Puerto de la Cruz Tenerife is getting exciting again


Puerto de la Cruz El Puerto was the former Orotava harbor until it became a Tenerife town in the XIX century.

In 2017,  the latest municipal renovations of the San Telmo beach 
as well as Calle Quinana were finished, while Calle Iriarte, C/San Juan and many others followed suite until the end of 2019. Also, many palms have been planted in the streets of the hub for more tropical appeal. Some even by the harbor.

All this thanks to the town's previous Mayor Lope Afonso who did so much to get the oldest Tenerife resort back onto the tourist track, some of which only came to an end after he had left. Many hotels were also renovated thanks to his continuous efforts, while the grand Hotel Taoro was also on his agenda of success.

Much great breakthrough can only be noticed, lately. Many handicapped tourists with motorized wheel chairs join new visitors, in many streets of the hub now.

Town news for getting around

There are now charge points for all electrical cars in Calle Santo Domingo. This too thanks to the foresight of the previous Alcalde del partido PP.

In fact, now Calle Quintana by Plaza de la Iglesia contributes much to even turn the big Easter procession the Procesión Magna of Good Friday into a town icon.   

Puerto Cruz sundown TenerifePuerto Cruz sundown

El Puerto is the smallest municipality of all Canary Islands. It has only 8,73km2 compared to neighboring Los Realejos with 57.08 km2 and La Orotava with 207,3 km2. It also has too many tall hotels that dominate its skyline, such as the one shown with sundown.

There, three story Canary houses hardly mix well with the sky-risers downtown. 

Fortunately, the town could preserve some very charming traditional buildings.

Puerto de la Cruz ruins or relics of culture?

Note in this context that it still has the biggest amount of ruins that are waiting to be restored. Why? Some are historical and not just picturesque.

Others are of high cultural and architectural interest, such as the Parque San Francisco theater where Casa Diaz Fragoso is to be incorporated as building of administration and other means.

Casa Tolosa has been taken care of, last not least and is being restored, as seen by the Tenerife holiday home insider end of June 2018.

Harbor town of traders and fishermen

The Puerto de la Cruz famous merchants of Malvasia, sugar cane and the purple dye Cochinilla have long gone. Left is some fishing folk. In fact, their latest tournament took place on March 05, 2016. The Virgen del Carmen is their patron. She is honored yearly in July by huge celebrations and the Fiestas del Carmen  

Not only Puerto's quaint old harbor invites for leisure outings. Punta Brava the fishing hamlet does so with good fish restaurants.

Enjoy enchanting sights at leisure with a long drink at El Puerto the ancient port, at the seafront San Telmo, at Martianez, at La Paz or at the garden beach. Use the Playa Jardin getting around design to find everything on this seaside.

Trace best views by night or by day, such as this one depicted beside... It reveals the currents of Atlantic surf waves at Martianez.

Catch this Puerto Cruz prime sight from a free look-out in Puerto's hilly suburb La Paz... By the way, an additional view point will be added there in 2018. When? As soon as the Paseo de los Cipreses alias Passage of Agatha Christie has been improved.

The North Tenerife resort of Eternal Spring

Puerto  hub C/QuintanaPuerto hub C/Quintana

Portrayed above is the street Calle Quintana that is seldom that empty of people.

Puerto de la Cruz the tiniest Tenerife province with flower superlatives non stop

The Puerto de la Cruz climate

Its temperatures are almost ideal for young and old with soothing 25 degrees Celsius in the sun in general. You get hardly less than 17 degrees Celsius during the day in winter.  More than 30 in summer, such as in August, are rare,  contrary to Tenerife South.

On the bottom of C/Quintana find Plaza del Charco. There Carnival lights trail above walkers and people that sit on a terrace. A typical scene of Tenerife winter holidays. Then, the gay parade called Mascarita Ponte Tacon is much 'en vogue', hence a real highlight.

Puerto de la Cruz within La Orotava Valley

Spot how small an area Puerto de la Cruz takes up in the Realejos bird view pictures by enlarging some of the photos. Its 35000 inhabitants are called Portuenses, by the way.

