhere"...
Ha!  He had this funny way of talking.  We knew that commercial real estate didn't apply.
"Come on",  he concluded,  'we shall have great winter holidays on the island'. The island's climate is unbeatable. 
   'You've seen how ugly and gray the river is during a dreadfully long winter,  when you look out of my D├╝sseldorf windows.

Sometimes, no sun for 3 months!'... 

'Depressing!',  added Sonia his wife.

My husband,  J.Peter, and I had no problem with ice,  frost bites,  and sad moods. However, we were looking forward to Tenerife eternal spring.

Where we lived in Africa,  sauna type humidity and heat almost killed us from December to February.

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A Tenerife vacation property as island recluse

In those days of 1997, our friends and us had so much to talk about,  besides the residential property in Tenerife project.
They wanted to live in Tenerife on retirement , while our ideas were different. In those days of 1997, our friends and us had so much to talk about,  besides the residential property in Tenerife project.

How find the Tenerife properties, we wanted, fast?

Real estate agents were very busy in this era,  before the Euro was introduced. Demand for Tenerife property was very high.

The above view of Puerto de la Cruz view from a friend's balcony kept us excited. We extended our searches from there to the outskirts later. What you see in the shown picture is only a small coastal part of Puerto Cruz by the Orotava Rincon a bay of romantic beaches.

Hard to take real estate decisions

On our first evening out we discovered much property for sale,  already. We saw apartments, above al.
How come? We could see them displayed in all windows of real estate agencies in the town's hub.
In case that you were interested in tracing residential property in Tenerife with your own or, your rented car here is a great help:
To assist you in finding  routes and addresses in the biggest of all Canary Islands please,  go to, get a Gamin navigator or simply use Google on your smartphone to navigate for your car.  It can be real hard to find your way around in Tenerife. Not even road names are indicated well, at times. You may lose precious time finding them except for some which are in maps of Tenerife.

A good plan to buy property

We had worked out a good plan to buy Tenerife property because of our deadline.

Did we stick to all the points of the plan to find residential property in Tenerife?

We did, except for the real estate solicitor. 'Not necessary'..., my husband said... We didn't need one, in fact. We had a very good real estate agent who took care of everything for us and we never worried about  property fraud in Tenerife and Spain.

By the way, even, in those days,  interesting, cheap
flights to Tenerife from Europe
  were available.

Spanish ID NIE to purchase real estate.

We applied straight away for the NIE document a Spanish ID. You can't buy property in Tenerife without it.

Today, I am still surprised  that we got it in time within two weeks. 

The Tenerife North hub of the town of our booking of
 our Tenerife holiday of Spain displayed property
for sale, virtually, on every street corner.

Many agentes de Inmobiliarias which means real estate agents or, agencies in English offered land, villas called chalets by the locals, apartments and studios. The ones in Puerto de la Cruz still had their doors open, just before 9 at night,  when  we strolled through the streets.

But,  mind that they are still taking Siestas...Usually between 1pm  and 5pm...That meant lovely vacation time for us, while we encountered enough of
Tenerife's entertainment  at night.

Dreaming of residential property in Tenerife

Richard was dressed in a suit. His wife was just as elegant. All this for residential property in Tenerife? Ha! The hunt had started. My hubby? Well, he looked his usual self with his glasses, his well groomed beard.It wasn't always like that...
More than a polo shirt and corduroys would have been  too much of an effort for him. But, his appearance was respectable. Oh, by the way,that's me on the right dressed like a tourist on Puerto's Plaza  Charco. Sorry, I've still got to find the right  photo with my husband.

Why have I talked so much about appearance? Look, it simply was amazing how much the agents helped us! Did they take us for prospective, wealthy buyers? Mind, on the double...
We got our first appointments to see  Tenerife residential property, the morning after.

It belonged to a British banker. Our friends set their  eyes on that home. But..., no deal to get the luxury villa  after a few days of cautious haggling... Call it a budget problem or shortage of cash. Our friends were not interested in Tenerife mortgages or other credits for it. 
My husband and I saw many an apartment as well as Tenerife studio apartments. A whole week was quite packed with real estate inspections. I almost continued looking for Tenerife real estate in my sleep.

We were shown several tiny studios known in the US as condominiums near our real  estate agent's offices in Calle La Hoya.  This is a beautiful pedestrian street with  bars, cafes and shops. However, we had slightly bigger residential real estate in mind than what was available there.

We were wondering why there were not many
luxury apartments around and,  didn't know
why North  Tenerife penthouses were in short supply contrary to 'azoteas'.
Then, my husband fell in love with a  potato finca which was a small farm.

How did this happen?
Curiosity set the ball rolling. So off we went to have a look at a Tenerife potato finca. 

Oh, and we also admired vineyards from outside.
A vineyard might have made a lovely residential property in Tenerife for our friends but,  none were for sale.

We  really got to see the island  during our interesting  Tenerife holiday.

We were not after land nor into off-plan property. Residential property scaled down our search. Only one more week to go, to  find our holiday home and to  buy!

What did we find?

Not what we had planned for... Nope... You know, life can be full of surprises... Real estate in Tenerife  surprises...
A charming old house of La Orotava hidden treasures at twenty minutes from Puerto de la Cruz. It all came very unexpected for our friends. Discover our 
adventurous Orotava townhouse inspection.

A penthouse with incredible views

J.P. had an incredible stroke of luck to find suitable residential property in Tenerife. Discover some photos of the  holiday home Tenerife under the skies. So much to our tracing of interesting residential property in Tenerife which we found utterly exciting, last not least.

Needless to say is that we acquired our first Spanish phrases during our property hunt. Mind being with bilingual friends also helped us to learn Spanish.

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Mr and Mrs.Plambeck

Mr.and Mrs.Plambeck used to assist with all kinds of advice for ownership protection and tax for residential  property in Tenerife. Unfortunately, this isn't possible any more, as Mrs. Plambeck went into retirement after her husband passed away.
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Blevins Franks Financial advice and Tax consultants
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