Plaza del Charco a small must know town square

Plaza del Charco de los camarones alias shrimps the main town square of Puerto de la Cruz carries a peculiar name.

About 200 years ago, the location of the yard was located even lower than now. Then, it was easy for the ocean to fill its shallow pond the charco with sea creatures which were shrimps.

This water hole dried up, eventually. The camarones stuck to its name.

This square became the hub of town and is anything else than laid back.  Something seems to happen always. Also, celebration music can get quite loud in this spot until the wee hours of the morning.

The square's size may be 5000 square meters that are part of the pedestrian hub.

Centenarian Pride of India trees from Cuba and many endemic Phoenix Palms turn the square into a semi shaded oasis. The sun above and between them makes a sport of it to still manage to warm the people on the benches below.  

This Puerto town yard by its little harbor is totally unlike squares of the world built for big showy military parades.

On normal days, nobody by this Plaza that evolves around a fountain seems to be in a rush.

No noisy railway and underground stations are there.  A couple of buses are passing on its border. Taxi drivers wait there calmly to be of service.  There are some other vehicles. 

They drive slowly to the Muelle parking or circle around the hub. That's as bad as it gets.

Changes done to the former Plaza of shrimps of Puerto Cruz.

They took place nine years after the deluge of 1826 in the Orotava Valley. Then, a tidal wave flooded the Plaza del Charco de los Camarones. Then,  people had to go around it in boats. Now,  the square is more elevated with plant borders all around. Stairs of different height help to get on top besides wheel chair facilities.

The interesting Plaza photo reveals that no steps are needed there. Why? The square is on slightly sloping grounds.

Other small improvements happened over time. Some have disappeared,  but not the Dynamico Cafe that was introduced by the middle of the XX century. Only its live concerts seem to have stopped. Today, it's mainly a meeting place to consume small snacks and drinks.

The small musical podium was added late in the last century or even early in XXI for the numerous town celebrations. However, some bands are too large. See them act below this stage during La Mueca festival by the Plaza.

Novelties of Summer 2019 on the main Puerto square

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It's amazing that the Hotel Tropical fresh new look in blue and white can already be spotted from a 30m distance from Calle Quintana.

Some of the Puerto de la Cruz bars and  Cafés in its hub continue with live music when a prominent soccer match on their TV screens comes to an end, while the new Plaza Club Cafe the former Dynamico may have live music non stop on some days.

Interesting geology news of Plaza del Charco.

In 2007, a group of La Laguna university geologists had Plaza del Charco rocks evaluated for age in the USA. One was a local by name of Juan Carlos Carracedo Gomes. The material came from the volcanic cones of Las Arenas, Montaneta del fraile and one that has been removed.  The result found was 30000 years. This fact  contradicted a previous idea of 6oo years when Colombo saw an eruption of Tenerife in 1430. More about this important discovery by a link below.

Important shops and services of the Charco square.

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