Tenerife fishing by girl in red Mini dress by San Telmo Puerto de la CruzPuerto fishing girl

Tenerife fishing Puerto's relaxing pass-time

Note the amazing girl in her red mini dress on your right... She is busy with fishing  by the touristy San Telmo beach front.

The dove in the photo's foreground, also couldn't care less about the huff and the puff of passing holiday makers. So much to contrasts in vibrant Puerto de la Cruz. No need to go far to switch off when on Tenerife holidays... The lone, red dressed fisher is proof of it.

By the way, there are more good Tenerife spots to catch fish  besides Plaza de Europa and the Puerto harbor.

Some families like to take fishing holidays around Christmas in Puerto Cruz. There since the start of the Recession in 2009,  it seems to be trendy to retrieve sharks from the ocean .

More and more festivals, Fiestas and concert events

Indeed, Puerto de la Cruz has become the Tenerife town with most  yearly repeat-festivals.  The Mueca  is one of them.

Click the photo below for more informatin about La Ranilla

Puerto Cruz art, culture and the environment

Indeed, the oldest Tenerife resort is famous for its cultural and artistic activities with much ecological interest, such as at Punta Brava.

Also in fact, the former fishing suburb of La Orotava has a very easy going attitude which is contagious on vacation.

Looking for hotels around Puerto?

Only hotels I know and like are recommended by me. I also tell you when something is not perfect.

Puerto Cruz accommodation much of which is of amazing character and beauty.

Admire the Puerto de la Cruz international celebrities Agatha Christie and Hemingway as live size wax figures at Sitio Litre. The Agatha Christie movie which followed during the 20th century on international cinema screens was just another symbol of applause for the oldest Tenerife resort. Click the photo to enlarge it... Sitio Litre is a stately old public mansion of the town. There were other famous dwellers in the oldest Tenerife resort. I hope not to repeat myself about Baron Humboldt, Michael Jackson and Bill Clinton. The last two were sleeping over at Hotel Botánico, though.

Old Quarters by Calle Lomo Puerto Cruz TenerifeOld quarters La Ranilla

Puerto de la Cruz peaceful breaks in the Old Quarters

Take time off there.

Bright colors of gaily dressed young people and tourists contrast with white washed buildings all around the central hub.  Aged dark timber, heavy brass or copper give the town the antique touch. However, that's more rare in the old quarters of la Ranilla. There a more humble fisherman style prevails.  Look out for any features.... Walk the cobble stones of C/Las Lonjas, stroll along C/San Felipe, C/Esquivel, C/Cruz and C/Zamora. Marvel at lovingly carved balconies and alcoves in C/Quintana, C/San Juan, C/Iriarte and C/Betancourt. Trace the value of the genuinely old... Step back in time by more than 200 years... Discover  soothing patios and picturesque scenes through open doors.  They often invite into plant filled taverns, where you can gaze at the stars in the sky. Step past historical sights and town squares in a calm way, while enjoying the nearby ocean air...

Church Pena Francia Puerto CruzChurch Peña Francia Puerto Cruz.

Not everybody is mad about Tenerife churches but, all agree that they must be visited for their original art work, alone. The old, massive church Iglesia of Nuestra Señora de Peña de Francia with its elegant, tall, square clock and bell tower (built 1603)must not be missed. It is just off  Calle Quintana with the popular Café Ebano in its back.

The Iglesia de Peña de Francia greets you with a heavy, dark wooden entrance door overgrown by bright red Bougainvilleas, while a flower filled park gives off its scents. Palms and trees offer shade to the people who rest there on benches.

However, not everything is perfect in this Tenerife town of writers, painters and fashion. Some of its buildings were built in too much of a hurry during last century, while it was forgotten to give them Canary Island flair.

Nevertheless, you will encounter so many other pleasing town details, that you will pardon this neglect.

Profit of special surrounding for a meal with a difference

This was possible until 2019 at the Aristocrat Mansion La Casona which dates back to XVIII. Closed now until further notice because the manageress has retired.

