Bono Residente Titsa 10-point Bonobus guide

The Bono Residente by Titsa isn't that easy to understand for foreigners. I was standing at the bus company's information counter when this became clear to me. Why? I overheard a conversation between a British and a German tourist. Both were confused.

Subsidized Titsa Bonobus guide by 10 important points

  1. This new Bonobus is for permanent residents (resident more than 6 months a year) of all Canary Islands
  2. It is valid for both Guaguas and Tranvia but, not Teide trips
  3. You can only apply for it online at
  4. You only need to apply once which is for free
  5. Proof of Residencia required by or the Tajeta or a document of Empadronamiento from the Ayuntamiento where you live
  6. You need to upload a clear ID photo size 32x25mm
  7. You should receive a go-ahead after about ten days
  8. Then, you must return to a Titsa counter where you pay Euro 47 for one month
  9. You will receive a card with your photo on it that isn't transferable
  10. Important to know is that the Bono Residente is flexible, hence it's not required to buy fares for it every month of the year.

Why the Bono Residente Canarias may be an immense saving

It's not just for interurban Guaguas and Tranvia. It also allows you to travel long distances and as often as you wish during day or night.
Hence for example, it would be a huge saving if you wanted to use the bus just twice a day to go from Puerto de la Cruz to Los Gigantes for work or pleasure.

Also, you save time, as there's no need to apply for Bono Residente cards for different Canary Islands.
Unfortunately, it's not suited for the normal tourist. But there's the option of the Tenmás card now. (info by clicking on the photo)

What is the purpose of this highly subsidized card?

Both Cabildos of Gran Canaria as well as of Tenerife who take four yearly turns of government for all Canary Islands decided it's very important to reduce the land traffic, hence the congestion by vehicles on the archipelago. The so called Bono for Canary residents is only one of several measures that were taken. Of course, healthy environments in all Canary Islands are vital for both locals and tourists.

Spanish government information with picture of a residents Bono

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