The Tenerife Estanco for cheapest cigarettes or other.

Ever heard about the Tenerife Estanco or the one for all over Spain and the Spanish colonies?

It used to be one of most interesting business ventures in the past and very typical for the Spanish way of life.

However now, soon that government monopoly may  disappear like the unusual profession of the "Cochinero" the traveling piglet salesman of Icod del Alto.

Estanco Licoreria, 13 La Longuera ToscalEstanco Licoreria Toscal Longuera

The Estanco that replaced shop Tienda Fruteria Maria Carmen in 2015.

This new shop calls itself "Estanco" which is like an agency of the state of Spain.

It has no Titsa bus or Telephone cards, no postage stamps, no printed contracts and the like that you can buy. All those items would be typical for the genuine Timbre government Bazar, Kiosko i.e. the Estanco of Spain.

What's its merchandise?

  • Chocolates and sweets
  • Cool drinks
  • A large selection of alcohol and cigarettes, as often sold in an Estanco
  • .

    Liquor shop specials on billboard of shop named EstancoLiquror shop specials Realejos
  • Original Marlboros as part of its liquor shop specials for just under € 35,00/carton.
  • A milder locally produced brand by the same name at a cheaper price.
  • A Chesterfield on special for €30,00/carton a price that needs confirming for June 2018
  • Coronas rubias (red) for €25,00/carton
  • A competitive Rum called AREHUCAS 1,5L for €12,75 with ice and 5 glasses (Most probably about €15 or 16 by June 2018)

Mind that those prices will not be cast in stone.

The shop attendant said that some of its goods are cheaper than at the Mercadona and Hiperdino supermarkets but he wouldn't know corresponding Alcampo prices.

The other helpful service it renders is the charging of mobile phones.

Address of the Estanco Toscal Longuera

Estanco Licoreria
Calle La Longuera,13
38410 Toscal Longuera - Los Realejos
Tenerife - Spain

Short history of the Spain and Tenerife Estanco

Estancos date back more than 400 years. Initially, they were a means for the government to collect in advance luxury tax for Tobacco and related articles as well as alcohol by way of licenses. Postage stamps were the third basic service. That's why some Estancos have "Timbre" and "Correos" written on their shop facade.

The estanco by the little port of Puerto de la Cruz

The first Estanco agency shop I knew was pointed out to me by a lawyer on Plaza del Charco in 2003. He sent me to Don Francisco's to get a document to apply for the "Últimas voluntades" that are needed for inheritance in Spain.

Don Francisco's Estanco has been around now for 111 years since 1904.

He took it over as a family business, long time ago.

Tenerife Estanco of Don Francisco Puerto CruzTenerife Estanco a real one

Tenerife Estanco of Don Francisco

Estanco Timbre Francisco Gómez Baeza.
Azul Victoria Severin for Severin appliances
C/.Santo Domingo, 4
(opposite the Puerto harbor) 38400 Puerto de la Cruz(Tenerife)
Telfs.: 922 388728 and 617 502844
Fax: 922 334197
(no closing hours over lunch)

The elderly Don Francisco is a charming gentleman of the old school. He has a track record for helping very much.

Notice that his shop with a regular yellow government postal box in its entrance is more like a store although it looks rather small.

Spain post office box of Don FranciscoSpain post office box

Insider tips for Don Francisco's good Tenerife Estanco

  • A superb place to know for more than postage stamps when you hate cues.
  • A shop with time for a friendly chat
  • Sale of government approved real estate rental contracts
  • Contracts for business premises or garage rentals on offer
  • "Ultimas voluntades" forms available

No need for a lawyer or a Gestor agent for some chores, as long as you know a little Spanish or have an acquaintance who does. Go to the Teneife Estanco of Don Francisco... Any holiday home in Tenerife owner with any kind of problems could only win by consulting this Cosmopolitan man who speaks Spanish, German, English and even some Norwegian and French. He will say that he will always try to assist as best he can.

Two recommended Estancos for liquor and cigarettes in Puerto Cruz

    Bazar Raj Estanco Tabaco and Liquor Puerto CruzBazar Raj Estanco Tabaco Puerto Cruz
  • Bazar Raj Estanco Tabaco Calle San Juan, 13 with large liquor stocks
  • Souterrain Galeria San Telmo Estanco for Tabaco, some liquor and island souvenirs
    located opposite Playa San Telmo

Cheapest Marboros in Tenerife?

Raj in Calle San Juan seems to have the cheapest classic Marlboro cigarettes. They cost €27,95 while Chesterfields are on par with the Longuera's Estanco. However, Raj stocks the excellent Brandy Cardenal Mendoza for under €23 which is a real bargain with more surprises on the shelves.

Want to own an Estanco business in Tenerife?

  • Only for people with European Union passport
  • Only for persons with clean credit records and the like
  • Subject to the law of the municipality where the Estanco will be

Only a limited amount of those government agency shops exist with 52 listed in Tenerife's Yellow Pages. Their shop licenses are said to be expensive. Bear this in mind in case you want to acquire such an existing business or even a franchise of it.

The following of Arona may also sell "Últimas Voluntades" application forms:
Estanco Bazar and Papeleria Arco Iris
C/Luciano Bello, 7
38626 Buzanada ARONA

Tenerife Estanco versus mainland Spain Estancos

General information for Estancos in Spain in Spanish only

From Tenerife Estanco back to La Longuera the suburb by Puerto Cruz to live cheap

 Puerto de la Cruz carnival and what Don Francisco thinks about its history.

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