Best transport to the top romantic Tenerife Christmas events in the North

The Northern Tenerife Christmas holidays are leading, not only at the Monasterio. 


They portray superb cultural events for all five senses on their most important nights. For example, a Christmas story with real people by the 'Belen Viviente' is acted out in the open in Tigaiga Los Realejos on December 25 from 7 p.m. onward. This street theater dates back to 1979 but was started in a Tigaiga church much earlier. 

Several classical concerts are on the December 24- and 25 agenda in churches or in theaters.

Most are in the oldest Tenerife resort Puerto de la Cruz
but, may also be in quaint West coast towns like Garachico.

Many nocturnal Christmas markets for last minute gift shopping and memorable Midnight Masses round off the offer.

Fabulous Christmas Eve dinners and sudden New Year Eve events spring up unexpected that are not in hotels.

Finca Las Molinas also offers to arrange accommodation for you if this suits you better. 

Public transport on Tenerife Christmas most crucial nights

It all depends if you mean the proper Spanish Christmas which is Reyes on January 05 and 06Christmas Eve or Christmas Day of December 25.

The wise men Reyes Magos of Spanish Christmas always arrive on the night of the fifth of January when they ride through towns on chariots, on camels, on horseback, you name it. Thousands of local families with children line the streets to watch. Needless to say is that public transport continues to operate for this spectacle. January 06 is a different story and less buses are scheduled for that day, as a rule. There may be none in rural communities and small settlements.

Getting around on Christmas Eve in the North

This night is strictly a family affair in Spain. People stay where they live and have elaborate dinners.  Hotel and restaurant kitchens generally close by 9p.m. when stuff leaves work to return to their loved ones.

However, many last buses leave major Northern towns before 7.30 p.m. For example, you can't return from the capital Santa Cruz to Puerto de la Cruz later than 7.25 p.m. The last bus from Puerto de la Cruz to Los Realejos will leave by 7.25 p.m.  All this is what I was told at the information counter in the new bus station in Puerto de la Cruz on December 24 of 2019.  So it's best to call Titsa information online for the route you want in the morning of December 24 or December 31.

Meantime free Titsa rides on December 24 from 5 p.m. onward for those that wear a father Christmas cap are over by 8 p.m. 

Puerto de la Cruz Taxi drivers promise to be more flexible but, don't expect the same in areas that are not touristic. Local families celebrate at home but may walk or drive by car to a Midnight Mass and attend a concert before.

Public Titsa transport on Tenerife Christmas Day on December 25

There's no transport short-coming with Boxing day, as it's not a holiday in Spain. 

An example of a sad case of lack of transport

Not all towns and suburbs on the biggest Canary Island have Midnight masses to celebrate Christmas on its Eve. That has been the experience of the Tenerife holiday home insider since 2001.
So there is no chance to get to some of such festive Eucharists in the next town or village, as no buses operate and taxis may have vanished.
This is really sad, as a Christmas Midnight mass is even a memorable event for those that are not Christians.

To eat out on the Eve of Tenerife Christmas

Generally, my experience tells me that eating out early is OK which includes hotels. The situation looks different when you have located one of those rare restaurants that offers extraordinary Christmas Eve dinners. Those restaurants are normally upper class and are open until late.

The exception confirms the rule

It has happened to me once that I encountered a taxi in Puerto de la Cruz on a problematic night out. When I asked the driver how come he was working, his answer was that the economy was bad enough, so he offered his services. However, you will not find people like him in small settlements.

What Puerto taxi drivers promise for crucial Christmas nights

Don't go to Plaza del Charco to wait for a taxi on New Year's Eve.


The entire square will be cordoned off for the end of the year celebration on that night and you will find taxis in Calle Blanco, instead. However, patience will be required, on such a holiday, as I was told by a driver himself. Christmas Eve should not be a problem, though, I was assured. But again, there will be less frequent service offered.

Getting around Tenerife North with Titsa buses or by taxi on New Years Eve?

There will be a regular workday time table for public Guaguas  on New Year Eve 2019,  except on the morning of January 01 of 2020. Hence, no Titsa buses will operate before 8 a.m. on the first of January. After that the normal holiday time table follows suite. Taxis? You must be very lucky to find one in the wee hours of the morning, except in tourist hubs.

So how solve this flexibility problem during the North Tenerife Christmas season?

Rent a car in advance before such important dates and you shall be free to go to all enchanting spectacles where and when you please.
Of course,  getting around on foot is easy in the hubs of Puerto de la Cruz or in La  Orotava. There, hotels, private holiday homes, restaurants and Christmas- as well as New Year entertainment are often in short walking distance and on level ground.

Besides, taxis with foreign drivers who have no family obligations are more frequent in touristic resorts in Tenerife South.

From Tenerife Christmas back to Puerto de la Cruz

A weather forecast to warn about road closure by Mount Teide

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