Lovely Calle Quintana of Puerto de la Cruz.

The Puerto de la Cruz Calle Quintana isn't just any pedestrian road in the old quarters.

This pedestrian road that's easily walked with leisure in a few minutes was named after a famous Tenerife painter whose works are found in important churches of the entire archipelago.

It joins the most picturesque parts of town, namely La Ranilla,  the Muelle with its port and Costa Martianez. It links with the Windy Corner and San Telmo and snorkel beach as well as Avda. Colon's Esplanade with Lago Martianez.
It goes past two beautiful park-like town squares with two churches and a language school. Parque San Francisco for event celebrations is on its way.
It leads to the main Plaza the hub of town with many quaint shops,  buzzing  Tascas and bars .

Hotels and holiday accommodation in Calle Quintana.

The two oldest  hotels the one named after a Marquesa and Hotel Monopol are found next to each other in this central town passage that's now wheel chair proof. A third hotel that's by Plaza del Dr.Victor Perez is Hotel de los Principes. It has been abandoned, except for shops and bars on the bottom floor. Its infrastructure is not fit for modern tourism any more and needs to be adapted. It has been up for sale for some time. There, a holiday home rental agency is almost opposite church San Francisco.

Monuments and celebrities

By Plaza del Charco on the bottom of our pedestrian passage stands a little fountain. A bust of a much loved former mayor crowns it. 

They call him Good Man El Hombre bueno, as he cared more for his people than others.

Plaza Dr.Victor Pérez by church San Francisco honors another much favorite man of the town. This doctor helped to promote health tourism via the Taoro Hotel.

The most famous celebrity of this neighborhood was Agústin de Bethencourt y Molina an engineer and scientist who was even held in great esteem by Tsar Peter of Russia. Bethencourt was born in the mansion that later was turned into Hotel Monopol.  

Alexander von Humboldt

was a guest at Hotel MarquesaHemingway and Agatha Christie were familiar with this ancient street, not that long ago. Even Churchill and Onassis have set foot there, as news writers wrote, some decades ago. 

Calle Quintana a center for art and culture.

Street musicians and artists love the Quintana Road for its wide stairs that are ideal stage spots.  That's where you get to the Church Iglesia de Nuestra Señora de Peña Francia with its its sacred art museum. A sculptured fountain in front draws attention. Church holidays, such as Easter Friday, Christmas and Fiesta del Carmen turn this part of town into a most attractive stage by spectacular processions along Quintana road.

However, also more worldly celebrations, such as Folk Fiestas,  the Mueca art event and the Flower Festival give it much credit.

The cultural institution IEHCAN the Canarian Instituto de Estudios Espanicos at Number 18 is another important icon that needs to be mentioned.

Calle Quintana has some wonderful Canary Island architecture with large ornate wooden balconies that give it flair.

The surrounding neighborhood.

Cobble stone side streets lead off from it to the spectacular Vintage art nouveau Ebano Cafe, to a vegetarian insider Restaurant and interesting, little  boutiques in  more pedestrian zones, such as Calle Hoya. There, the Bee Hive Pub I Puerto's oldest sports bar and several health shops excel.
Banco de Santander is on a Corner with Calle San Juan, while flower sellers offer their wares opposite on a make shift market on work days.

What's new?

The birth street of Bethencourt has been revamped in 2016 to make it safer for everybody and manageable for all who can't walk. It was worth it for the street's gift, souvenir, electronic shops and agencies to bear the inconvenience for more than a year.

From Calle Quintana back to Puerto de la Cruz

About the most important Canary Island Baroque Painter Quintana from La Orotava here

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