Sip a drink on the veranda of Hotel Marqueza and admire its inside patio. Or discover a similar one that has been better maintained at Hotel Monopol... Both hotels are neighbors in street C/ Quintana. This part of Puerto town is a must around Christmas during Tenerife winter holidays. Puerto de la Cruz folk groups which are dressed in traditional gear walk past singing Christmas carols, while some of their musicians play on unusual Tenerife instruments.

Meantime the festive decoration is lit up and enchants everywhere. Name me a better place in the sun for a holiday rest to regain your energies. There, it's quite unheard of to catch a winter cold.

Sorry the nostalgic Milo café in Calle San Juan beside the chemist is gone. I loved it so much.

Go see a Spanish movie at the cinema opposite...

Church San Francisco Puerto CruzChurch San Francisco

Don't miss the tiny town square Plaza de Doctor Victor Perez by C/Quintana, just off Plaza del Charco. There, the old Hotel de los Principes has been closed since June 2008. In September 2009, I saw its bottom restaurant open again. Rest opposite on a park bench and glimpse into the open entrance of church San Francisco on the other side... Watch a happy world go by from this enchanting, typical Puerto de La Cruz square. Of course, it's also a good spot to sit and to read a book under palms. You may listen to the sound of dripping water from the fountain with elephant ear plants. Meantime the pink and red petunias in the flower beds give off a slightly, sweet smell.

Church San Francisco at Plaza Dr.Perez

It has an amazing Virgin Mary sculpture with incredibly real looking tears.

The bright colors of church details will also astound you, while red gold strikes us as very Latin.

Canadian pine ceilings in Mudejar style and heavy wooden doors give it the typical Canary Island as well as Spanish character.

By the way, you will find more technical and historic info about these churches by the culture link at the end of this article.

Ebano Cafe

Cafe Ebano Puerto Cruz  TenerifeCafe Ebano

The photo beside is with a cafe Ebano man reading . The cakes in this café and bar are even better than at Cafe de Paris.

Everything near Cafe Ebano is pretty normal, such as some fancy fashion boutiques and a vegetable shop. However, there is something very special at the corner cafe. Do those vibes at Cafe Ebano only come from its vintage shop and what's it got to do with the Vegetarian/Vegan restaurant next door?


Discover the secrets and delights of Tenerife shopping Puerto Cruz ...

Puerto de la Cruz charm, street and beach front scenes

Memories of a holiday

Apartments of Puerto Cruz and their streets

A hunt for a holiday home in Tenerife




Discover Tenerife accommodation Longuera at only 10 minutes from Puerto de la Cruz which is sometimes available for long term rental.

Puerto Cruz oldest Parks

Almost all of the five main parks in Tenerife's oldest resort are entrance free, except the
Orchid Park at Taoro and Sitio Litre,
Botanic Gardens (El Botanico) of Puerto de la Cruz where you can see Tilandsias like in the picture...This botanic park is proof of the amazing Tenerife climatic conditions, which are suited for most plants and trees of diverse world regions.

The gardens of Jardin Botanico with their added on 40000m2 will reach towards the Free Way TF5 from Puerto Cruz La Paz.

La Paz Tenerife of Puerto de la Cruz

Discover, why the upmarket La Paz Tenerife with its many new hotels but, also unrivaled parks is a world on its own with quite a few timeless surprises that are priceless.

By the way there, entrance to the 'Jardines Parque Botanico' of la Paz is relatively cheap compared to the Risco Belo Aquapark Taoro. Anyway, the latter has been closed in 2019 until further notice.

Video shot by the Tenerife holiday home insider of the Taoro Park Waterfall Cascada from her Android phone

Meantime, no entrance is charged to all gardens of Taoro Park  which include that of the breath taking waterfalls that are displayed in the video above. Unfortunately, the tiny park of Taoro Hotel has been closed for quite a but wil be reopened eventually,  as a buyer for the hotel was found early in 2019.

The stunning subtropical and indigenous parks at Playa Jardin Puerto de la Cruz also let you wonder around without paying a cent. Click to see an enlarged nature reserve image...

