Entertainment Tenerife in a nutshell for vacation and life style

Much of big entertainment Tenerife is already listed under attractions, such as steady fun at Loro Park, street spectacles by Carnival, La Mueca, Halloween, Romerias or other festivals like San Andres as well as religious Fiestas and events that often last a few days or even weeks.

Fun restaurants, bars, clubs and more

Restaurante Casona live jazz TenerifeRestaurante Casona live jazz Tenerife.

Restaurante Casona live Jazz in Puerto Cruz used to be just one example. It has been closed until further notice since 2019, unfortunately, which leaves us with free Jazz during the Heinecken Jazz Festival in Tenerife as well as during the Mueca art festival and at the Realejos Slow Food restaurant in Summer.  Then, there is Spanish news for Tenerife Jazz.

Other locations for free entertainment Tenerife

Encounter free music, some of which Karaoke,  or art exhibitions in clubs, cafés and above all by Tenerife places for eating out which are bars or restaurants, such as this one in La Orotava People have real parties in sports bars when their favorite soccer club has won an important match.

Free and paid for entertainment Tenerife South

  • Golf del Sur Taboo Nightclub/dance-bar with food and drinks
  • Las Galletas harbor Restaurant with diverse live music
  • Aldea Blanca with entertainment on a grand scale
  • Castillo San Miguel Medieval Banquets with live jousting tournament and real horses as well as a dance floor
  • Restaurante Tajinaste La Caldera's occasional live music events
  • Karaoke for charity at Restaurant Green Corners
  • Occacional free entertainment Tenerife organized fun for kids at this Santiago del Teide beach
  • Los Gigantes speed boat fun which needs to be paid for
  • Seeing real whales by Los Gigantes

Casa Verde in Calle Vieja Puerto de la Cruz

Encounter this merry, popular bar with Mediterranean style music by Puerto's main square almost always full to the brim in Winter. So is the Irish Molly Malone live entertainment establishment by Puerto's harbor until about end of March.

Hotel entertainment

Many Tenerife hotels used to provide some animation entertainment for tourists

Marquesa Hotel with its live music veranda entertainment on the house

Concerts, some of which require tickets

Tenerife Park entertainment

Entertainment Tenerife history

It all started with the Fiesta de la Cruz of Los Realejos as a church event. This happened in the first decade of the 16th century. Then, the archbishop Diego de los Moros of San Cristobal de la Laguna made it mandatory for Realejos to worship la Cruz the Crucifix. It had to be on every second of May by street processions. Much entertainment including fireworks in honor of the cross followed fast.

Taoro Congress Center for dancing

The Puerto Cruz casino slogan in the olden days was 'Let's dance the night away'.

It happened precisely at the Taoro Congress Center which was right beside the Casino of Parque Taoro.

The last classical Christmas concert at this former Taoro Congress place was announced by loudspeakers of a town hall car in 2008.

Free movie at El Portillo

Tenerife Cinema movie fun about the birth and evolution of the island is offered by  free entertaining film shows of the Portillo visitors center.

Fun events published by Town Halls

Many villages have their own little concerts and presentations, such as nativity plays which are much loved by children. There used to be a lovely puppet show in Los Realejos every Christmas which was directed by an Argentinian lady called Pope from La Orotava whom I knew.

Work shops  for painting, drawing, photography as well as cooking at the TEA exhibition center provide entertainment on the biggest of all Canary Islands.

Entertainment Tenerife announcement by Radio

  • Wave length 100.8-101 FM for soccer;
  • Power FM Radio on 91.1 FM - 91.9 FM as popular entertainment and general info channel
  • A new broad-caster by English Radio is Fresh FM at FM 102

Rural entertainments Tenerife

La Azotea culture entertainment

Find interesting information on Azotea entertainment here

Where people create outdoor amusements in forests

There are many public places for traditional picnic with folk entertainment in the Tenerife mountains or by gorges. Once, I joined at a barbecue of a hiking club at Parque Ramon Caminero. That's near the Caldera picnic park.

Parque Ramon Caminero La OrotavaParque Ramon Caminero La Orotava

More than once, I went to la Caldera Agua Mansa,  30 minutes from La Villa where a friend had her birthday parties three years in a row. Both parks have toilets and are about ten minutes by car apart.

Another popular barbecue spot for outdoor entertainment is the Parque Barranco Ruiz which translates into Ravine of Ruiz Park .

Basically, each and everybody can arrange for entertainment such as a big birthday party in any of those aereas de recreaciónes de Tenerife or Tenderete, as the locals say.

All sorts of Tenerife organized outings provide professional animator entertainment which starts inside the tour coaches that take you to the picnic parks. 

Entertainment Tenerife by Tenderete

Tenderete musicians also provide much fun with their street concerts. Tenderete is Canary Island folk music with the band Los Sabandeños being the best.

Outside Raves

  • By the Auditorio of Santa Cruz often for new year's Eve
  • By the Auditorium Infanta Leonor in Los Cristianos in Avda.Juan Carlos I
  • By National TV

Other visual and audio enjoyment

  1. Magma Art and Congress Center (Magma A&C)
    Avda.de los Pueblos, s/n
    38660 Costa Adeje, Tel: 922 793987
  2. Tenerife capital Recinta de Ferias y Congresos
     a Congress and show center next to the Parque Maritimo of the Tenerife capital
  3. Theatre Guïmera the oldest Canary Island Theater in Santa Cruz Tenerife
  4. Teatro Cine Victor of Santa Cruz at Plaza la Paz
  5. Auditorio Teobaldo Power of La Ortava by the bridge of Plaza de la Constitución

Sports club entertainment Tenerife

Mind again for members and visitors the Tennis club Los Realejos La Romantica with Saturday grills with live Jazz .
However, always consult your local English Tenerife newspaper, billboards and fliers as well as English Radio stations mentioned above before doing a trip 'out of the blue' to some place remembered from a past visit...

Find out from your local golf and other sports clubs what entertainment they have planned...

Best clubs and entertaining bars

  • Club Azucar Puerto Cruz new location, as by its Facebook Page
  • Avenida Colon dance cafés in and around Café de Paris by Lago Lido Martianez Puerto Cruz
  • Friendship clubs of Tenerife Spain of all sorts
  • Most famous Tenerife capital party street
  • Religious institutions with their own entertainment, such as the Anglican Church of Taoro Park as well as the Skandinavian Church in Puerto de la Cruz

Why Noche en Blanco dates can't be relied upon

Tenerife festivals with food trucks on tour

Back to here which is to Fiesta del Carmen alias Fiestas de Julio in Puerto de la Cruz, now, above all in its Cabalgata, while Los Realejos rather sticks to its old traditions

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La Laguna entertainment pub

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