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There were no Titsa news for its Tenerife buses advertised at the Puerto de la Cruz bus station in April 2018. That's when I bought a new Bono Card for Euro 30.

Shortly after, a native woman by a Longuera Titsa bus stop introduced me to her absolutely different new card. It was the Tenmás card. But,  the lady still had to learn much about it. Fortunately, the driver was patient, as one must know how to hold the card by the bottom of the machine. 

Mind if I was using my Bonocard for short trips only,  I would lose out now. Why?

Latest Bonobus Titsa news from September 2018

I just discovered a poster that was attached near a Titsa bus door in Puerto de la Cruz.  It said that the Bonous cards made of paper won't be valid any more after September 03, 2018. It was suggested that you may exchange your old Bonobus card for a Tenmas card at any Titsa bus station.

Now read inside Tenerife buses Bye Bye Bonobus on its machines

Click on the photo for more info about "Bye Bye Bonobus".

Little by little more news on how to handle the new card situation

It says on the poster in small print that a maximum of four Bono cards can be traded in. The price of the Tenmas is Euro 2. Bono cards bought before January 2017 are not valid for exchange. You can't swap them after October 31 of 2018.

Questions and Answers for the new Titsa Tenmas Card

Question: Where can I get a Tenmas card and what does it cost? You get it at all Titsa offices, tranvia metro-counters and petrol stations at a price of Euro 2 without IGIC or any extra tax to pay.

Question: Why would i lose out doing short trips with my old Bono card now?
Answer: Actually now,  I know better. I wouldn't lose anything. Contrary to what the lady had told me,  there are no cheap short distances from one bus stop to the next that might be less than a km. It works like with taxis like with a minimum charge no matter how short the track.  I came to realize that using the Guaguas isn't cheaper now. On the other hand , they are much more on time now by bus stops. That gives us,  as so often two sides to the coin. Right now, drivers are definitely more stressed in all kinds of ways with the new system.

Question: Is there a different price for tourists and local residents?
Answer: no, it's the same price.

Question: Will the card caducate, as is the case with bank credit cards? Answer: No it wont become invalid for time being but may get damaged. Mind only sellers at bus stations have protective covers for TenMas cards you buy there, contrary to other locations.

Question: Is the card for one person only? Answer: No, It is for more than one. However, you must tell the bus driver how many are in your group or family. Then,  he will program the machine to register accordingly. Otherwise, you shall get "invalido" for invalid action popping up on the machine.

Question: What are the credit amount options for a TenMás card? Any amount from Euro 5 up to Euro 100 is permitted.

Question: Why has part of a number been blocked out on the bottom right in the photo underneath? 

Answer: The Tenmás card above has not been registered yet for loss or theft by its owner. The latter is said to be possible online.

Question: What is different with Tranvias? Answer: No cashpayments to a driver are possible, at all. Hence, you can't pay what your card Saldo is short of in cash to a driver, which can be seen while you enter the Tranvia contrary to Guaguas where a saldo is only shown by a machine when you exit the bus. In fact, you can still pay cash for a Tenerife bus fare, while you may score a 10 % discount on two ways round trips that are 21km or more during one day.

Question: How far can you travel in kilometers per day by Titsa bus with the Tenmas card? Answer: As many as you like.

Question: Are there any custom Bono cards still around? Yes, there are various, except the Bono Via and you must apply for them at Titsa offices. However, I could not see anything that would suit a tourist who would like to drive to different places, sometimes even in a single day.

More different payment options for Tenerife buses for Canary Island residents are in the pipeline.

There is a new card for Euro 47 which is valid for one month a ten point guide for which find here. You can travel into any direction with it and can go back and forth in one day as much as you want,  but proof of permanent residence is required. This card is not transferable, but is valid for all Canary Islands and Tranvias. It cannot be used for the Teide bus. It must be applied for at the ticket counter at bus stations.

Children under the age of ten travel for free.

Information for different Titsa requirements

Question: Is this blue and white Tenmás card water proof?
Answer: It looks like it is but may not tolerate saltwater of the ocean.

Two more clues to Tenmas cards for Tenerife buses

Question: Where get a free card?

Answer: Not any more. The offer stopped on May 31 of 2018.

Question: Where buy credit for the Tenplus card?
Answer: At Titsa and Tranvia offices as well as online by a link by scrolling down.
It's said that Petrol stations will handle Tenplus card credit for Titsa buses. Mind this is like when you top up your mobile telephone speak time. Most Kioskos and Estancos may sell it in major towns in the future.

Charge your Tenmas card here.

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