The Bee Hive Pub 1 is a popular British sports bar in Puerto Cruz Tenerife.

Actually, I stumbled upon the Bee Hive Pub 1 sports bar off Calle Iriarte when I came from the British bookshop Stratford.

Bee hive pub1 Puerto de la Cruz TenerifeBee hive Pub1 Tenerife
Actually, I stumbled upon the Bee Hive Pub 1 sports bar off Calle Iriarte when I came from the British bookshop Stratford.

Steep roads and suburbs on hills belong to the charm of Puerto de la Cruz. I was surprised to suddenly spot an intriguing Pub and bar at the end of a steep alley way called Calle Casino off Calle Iriarte. I could read Bee Hive Pub and discovered later that it was in Calle Hoya.

Charming pub in enchanting setting

This pedestrian road was bathed in a mellow light where big yellow umbrellas cast some shade together with small leafy trees. All added to the street's picturesque charm. This is the Puerto Cruz Tenerife which I loved so much when my late husband and I hunted for a holiday home in Tenerife around Easter 1997.

Otherwise, many ravishing little boutiques, galleries and agencies add colorful interest to Street C/ la Hoya. A few stone benches invite you for rests while you may take in all that provincial splendor of a town where almost everybody seems to have time, while business is done at leisure.

Sports bar with much memorabilia  in Puerto de la CruzSBritish ports bar Tenerife Spain

Bee hive Pub 1 a buzzing spot

This cozy English Bar which refers to the humming of bees is not quiet, but not noisy, either. It's one of many Tenerife bars of all sorts a vibrating hangout for socializing British expats who don't only love watching soccer there.

Call this sports bar with all its sports memorabilia an expat club. That description isn't far fetched.

The Bee hive Pub has two entrances. One is for a games room. The other one has a billboard on top where also read 'British Atmosphere'...

British soccer team banners  in Puerto Cruz pub
British vibes are everywhere, indeed. Make out countless banners of British soccer teams,, such as Manchester United. Click the photo banner to enlarge it... Spot Cardiff Devils, Runcorn F.C., Alton and more. Go to this sports pub and check its whole displayed collection under the ceiling by the long bar. Of course, names of famous football clubs like real Madrid and FC Barcelona are not amiss.

This Pub rather strikes me like an English club for soccer fans.

British expats in Tenerife Puerto Cruz sports pub
Admire the jolly trio of British expats of Tenerife whom I caught on camera in March 2012.

Don't only find Puerto Cruz British expats there but regular winter visitors who rent or own a holiday home in Tenerife.

The owner of the Bee Hive Pub 1 is a local who is married to an English woman. He employs Portuguese waiters.

Best English beers and snacks like genuine pies and UK breakfasts are on offer, while prices are very reasonable.

La colmena specials by a Puerto sports pub
Look at the poster of La Colmena specials for a Pint of beer for €2 for example. The latter is subject to change, of course. La Colmena is the Spanish name of this sports bar.
By the way, any other English sport is celebrated at the Beehive, as its TV sports channel is on non stop.

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