Nobody minds pulling out a wallet for the famous Lido Martianez. This subtropical water park is a treat for swimming, tanning and socializing. However, its surprises underground have been shut off for security reasons.

Puerto Cruz Taoro Restaurant Restaurante Taoro which opened under new management in 2013. It was once on the Tapas route with its yummy reasonably priced food and is also in the middle of an outstanding free park.

Puerto de la Cruz gourmet town or Tenerife cheap food stronghold?

Locate best and cheap Puerto Cruz eating places with photos including a link for the island's restaurant news at restaurants of Tenerife

Museum of Contemporary Art

This museum of C/Quintana, 18 which was part of the Institute of Spanish Studies is now at Casa de la Aduana in C/las Lonjas.

Find the Archeology Museum in the Puerto de la Cruz history page by scrolling down.

More about Calle Quintana with infrastructure, celebrities, business, hotels and news

Puerto favored by tourists aged 50 and older during winter?

Castle San Felipe of Tenerife NorthCastle San Felipe of Tenerife North

It's true that the oldest resort of Tenerife seems to be an over winter recluse for middle aged couples on regular or early retirement..

But, wait until you see Puerto Cruz from July until September...

Then, the town belongs
to the young again. They seem to take over Puerto Cruz
Tenerife beaches. They are the seashores of Playa Jardin which stretch from Castle San Felipe (built 1630-1644) to the Punta Brava beach. There is also the rock pool beach of Playa de San Telmo and the seashore Playa Martianez.

Don't be surprised to discover astounding contrasts. It is grazing goats within the gorge Barranco of Martianez not far from Playa Martianez. That's by the fancy shopping mall of the same name and below Hotel El Tope.

Car insurance claims caused by floods TenerifeCar insurance claims

Did you know that volcanic rocks can change beaches? They did so by torrential rains in 2009. They caused big car insurance claims in the Puerto de la Cruz Barranco gorge of Castillo San Felipe. The rains created a river that raced down the ravine from the Cañadas. It uprooted trees and killed livestock that it washed onto the seashore. Also, it took with it into the ocean most cars that were parked in the ravine. Furthermore, it also changed the seaside with masses of volcanic rocks it had brought from the highlands.

Admire stunning Puerto Cruz beach landscapes after everything was cleaned up again.

What about flair and design?

Designers Maria Diáz and Marco Marrero

Indeed, the designers Maria Diáz and Marco Marrero from Puerto Cruz were listed for Spain fashion Tenerife during the WFW of New York 2013. Obviously, there is more than just Spanish fashion by Zara, Mango, Strativarius and the likes.

The North and the South end of town

Encounter the indisputable Tenerife ocean scenery in the North of the town. It leads the eye as far as the Punta del Sol.

To the contrary, part of the off the beaten track Punta Brava a fishing hamlet at the southern end is the alternative exciting option to explore what's beyond.

Tenerife parking Puerto de la Cruz

Playa Jardin beachfront with many parking baysPlaya Jardin beachfront
  1. Muelle or harbor quay for biggest parking
  2. Beachfront Playa Jardin
  3. Plaza de Europa at the town hall underground
  4. Smaller free open space by skyscraper Bell Air below Taoro Park
  5. Big daytime parking spaces by malls Martianez and Trebol undergrounds
  6. More about Tenerife parking

Retirement insider tips for the oldest Tenerife resort

Retirement advice is given by an elderly Frenchmen who stayed on in Tenerife. He gives practical retirement tips for the oldest Tenerife resort as well for Spain.

Consult links which lead to retirees with experiences in and around Puerto de la Cruz with health services, operations and, Spanish and English speaking doctors in my topic about living in Tenerife...

Puerto de la Cruz education and schools

It is provided cheaply at the
'University for the people' (Universidád Popular)
in Calle Mazorocco opposite bus station.
This is not a real university but, open for all who want to learn a new skill, do aerobics - you name it.

There is also a semi private school called
International Yeoward School besides the many free government schools.
Often, kids have bilingual education in English and Spanish, nowadays.
Tel.:+ 34 922 384 685).

An equivalent school for
children education in German
is also in town, as noted in Tenerife which is Teneriffa in German.

Many a language school is part of the Puerto education scene.

I wouldn't like to recommend any, as I don't have experience with them.
The name one reads most for Spanish language tuition Puerto Cruz is
Don Quichote School
This Spanish language academy is right opposite Lago Martianez. This school even has film shows. Also recommended is the Instituto de estudios Hispánicos de Canarias in C/Quintana.

Puerto Cruz schools for computer tuition are numerous but are all in Spanish. Contact us if you are interested to know more.

There's a diving school which often takes off for trips to the under water world from the Puerto Cruz little harbor. Their members are mainly German speaking.

There are 2 surf schools with Santasurf being one of them. They have Spanish diving classes, only. More about Santasurf diving school in page Playa Martianez, the link of which find by scrolling down...

There are many driving schools in and around Puerto for Spanish speakers.

Tenerife News for Sports Puerto de la Cruz March 2008

Puerto de la Cruz was going to get a very big boost for its many sports installations from then onward. It didn't happen. However, Tenerife volleyball, handball and surfing in different forms are as popular as ever. It's amazing how middle age tourists have matches by the seashore. So it isn't only the bowl players in the park near the road.

Plaza del Charco with its vital services and amenities

Central bus station

Walking straight up the road from Plaza del Charco and taking the second on the right you will reach the new Titsa bus Station. 
By importance, it comes straight after Santa Cruz of Tenerife.
It's easy and cheap from El Puerto to get around on the island  to see more attractions

What to mind on Tenerife Christmas in the North to get around by taxi and when to expect the last Titsa buses

Indian Club and restaurant Jai Mata Di

The club where the Indian community of the oldest Tenerife resort meets, eats, prays and celebrates has become an upper class restaurant  

Then, there is also the Jai Mata Di which is a normal restaurant that serves good Curries and Byrianis. It is now by the big parking ground behind the Bel Air sky riser Puerto's tallest building.


Discover Entertainment where bars and clubs of the oldest resort Puerto Cruz are part of

Find Puerto Cruz jazz clubs and jazz events at Spanish News ...

Churches for English speaking foreigners

English Anglican Church at Park Parque Taoro on Sundays

The same church serves the German community at a different time on a the same day. Call Tel: 922 57 00 62

Scandinavian Church

(all welcome)
Scandinavian congregation of Las Palmas at Pozo, 10
tel:922 373512

Congregation for Sweden also at Pozo 10, Tel: 922 385455

Information about Puerto's historic churches is under the topic culture here

Puerto Cruz history

The town of the biggest tourist center of North Tenerife has surprisingly many parks for a town of less than nine square miles of grounds.

The ten Puerto Cruz parks and gardens

  1. La Paz Jardin de Aclimatacion
  2. Taoro Park
  3. Loro Park
  4. Risco Belo Aquapark
  5. Lago Lido Martianez a subtropical beach oasis
  6.  Sitio Litre Orchid garden
  7. Two Martianez parks,  one of which a nature reserve with Guanche king caves
  8. The Maritim hotel gardens where many trees have name tags
  9. The Tigaiga Hotel park with its categorized plants and trees
  10. Suspended gardens Playa Jardin

Then there are also a few luxury holiday homes in the middle of town in the tropical  Banana plantations near Loro parque which have their own parks.

More unusual Puerto Cruz photos

Unusual beach winter pictures

Must see neighborhoods

The town of Realejos which almost hugs Puerto de la Cruz from 3 sides

La Orotava the mother  of Puerto de la Cruz

A must see paradise country called Vista Paraiso of Santa Ursula and la Orotava only 10 minutes by car from the oldest Tenerife resort

La Quinta Santa Ursula

Tenerife History Puerto Cruz

Puerto Cruz culture with galleries listed and more

White nights events of El Puerto now called Ando por El Puerto 

Muelle Puerto de la Cruz

El Aderno at the Canary Center

Biggest town entertainment

From Puerto de la Cruz back to Tenerife towns

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